The Healing Must Begin

History doesn’t lie. 

It is absolutely true that less than two-hundred years ago black people were bought and sold and it was a perfectly legal transaction. It is absolutely true that humanity is capable of doing such horrible things to his fellow human. 

What also is tragic is that for thousands of years Africans sold their brother and sisters to other tribes, to the highest bidder. Human labor was a commodity.

There are a few reasons why the Black men seemed to fall victim more often to slavery than most other peoples, part of it geographical, part of it had to do with climate, but most of it was because Africa is such a large place, there were just too many settlements, tribes, cultures, languages and traditions that never coalesced into a cohesive core continental government, where a single, common language could have given the African a better way to fight off his neighbors to the north as the Dutch, Spaniards, Middle Eastern and English others came to subjugate the individual tribes while poaching laborers, setting them apart from one another.

It was all the more simple when you had willing traders who sold human capital.

Geography aside, climate was also a driving force in shaping the development of those peoples who lived north.

In colder weather people die quickly when they are not resourceful. Europe and Western Asia saw a millennium of brutal cold, plagues, internecine warfare, black magic, constant starvation and religious and government oppression. These hardships forced those people to create better weapons, devise better methods of survival, organize and develop infrastructure – just to survive! These honed skills, developed and improved over several generations. gave these robust peoples of Europe and Western Asia an advantage when dominating new cultures as Europeans began to explore new worlds, including America and especially Africa, where there was an abundance of slave laborers being sold. 

Similarly, it was what gave newly arriving Europeans an advantage over the American Indians; we had muskets, whiskey and structure. They had a loose confederation and no central government or national federation to push back against the British or the French.

The only difference was Indians didn’t sell their brothers as slaves, and there were simply more Blacks flooding the market with cheap labor as America began to grow out. Contrast this with the modern day dilemma where you have illegal immigrants flooding the American market with cheap labor at the expense of jobs that might otherwise be available to inner city blacks looking for work, and also driving wages down. Two hundred years ago you couldn’t get any cheaper than slavery. It was still considered an investment. In a way, Mexicans have done to the Blacks what Black did to most other newly arriving immigrant class coming to America looking for work.

Of course this all changed on Juneteenth in 1865, when sudden emancipation created instant unemployment. Blacks were free – and unemployed.

It would take a few decades to take 12% of America and create a new working class. Suddenly whites were competing with blacks for jobs. Just as suddenly, new Black neighborhoods grew, communities formed. It is a fact that it takes time for two races to learn to live side by side, especially when one of those races started out owning the other.

These are the historic facts. The only white supremacy I know of is the fiction that fills some people’s minds that being white makes one superior by virtue of skin color alone.  I can assure anyone that very few people ever such utterances in the modern day, and if they did, such a person would quickly lose all credibility. White people are just as stupid, foolish and guilt of bigotry as any other race.

At what point do black people decide for themselves that white people can’t solve all of your problems, nor can you continuously blame white people for creating them.

Before Jim Crow it was easy to say America still had racist laws on the books; Before 1964 you could argue that even our schools still contained a racist undertone baked in from our past. You could also argue that sending such a large number of Black Americans off to war, and then telling them they are no longer needed upon their return, was also devastating to a generation of Black American men. 

…and you can say our efforts to combat drugs later in the 80’s and 90’s, has created a set of problems we didn’t anticipate, such as the large numbers of black people in inner cities who would be getting arrested. Simply arresting drug users and dealers didn’t solve the problem nor rehabilitate the criminal. Instead, our justice system created a generation of people who have no possibility of ever functioning in society once they are released from serving time. We simply must do more to insure felons can truly integrate back into society once they have paid for their debt.

But despite these setbacks, the systemic racism, the years of abuse and neglect, we can hold our head up the the many great Black Americans we can look to who have achieved greatness. The list of contributions by Black Americans is fairly lengthy and it would take me days to share it, which is my point. America is just as much Black as it is White. No one can ever take that away.

Barack Obama

Oprah Winfrey

Frederick Douglas 

Martin Luther King

Colin Powell

Ella Fitzgerald

…the list is so long. 

When I watched the BET Awards  last week, I was very proud of what America has produced. Weren’t you?

So here we are. 

Unwillingly, black hands did help to build this country, and so for that reason I believe every Black American is entitled to feel good about owning a piece of this country. Five generations in, you have just as much right to be here as everyone else. We share in this fact that our ancestors came here for reasons that were harsh for both, criminally harsh for slaves, indeed, but the story starts there. It doesn’t end there.

We also share in the future of this country, and we can be one country or two, it is our choice. We cannot go back, only is the way to go forward not as a White America nor Black America but simply as one American, land of the free, home of the brave, and whatever else we can add to the story.

The healing must begin. That is the only way to honor the memory of the enslaved.

Are You Woke? Take This Test

Wokeism is the new religion of the modern age. It is secular humanism, it is what many would refer to as Luciferian.

Count how many times you agree with the following questions and/or statements:

  • Do you believe Man is the ultimate authority in human affairs and not God?
  • Do you believe that America is no better or worse than any other country?
  • Do you believe public opinion matters more than established principles?
  • Do you believe free speech should be regulated in society?
  • Do you believe America is basically a flawed nation?
  • Do you believe the community is more important than the family?
  • Do you believe people should not be allowed to be too rich or own too much property because it takes away prosperity from others who are less fortunate?
  • Do you believe the State has a right to establish hate-speech laws?
  • Do you believe that if religion preaches hate it should be against the law and/or restricted?
  • Do you believe that all European caucasians and white Americans have white privilege?
  • Do you believe men are inherently racist and sexist?
  • Do you believe people have the right to choose their own sexual identity?

If you said “YES”

1-2 times = Somewhat liberal/mildly brainwashed, but there is hope you are not too intellectually wounded or beyond repair

3-5 times = Mostly liberal, but there is still a slight chance, perhaps a 10% chance, that you can still be saved from intellectual death

5 or more times = Progressively woke and there is no hope. Your brain has been completely reprogrammed by Woke so that critical thinking has been completely removed from your intellect and it was probably a process that started since birth or early childhood. If you had been born in China mostly likely you would have been part of Mao’s Cultural Revolution, and in Germany, most likely would have joined the Third Reich, or perhaps if you had been born in Russia, you would have gladly served as well in the Red Army. You get my point.

People who are Woke hate people who do not “tow the line.” Woke are the people who make you take a knee in “solidarity;” it is the bully who has been politicized into a force for compulsion on behalf of the State who determines who is safe (and who isn’t) in society. Woke is groupthink, it is ‘Might is right.’

Woke is luciferian; it asserts that there is no real truth, people (or in his case Angels) should be free to determine reality as they see fit; institutions do not matter, only ideology of self as defined by the group matters; it is all about group allegiance, “to each according to his gifts; to each according to his talents.”

Woke puts man in the place of God as the final arbiter of established truth and seeks to rob every single individual the right to discover truth through the exercise of ones’ own free will; Woke reduces a person to nothing more than a controllable entity, an end result to a causational universe where nothing ultimately matters – except the State.

These are the kinds of people who turn in relatives to the authorities for government offenses, and it’s coming once we start implementing “Contact Tracing.”

If this coronavirus continues to be problematic and we enter a stage where Contact Tracers become the new Gestapo, beware. People who adopt the above principles will be the ones knocking on your door for “public safety.”

How does it feel to know your intellectual matrix has been co-opted by an ideology that sees you as a human battery, or a disease.

Major U.S. Media is Now Under the Control of the CCP

Comcast is the parent company of Universal, or NBC Universal. Comcast also owns a majority of cable boxes in millions of American homes; they control vast channels on your cable, both in your home and where the content is produced: on the lots of Universal Studios, Paramount, and in Rockefeller Center in New York. Parent company Comcast is a $263-billion dollar-a-year media giant.

NBC News/Universal reaches about 20 million viewers per week (all of their network and Cable news combined). They also produce billions of dollars worth of movies every year that also have to play in China in order to be profitable, so all caution is made not to offend the Chinese people.

But what happens when a major U.S. media giant acquiesces to the CCP and promotes their propaganda on their behalf? It says that our major news media is being influenced by a country whose mission is to undermine U.S. stability. An instructional Coronavirus-for-Dummies video disguised as reputable news story on NBC Nightly News is a perfect example of how the CCP displays it influence in Western Media.

Below is a ‘news packet’ from a reporter stationed in Beijing (who I have never heard of), who just happens to be grabbing wonderfully clean video of spectacular efforts being done by the China government to maintain control of a recent outbreak.

Watch for yourself. It’s a beautiful piece. Ever shot is pristine, every person is in their proper place, all things orderly; no effort was wasted to make sure this was a clear message: We are better than you.

It is almost too obvious that this news update is nothing more than a how-to video that shows China clearly has no issue maintaining peace and order, juxtaposed by the three preceding stories showing how America is NOT coping very well with COVID. That’s the unconscious message, and it was bought and paid for by your friends at NBC News/Comcast/Universal/CCP:

Propaganda story placed by the CCP that aired in primetime on NBC Nightly News on Monday, January 29, 2020

Think for a moment how this story came to be.

Two weeks ago The Epoch Times alerted the West that Beijing, the nation’s capital and home to most of the ruling members of the CCP (the elite who run China), had an outbreak of new COVID 19 cases. The city went into lockdown, just like in Wuhan. Testing was everywhere, and it wasn’t a huge outbreak, compared to say Wuhan or New York, but it did have Beijing on edge, so what was needed was a Western hit-piece showing how good China is at handling this pandemic.

Someone from the CCP sends a memo to someone who handles the American media in Beijing, floats a story to the regional NBC Bureau chief in Beijing and is handed details from the Chinese government on how things are going with the outbreak. But instead of the reporter actually doing the story, she gets handed a packet and says “here’s your story. All you have to do is report it (or else you can go home now).

And it’s off to Rockefeller Plaza.

Kate Snow is handling anchor duties, not Lester Holt. Lester, who, as you know, was humiliated last year for getting caught doing a propaganda piece for the North Koreans.

So who decided to run the Beijing story? Was it news? was it sourced and confirmed? We all know that China has never been truthful about the true cases and deaths in China, so why on earth would NBC readily accept this story based only on Chinese sources who are not, on their own, trustworthy or even verifiable?

It happened because the CCP has infiltrated the Western media. Monday’s broadcast proves just how much progress the CCP has made in having direct U.S. influence.

Watch the video, Watch it again. Its so perfect. Too perfect. And that’s the point.

When Rome falls I hope these bastards in the NBC booth are put on trial for sedition, because they deserve to be imprisoned.

Shame on you NBC/Universal/Comcast/CCP/Soros.


One day later I saw this video featuring the same reporter, Janice Mackey Frayer, who filed Monday’s CCP-sponsored news piece. Turns out that months previous, the same reporter filed a special report about her being reunited with her family (they live in China) after being quarantined. One wonders what the messaging here might be for said reporter. Here’s that video:

Trump’s Secret Weapon

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

Every single Trump supporter is lying about who they will vote for president, and this is why all of the pollsters are going to be in for a big shock come November.

This is war.

Today, Biden leads by 12 points. Yes! Trump is on his way out, right? Except that Trump supporters want you to think that Biden is ahead. Call it magical, call it a group-consciousness kind of thing, call it strategy, but whatever it is, it is going to be a shocking spectacle come November when Trump beats Biden by 5 to 10%. 

You heard me right. Despite every single poll showing Biden ahead by double digits, Trump wins an easy victory because every pollster was lied to by every Trump supporter. Trump supporters are smart enough to figure out that if they conceal their real intentions when asked who they are voting for, this will confound the enemy, sending them away believing they are victorious; you’ve hoodwinked the entirety of the progressive-democratic establishment by letting them think they have a victory beforehand, letting them think they are being effective at turning us against our president, letting them think that Joe us going to slide into an easy victory, only to be humiliated alongside the rest of the deep -State establishment.

Trump supporter knows we are at war, and during war, you can never let the enemy know what you are doing or thinking, so you lie to them, you tell them when they call that you hate Trump, you tell them Joe is your guy, because you know if you tell them they will believe you.

Trump voters witnessed a great economy. We saw it happened because Trump did exactly what he said he would do: lowered taxes, bringing jobs back the U.S., worked better trade deals, increased jobs and raised wages across every sector of the U.S. population, restoring small business confidence along the way (something Obama failed to do in eight years). We saw it. We saw our country come back to life!

We experienced it for the first time in our life, aa president who actually fulfills his promises – and they actually work! It’s a cautionary tale for every future Republican President (hint Marco Rubio and Rick Scott).

We also witnessed an out-of-control media trying to take down a president because he wasn’t politically correct or ‘proper;’ alongside a deep-State apparatus trying to take shape the country in their own image. We saw how the Left tried to conduct a coup de tat against a duly elected sitting president, and still, Trump was able to fight back. 

Trump is the Rocky Balboa of the modern conservative movement in this country. We know who the enemies are: The Media, China, The Left, the Globalist, the Apollo Creeds Established Champs who insist on holding on to power while Trump keeps getting back up and keeps swinging back, striking them with political blows that break them piece by piece.

This is what makes Trump appealing to those who support him, a guy who fights back and does what he says he will do. 

And this is why the pollsters will hear every single Trump supporter tell them they will not be voting for Trump.   Don’t be surprised if the Joe Biden gap widens to 20% as a sign that Trumpsters’ are solidified in their effort to deceive and create a false sense of security. A beautiful strategy really, to get the enemy on false-footing, making it much easier for them to lose their equilibrium.  We want the humiliation just like the one we got in 2016; we want the Left to believe they have an easy victory, and we want them crying on their knees the morning after Election Day. 

It will be a sweet victory indeed. 

A Better Cause For Which to Fight

BLM is being hijacked. The cause for racial fairness and equity is being subverted right before our eyes.

Black Americans are being fooled and turned against their own country by the use of racial stoking, this idea that the average Black man still suffers under the boot of the oppressive White oppressor.

The forces pushing this narrative are using your anger to destroy the fabric of American society.

Your desire for justice – which is legitimate – is being subverted by forces that want America to perish because it is the only country that can prevent a globalist-socialist form of governance from asserting itself; from having world dominance in the form of economic and technological power sponsored by a form of government that has NO regard for human dignity.

If America falls the next two hundred years will belong to a totalitarian communist ideology. This doesn’t seem like a big deal right now for some who dream of equal distribution for all (an unachievable utopia), but your children and grandchildren will one day try to understand why you gave up your freedoms to a totalitarian ideology simply because you felt like there was “No Justice, No Peace!”

Justice and peace are going to look very different when America devolves into a third world country and China is left to fill in the void. When America is ruled by a mob rule mentality, you will long the better days, I promise you.

There is no way white America is going to be sympathetic to being guilty of systemic racism when they see activism disguised as anarchy destroying our cities, and watch as a nation of law and order is forced to push back against the forces who would like to see the United States fail.

If you really want to undermine your own cause of cause then don’t destroy things and do it on on CNN (they want you to). If you really want to achieve your goal of raising awareness then don’t riot and burn shit down. If you really want to show disdain for the very country that millions flock to every year because of the very abundance of freedom you are privileged to have – white or black – then go ahead, beat up on innocent people and act like a person you might see on the back of a truck waiving a AK-47 in a third world country ravaging villages. Because that is exactly what you look like.

And you are doing it to your own country.

If you want to show that you cannot handle liberty and freedom, then act like a person who wants to break the law and hurt other people. Then we will know you have failed – not because of systemic racism – but because you the individual just couldn’t handle being free.

It is not the fault of Caucasians that Black people sold their brothers and sisters into slavery as an industry for over 400 years; it is not the fault of anglo-European Americans, who themselves were escaping oppression from their own countries, were born into a society where slavery was legal and part of the existent economic system, until the deaths of over 500,000 people and an assassinated president ended it.

Most people today think about slavery with ideas gained from TV shows, cinema and books, many of which depict the very worst forms of slavery. Slavery, as a social construct, has been around for as long as human labor has been in demand. It is a bad pill to swallow, but the Black race was the last race to be enslaved as a group, but they have not been the only race that can claim victimhood status; just the most recent, and with scars that have only just begun to heal.

People don’t want the truth, they want to be victims of injustice. History isn’t injustice, it is what was and what gets us to now

If you want to have the rest of America take you seriously, then stop acting like spoiled little children. Stop acting like you don’t live in the richest country in the world that has the best of everything you could want and need, and you don’t live in fear of being dragged off by your government to get shot in the back of the head because you decided you want to hurl molotov cocktails into buildings to protest injustice.

Your very right to protest illustrates the freedoms you have that no one can take away, and it comes from American idea, the country your ancestors helped to build.

To those behind-the-scene influencers who are able to provide or coordinate financial support to the activist groups who have no interest in helping Black people in America, namely, The Open Society Foundation, Antifa UK, the CCP, The Islamic Revolutionary Guard, and the Hollywood Elite who side with these dark institutions, you will not prevail. Evil never does. Destruction will come even to your doorstep and quickly by your acts of undermine freedom and liberty in the world.

We, The United States of America, are the people of freedom, all of us. We are the nation of liberty and self-determination; we hold these truths to be self-evident that we are endowed by our creator. Those words are what make us different. America was built by the sweaty hands of both black and white, of all colors, creeds and culture. Not always willingly, but America belongs to all us who believe in her spirit. And this is a greater cause all Black Americans can fight for, it belongs to them, too. 

Take pride that you have built this awesome country. Make it better for your children and do not allow the forces of evil to undermine the faith you can have in your own country.

Those words are about spiritual freedom; we have Christ on our side because we promote godly principles rooted in spiritual realities; and we respect the human rights of our fellow men and women because it is the more noble path of humanity; children of the Most Highs who rule in the Kingdom of men; and these truths are intrinsic to our society; they are principles destined to prevail as society moves forward towards peace and goodwill, the only worthy goal of humanity.

We will prevail because good is destined to triumph.

Why the Chinese are Like The Borg

Listen, for those who don’t know about the Borg, they are a destructive race of humanoids who have been infected with a virus that turns them into mindless robots who are incapable of thinking as individuals, but rather, think only about the good of ‘the collective.’

The CCP wants to control the world in much the same way, through fear, manipulation and propaganda in order to assert its position in the world because it must in order to survive.

After all, the Chinese people represent the majority of the worlds’ total population.

In any tribe the majority rules, or at least it asserts to eventually do so. China, as a nation, is no different.

In this paradigm it is most unfortunate that the government that rules the majority tribe is a communistic, atheist, secularist, humanist, soulless and apparently cruel regime that has, verifiably so, has been proven to sell organs of its own citizens because of its moral vaccousness as a nation.

Not exactly the kind of regime you want setting the tone of future global affairs.

The Chinese cheat. It’s that simple, and they owe allegiance to no one, including God which they dismiss, because they represent the baser elements of the early human race, of human nature devoid of spiritual enlightenment. Indeed, even from a culture that brought us the wisdom of Confucious, the insight of Lao-Tse, the humility of Gautama, and the boldness of Genghis Kahn.

The tribe of China. The Borg.

They have no interest in cooperation. They only seek to dominate, because that is the extent of the Chinese intellect at the present stage of its human evolution.

Proof of this is the inability to control religious sentiment, even in their own country where millions have discovered Christ. They fail to see truth, and, the CCP are blind to even their own eventual destruction.

They are sowing the seeds of their own destruction through denial of the fact that man is ruled by spiritual realities, not temporal. We will never stop thirsting for liberty, freedom and the right to be left slone.

Why Do We Have Statues?

We put up statues to celebrate human beings in our past whom we revere. Man has always venerated his ancestors. The Greeks erected statues of their Gods, the Romans of theirs, in most parts of the world and in most cultures, there are statues and monuments that venerate those who glorified the local or regional heritage.

When members of a new group come along who are no longer connected to that heritage, they will not have the same affection towards those monuments because their values and their historical viewpoint are simply different. Eventually statues topple because they become a reminder of the old order, of values that may no longer apply. It is conceivable that one day in the future the Statue of Liberty may come down because it is a symbol of whatever future societies make of it.

Celebrating freedom yesterday, in the new Woke era, has become the honoring of slave-owners, who themselves were part of a system that oppressed people of color.

When we get offended by those who tear down our statues, it’s because what we put value in our heritage and we see now it under attack. We love our founding fathers; they exhibited courage, wisdom, a kind of manifest destiny principle that made it possible for me to enjoy my liberties in the present day.

But look around. It hasn’t worked as well for the common black man, so for him, those statues are now a reminder of a system that has failed. True that this message has come from those who have chosen to view the past as something sinister and in need of destruction, but the fact remains that we project meaning onto our symbols based on our own world view. As they say, history goes to the victor. And with new victors come new history to be celebrated, new heroes to venerate, new statues to construct.

It is in this vein that I suggest no more statues be erected. They are relevant only to the victor of the times, they are also a golden calf of idol worship that no man dare expect, nor deserves. 

They are symbols of our desire for justice and fairness, but they are more of a fervent prayer of our desire to live up to that which those men represent in human form, nothing more, nothing less.

To those who say we are having a cultural revolution and capitalism is being destroyed with each crumbling statue, I say that the principles of America are stronger than any statue, and unlike the wall of communism that came down in ’89, America has no such wall, no such barrier to liberty. 

Our statues are not America, America is and always has been its people, and we are more than just bronzed or marble carvings depicting a onetime era when we were not so enlightened. Our ancestors honored their warriors just as we honor ours today.

We are still a free country, we are still the light of the world. Of this I am sure. Let the statues fall, the principles of liberty and freedom will not change and the will stand as long as man desires freedom from tyranny.


I am strongly considering wasting some of my valuable breath on these sucker kids who think they have the world wrapped around their fingers.

I remember one time when I was thirteen I decided to run away, and just to make sure no one would come looking for me, I staged my own death in a nearby parking lot by burning a few of my clothes (which I was unable to do with a pack of matches). Yes, real stupid. After sitting at a bus stop not sure where I would go as I executed my half-baked plan, at some point I though “maybe if I just go back home and sneak inside my bedroom window, no one will ever know about my stupid idea and all the world will be one.

This is how I view the chumps in Seattle known as CHOPS/CHAZ or CHAZ CHOPS. I’m not sure they even know who they are. Obviously they couldn’t agree, either.

There is soon to come a time when some of those who are inside that six block area of downtown Seattle known as Capitol Hill (symbolic I supposed, like that time when when ISIS wanted to set up its own Caliphate in the middle of Nowhere, Syria) start to realize there is only one way out, and that is to leave quietly before anyone notices they are there and sneak back home hoping no one will notice they were gone.

In case CHAZ hasn’t noticed, sooner or later you need food, a job, a career, infrastructure, garbage pick up, a hot shower, you know, staples of civilization. It’s great to be an anarchist, but what’s the point if no one does anything for you except bring donations from local supporters who really kind of hope you calm down and go home.

These people want to have their own social order, and this video tells you all you need to know about their chances of survival. And as I see the cracks in their system, surely there are those among them who also see the same cracks, and it’s just a matter of time before they realize its over. They are allowed to exist because we –collective society – allow them to do so. After all, they are actually quarantined, they just don’t seem to know it.

The cops in this video are heroes. And they are smart. Opposite to what BLM or Antifa or CHAS/CHOPS wanted, they are simply being humored until they wake up and realize the charade is over. Sooner or later every single person in that CHAZ community is going to want to take a clean hot shower and cuddle up under a nice blanket and binge-watch Netflix.

Oh, the joys of a civilized nation.

By the way, my mom was waiting for me by the time I got home that night, and there was absolutely not one thing I did right in that grand getaway scheme, because you know, eventually you have to go home.

A Cure for COVID Right Under Our Noses

A Common Childhood Vaccine May Help Treat Coronavirus

Friday, June 19, 2020 12:30 PM

By: Lynn Allison | Newsmax

A team of U.S. researchers says that giving people a booster shot of the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine may help prevent COVID-19 and perhaps reduce the severity of the disease.

The MMR vaccine has been shown to boost immunity beyond the three diseases it targets, and researchers believe that it may help boost overall immunity and train the body to identify and fight off viruses during this pandemic.

According to CNN, the vaccine uses weakened, or attenuated, versions of the measles, mumps, and rubella viruses to trigger an immune reaction in the body. That immune response is broad and may be able to protect against the novel coronavirus as well.

The researchers, including Paul Fidel of Louisiana State University and Mairi Noverr of Tulane University, said that a clinical trial using the MMR vaccine in high-risk populations, especially healthcare workers, is a win-win situation.

“There’s no serious risk in giving the vaccine to most people and the approach might be especially effective for protecting healthcare workers,” they said. “If we’re wrong, well, at least people will have new antibodies to measles, mumps, and rubella.”

An article published in Virology lends credence to this theory. A 2008 study showed that the measles vaccine neutralized SARS-CoV, the virus responsible for the 2003 SARS epidemic.

“It is possible that early childhood vaccines provide some protection against SARS-CoV-2,” said the authors in Virology, referencing the virus that causes COVID-19. “Immunity derived from childhood vaccines typically wanes with age, thereby increasing the risk of severe COVID-19 in the elderly.”