A Disturbing Picture of Our Future Reality

Civilization is on the decline.

The more one considers the prognosis of humanity’s sociological state, the more one realizes that all signs indicate mankind is actually reversing course and de-progressing, de-evolving to a more brutal and less intelligent state.

Consider the following examples that clearly show mankind is losing a grip on reality and is becoming less intelligent and more herd-like:

1. We now believe in the false science that man can actually control the temperature of the earth

2. We now believe in the false science that people can actually choose their biological sex

3. We now believe that the universe came into being for no particular reason and with no particular purpose or meaning – except for what we, on this little ball in space, choose to make of it. We also believe we know when it started.

4. We now believe that central government planning can solve everyone’s problems

5. That scientific consensus is considered fact

6. That man evolved from ape for no particular reason and for no particular purpose

7. That all of the gains we have made in the last two hundred years are based on the whims of racist white men who wanted to control everything and make slaves of everyone except them, completely ignoring five thousand years of slow and painful human development.

8. That God (or Deity) is a wishful fantasy because we are just afraid of dying

9. That philosophy, ethics, religion and faith are completely man-made and there is no existence beyond physical death; that truth itself doesn’t exist

10. That all cultures and peoples are the same and no one culture or people is better than any other.

You see, each of these points illustrate positions that have been taken in Western culture, as well as several totalitarian regimes. We are going backwards because most people have been indoctrinated to the above ten points of neo-modernism.

There are still many people who are pushing forward, or pushing back against this mass indoctrination, despite the overwhelming popularity of the above neo-modernist views. There is still hope, and even now small societies are beginning to form, secret societies that seek to preserve accumulated knowledge so that historic truths don’t vanish in the sea of binary data that can be manipulated and distorted.

People are getting dumber because the powers in charge desire this outcome. An ignoirant population is much easier to control and move towards a specific desired direction, which in this case is towards a socialist, totally surveilled utopia where every move, every thought and every desire is monitored and evaluated for the purpose of regulating your human behavior into “group-think.”

Sounds creepy? Read the ten points again and ask yourself, “do I see examples of these “truths” being perpetuated?” “Have I accepted these points without scrutiny in my own outlook?”

If you have, then you have been indoctrinated. You just didn’t know it. You have been slowly and systemically brainwashed and you didn’t even know it.

If successfully implemented, our future “utopia” will consist of a very large populace who accepts poverty as a desired state for the “greater good.” Meanwhile a few elites will be behind the scenes enjoying the luxuries we willingly gave up because we were told we had to, from the very authoritarian State that now rules over us to make sure we “are protected.”

Don’t believe it can happen? Half of the world’s population is already there. It’s called China. Soon it will be all of Asia, all of Europe and, possible all of America depending on what direction we take in the coming years and what kind of leadership we choose.

Right now, all signs show that American’s are:

  • Happy to give up free speech and free expression to curb “Hate Speech,” (censorship that protects “the common good”)
  • 30% of Adults are now treated and/or addicted to some mind numbing-drug being dispensed by State health professionals.
  • Most people under 30 accept the premise of socialism if it means they don’t have to worry about failure
  • Most people now believe in scientific consensus and will follow the rules, no matter how mundane (don’t forget to separate your garbage!), rather than risk being ostracized by social media or the authorities, which could actually result in financial harm (are you a Climate Change denier?)

Consider what has been said so far, spread the word to your friends and check back often. Candidly Speaking is all about the truth and saying what needs to be said.

Are you Woke Yet?


Jim Watkins is an author and host of the wildly popular podcast Candidly Speaking