The Invasion

Jim Watkins | Commentary

Anyone who saw the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers knows the premise. Pods take over humans minds. In their sleep, they become controlled by the body-snatching and mind controlling entities that turns people into lock-in-step communists who believe in the greater good, and that only good can come from everyone following to the beat of the same drum, and that if you just remove critical thinking and feelings you can truly be free.

In effect that is what we see happening to our loved ones who have had too much exposure to the mainstream media. Their minds have been co-opted, and they are not aware this has happened because they are told everyone believes the way they do.

Here are symptoms that someone you love has actually been completely brainwashed by the mainstream media:

– They constantly yell at their TV, “that asshole” whenever a picture of Trump is flashed on the screen

– They hate you for not agreeing with them

– Every comment you is answered with “where did’ja hear that, Fox News?!”

– They constantly have MSNBC or CNN news on, as to make sure they don’t miss a single minute, or single news update on how that asshole is ruining the country, like they are connected to “the collective” for information.

– They are angry

– They think Christians are endangering society and all people who like Trump are in a cult

– There is no middle ground, you either hate Trump or you love him.

– Unless you hate him, you are a danger to this country

And so there it is. 

Next time, we look for cures to helpthese sorry people who have lost their minds and quite possibly souls as well.

Trump Signs Bill With Nearly $500 Billion More in CCP Virus Aid


President Donald Trump on Friday signed a new bill that provides a nearly $500 billion infusion of CCP virus spending, with most of it going to supporting small businesses that have suffered during the pandemic, after Congress passed the measure earlier this week.

The bill would provide around $300 billion to help small- and medium-sized businesses with payroll and overhead costs via the Small Business Association’s Paycheck Protection Program, which ran out of money last week.

The measure will also provide $100 billion to hospitals and for a nationwide testing program. About $60 billion will also be provided to small banks and community development banks—as well as about $60 billion for grants and loans through the Small Business Administration’s disaster aid program.

On Thursday, the House voted 388-5 in favor of the measure after the Senate passed it earlier in the week.

“Today’s historic, bipartisan vote on our latest #FamiliesFirst package is essential to protecting families across America and ensuring more small businesses have access to the resources they need. With my signature, this legislation goes to the president’s desk,” wrote House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) in a statement.CCP VIRUS SPECIAL COVERAGE00:0001:55

The latest round of aid comes on top of the $2.2 trillion CARES Act stimulus package that doled out up to $1,200 for individuals and $500 for children. Small businesses and hospitals, respectively, were first assigned $350 billion and $100 billion in the previous stimulus bill.

Trump celebrated the bill’s passage during his daily White House update on Thursday, saying, “At a time when many Americans are enduring significant economic challenges, this bill will help small businesses to keep millions of workers on the payroll.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) speaks on the floor of the House of Representatives at the U.S. Capitol in Washington on April 23, 2020. (House Television via AP)

As of Friday morning, more than 800,000 cases of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus have been confirmed in the United States, along with 50,000 deaths from the virus, according to a running tally from Johns Hopkins University. In a bid to slow the spread of the virus, governors across the country have issued stay-at-home orders, leading to numerous business closures and layoffs.

This week, the Labor Department reported that more than 25 million people have filed for unemployment insurance over the past several weeks.

“Millions of people out of work,” Pelosi said on the House floor on Thursday. “This is really a very, very, very sad day. We come to the floor with nearly 50,000 deaths, a huge number of people impacted, and the uncertainty of it all. We hope to soon get to a recovery phase. But right now we’re still in mitigation.”

Some members of the House and Senate have said that more CCP virus relief is likely in the weeks ahead as supporters have said the Payment Protection Program is certain to exhaust the funds almost immediately. The Treasury Department said that more than 1.6 million loans were given last week.

“This bill is 16 days too late,” Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) lamented Thursday on the floor. “It got held up for all sorts of extracurricular stuff and we should have come together. It was delayed. Real people lost their jobs as a result.”

What Trumps reveals about all of us

by James R. Watkins

I can’t say I like President Trump or not. I have never met him. I think if I was sitting down having dinner with him, he would do most of the talking and I would probably enjoy the conversation. People brag. Trump is a bragger.

When Trump first ran for president I held (I was doing a morning talk show at the time in Tampa, Florida), that based on resume and experience alone – and especially that he was NOT a politician, this gave Trump the edge over most of the other candidates. Trump supporters felt empowered.

I also said that this presidency for Trump is no different from his TV show The Apprentice. If you go back and watch the way Trump structured the people, the goal or objective, and the outcomes – exactly the way he runs the White House. Every challenge he faces is like he did on that show: How do we solve objective What are the choices? who is the best person for the job? It’s how he strategizes.

Someone once told me there is a fine line between confidence and arrrogance. Confidents attracts, arrogance repels. That is Trumps greatest issue. You either like and/or understand his style, or you don’t.

So now we come to outcomes.

The nice thing about Trump is that, despite the anger people have for him, America is doing extremely well right now economically and the world is benefitting from it.

Minus the noise from the media. Trump is achieving objectives. I watch the stocks every day, I stay close to business trends and also what is happening in other global economies. People should know what China is up to, and why Brexit matters. They would see that Trumps’ actions are working positively in ways that actually are improving lives and restoring confidence.

In 2008 the opposite was true.

Florida was ground zero and what started there was the real estate bubble pop that was heard around the world.

We all know what happened and it wasn’t pretty. People lost their homes, there were record bankruptcy rates, small businesses were barely scraping by or were closing altogether. Unemployment was hovering around 10%. Also erupting just under the surface was the Opioid epidemic about to explode.

Today, we have an enormous homelessness issue in every major city, drug and alcohol abuse is taking its toll as a $55-billion dollar a year medical expense for Medicare, and our leaders, instead of really focusing on helping people, are instead, busy trying to tear down a presidency, or prevent the second term of one, simply because they hate Donald Trump.

We all know the media and the internet magnifies this hatred ten-fold. I see people I know and love who are so full of rage they don’t even talk to me anymore. I know I have certainly curtailed my own words, not because I am ashamed of them, but because it is not worth the arguing.

The media, and the democrats have done a tremendously good job at fomenting the already obnoxious behavior of Trump. It’s all they obsess about, totally ignoring so much of what else is interesting and important going on in society. There is no real news, it’s all advocacy and polling.

Watching the media support the democrats non-stop attack on the president (some of it well deserved) is like the Jodie Foster movie The Accused where you have the guy in the back urging everyone to “get in on the action,” as the victim lays there getting assaulted while everyone cheers on the assailants. The hatred has become unbearable to watch.

One worry is what happens once Trump is gone.

What happens next is the democrats (including the new Leftist party) will never give up power again.

The new Democratic party will rule with an iron fist so that people like Trump never run again. It will be the first PTSD Congress and White House, and for all of those who supported Trump, you will pay. Dearly.

New laws will pass restricting our freedoms of speech, the right to defend ourselves and the right to practice our faith openly.

Our thoughts and our social media will be scrutinized. We will be marginilized. Resistance is futile!

Our money will be taken from us because the new Leftist globalist party will double, even triple our financial commitment in our renewed efforts to fight climate change, and we will pay for our sin in allowing Trump to take the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord, to the tune of hundres of millions of dollars a year- forever!

Then, the new leaders will ruin our economy to pay for increased social services, universal health care, immigration costs, etc. taxes will rise, small business will once again retreat, and we will be told this is the new normal, that America was never that great to begin with, and that white patriarchy is a racist stigma that must be eradicated, to the cheers of the New Progressives!

So the rest will be revealed as you will see, because what is happening now in California is waiting for the rest of us if we allowed Trump to be defeated.

And the darkest side of human nature is yet to be revealed.

The hatred of Trump has revealed the real moral character of the progressive Left, the corrupted media, and compromised leadership not only in Congress and in our intelligence agencies, but also in the judicary as well with activist judges. They will do and say anything to seize power.

I believe the devil loves Trump, he brings out the worst in people, and they don’t even know it.

But I do, and so do you.

The only question is: which side are you on?

What Our Next President Should Look Like


by James R. Watkins

What I would like to see in our next president, whoever wins, is a president who will continue the Trump policies that are working, like de-regulation, robust energy policies that produce low prices as well as innovations in R&D towards environmentally beneficial energy, low taxes for business and personal, and a reduction of duplicitous government programs and/or departments that are wasteful of tax dollars. Trump has shown us that these three strategies work in producing jobs and improving the lives of millions of Americans.

If Trump is re-elected I have no doubt he will continue with these winning policies as he continues to “drain the swamp” of big-government excess that has been hurting the American people for 20 years. 

But there is more work to do on our infrastructure improvements, trade imbalance policies and immigration control, as these three areas, if invested in properly and brought under a sense of intelligent direction, can go a long way at further reducing the tax burden on the U.S. citizen, while also tapping into the resourcefulness of the American people who can help solve these problems private and public enterprise innovations.

Lastly, our educational system is in need of great reform. From kindergarten to High School we need to get rid of the progressive curriculum so that our schools produce citizens who are capable of competing on the world market, not snowflakes who are unprepared to deal with the rigors of adulthood and the responsibility that comes with it. 

The emphasis in our education should not be on “group think” feel-good learning skills, but on individual, character growth skills – as well as basic reading, writing and math skills, with an emphasis on American History as well as Classic History, Economics and fact-based Earth Sciences (not climate change propaganda).

The fact that many major employers say American students are not capable of filling much needed positions in tech as well as the medical field is proof our schools are need of improvement. Schools are, frankly speaking, spitting out stupid citizens who are more concerned about global warming and gender studies than getting a real job with lifelong benefits so they can support themselves.

But lastly, I hope our next President is less about being brash and more about being calm, and not giving the media an opportunity to lambast him/her at every point. Politics has become a joke and everyone gets a finger on this one.

I am not sure who is responsible for the constant bullshit that is called news today, but the mainstream news media is doing no one any favors by turning everything into a scandal.

American media’s obsession of Trump must stop. Let him do his job, and if re-elected, let him continue to do his job. If another person is elected, let us hope that person is wise (and honest) enough to maintain those Trump policies that are working and improve upon on those points outlined above.

Despite the noise, Trump has done much swamp cleaning. More people are working, wages have risen, crime is down, less people are in poverty today, and while other countries are struggling economically, American business is robust and confident.

America deserves a president who can maintain this momentum, not “transform it” into something for purely political or ideological reasons.

We don’t need another Obama-like leader with feckless progressive policies that we know do not work, we another Trump – minus the three-ring-circus who understands that when left alone, Americans thrive.

In the movie “As Good As It Gets,” Helen Hunt’s character Carol exclaims at the end of the movie “why can’t I have just have normal?!”

I want normal, maybe even boring, but with a steady hand and a leader who truly represents mainstream America, not extreme.

We deserve that, don’t we?

James Watkins is a media consultant, author and host of the podcast Speaking Out.

If Trump Weren’t So Hated, He Would Be The Savior Of The World

Maybe we could all use a little Maga.

Despite his constant social media foibles, misstatements, and occasionally a brilliant strategy message, President Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again campaign is actually making the world a better place. If it were not for the fact that so many people are riled by his unorthodox style, looking back you can see that his policies are not only working, but the world is actually better off because of it.

Today, for example, the U.S. Q2 GDP came in at 2.1, unexpected, just like the fact that the U.S. is on a 211 month winning streak in terms of economic growth, surpassing the previous record of 120 months back in 1991.

Trump’s strategy is simple, so simple in fact, that every other future president (or free market economy) should admit he is right AND openly embrace if they wish to have a prosperous future, which is the result of the now provable fact that lower taxes and less regulation equals small and big business confidence, which translates to consumer confidence that yields steady and sustained economic growth.

Now, we know, thanks to Trump’s persistence, that over-regulation kills enterprise, that higher corporate taxes create uncertainty with middle and small business owners. No hiring, no job growth, income stagnation – the Obama years.

So you see, despite being attacked by establishment media for almost three years as being a complete goof and bumbling idiot, Trump his proven his business acumen is on target, and when the American economy is strong the world becomes more confident. History will never take away Trump’s economic success, just as history will never take away the memory of six years of economic uncertainty during the Obama administration.

What Trump has proven is that less regulation and lower tax burdens equal productivity. Over-regulation kills, Government oversight kills prosperity. This is why Europe stagnates.

Current theory by elite planners like the IMF, the EU and the ECB is that people and businesses have to be regulated – controlled through central-planning (what folks like AOC and Sanders want to expand, as in “can you imagine if things weren’t regulated, why, people would do what they want and there would be no control, and we can’t have that,” says the Socialist).

A rising tide raises all boats, and right now America has proven that a free market society that is not under the thumb of oppressive bureaucracies, will thrive. China might one day realize that they don’t have to control people to make them prosperous, let them be free to choose and they will reward you by being a happy citizen who has control of his or her’s life. Human nature is such where if you allow people to be creative and in control of their destinies, wonderful things happen. Stop trying to fix things and let people fix things themselves and remarkable things like buying, investing, and spending will take place, as it has done now in this country for over ten straight years, with most of the growth occurring after Trump implemented his economic plan.

To AOC, Bernie Sanders and Liz Warren, stop trying to save us, we can save ourselves if you would just leave is alone.

As previously stated, Trump has done a great service to the world. He has shown that when you trust the people (and not try to control them), people are quite capable of finding prosperity on their own terms. 

Had anyone else done what Trump has showed us what could be done, had the message perhaps been delivered by someone who possessed a little more charm, we would all be singing his praises. Fortunately, millions already look beyond the veneer of Trump’s insatiable desire to be in the spotlight (a minor character flaw when you consider the thousands of celebrities who actually have the same obsession) and his supporters do see the Trump strategy as a winning one.

We are all beneficiaries, whether we want to admit it or not.My sister in law, who is on welfare and gets free medical benefits, hates Trump. When I explained to her that her benefits were actually going up because of Trump’s policies and that there is more money in the economy so that social service can be sustained (instead of reduced, or cut), and that she is benefitting, she got it. My wife, who also hates Trump, saw our 401k go up by 40% this year., and our taxes were lower, a double-whammy). She still hates Trump, but at least his policies are going to help us retire a little more comfortably. And you might ask Stephen Colbert if he would like to thank Trump for three years of material, and good ratings to boot. He is, as they say, gainfully employed, which makes it possible for him and millions of others to sleep better at night.

Whoever the next president is, I hope they will be smart enough to realize the Trump strategy of low taxes and low regulation should be continued because they do serve in the public interest, and apparently, the world benefits equally as well. Perhaps these other countries could use a little MAGA themselves. Trust the people.

Jim Watkins is a formar national talk show host, author and media consultant.

Proof that Capitalism and Freedom Wins

All eyes are set on the upcoming G-20 summit in Osaka.

Americans should be proud. If it were not for the American economy humming along on all six (or eight) cylinders, tensions would be higher, and everyone knows it. The world is unsettled and it is precisely because world leaders know their policies aren’t working as they thought or predicted, and it is creating dissent among citizens in many European and Asian countries.

The reason is simple. Freedom and free markets win. Socialist, central-planning policies don’t. And the one person who seems to know this better than anyone is President Trump, much to the chagrin of many world leaders who scoff at the man because they believe he is a bumbling idiot who belongs nowhere near politics.

Trump, like him or hate him, has done what even the previous U.S. President said could not be done, which was to exceed 3% GDP while at the same time lower unemployment so that more people have more control over what they earn and are less dependent on tax-payer services.

For Trump it was game, set and match when then lowered tax rates so that more workers can keep their money and buy things that keep the economy buzzing along, and business owners have capital (and confidence) to expand.

An economic trifecta!

In other words, freedom (in the form of less regulation) and free markets do well when not strangled by big-government central planning, which is where most other governments are heading.

Europe is less free and more taxed, thanks to bleeding-heart EU liberal-progressives who have been increasingly forcing Europeans to subsidize migrants from war-torn countries, and then implement laws that restrict its country’s people the right to complain about such policies – while losing jobs in the meantime.

It now takes a British citizen 62 days on average to schedule an appointment to see their primary physician.

And this by the way, is where California is also headed.

China is going broke because it’s running out of options to sustain its 1.4 billion people who eat everyday and also need jobs to feed families, erstwhile their government is keeping them stupid and uninformed about the economic state of their country, in some cases now encouraging younger graduate citizens to take up ploughs in the field, a clear sign of panic for CCP, who won’t admit openly that Oresident Trump actually does have leverage (a booming and free economy) to wage an ongoing tariff war against them.

All while the rest of the world watches in amazement as the orange-haired goofy guy continues to make America ‘great again’ while making the elite globalist A-Team look foolish. Meanwhile, these unelected authoritarians remain stumped trying to figure out why their central-planning, socialist regimes aren’t producing the right results, while Trumps’ America is cleaning their clocks.

They say revenge is good living. Trump proves it in spades.

What America shows is that when people are truly free and restraints are lifted from them, things work better for everyone.

In America, where true freedom includes having the freedom to criticize our president who, thankfully doesn’t care, is also a free market economy where winners and losers are determined by a merit-based system; where people do fail and succeed based on the quality of what they produce, which shows a remarkable elastic outcome that lifts people up instead of keeping them down.

What we (or more precisely, Trump’s policies) have shown is that big government DOESN’T work.

The reason many world leaders remain baffled by their stagnant economies is because they falsely assume regulation is always necessary, the more rules you have in place, the better social and economic conditions will result.

Obama believed this, current Democratic party members believe this, and so do the current crop of socialist world leaders also believe.

America proves people make the civilization. Governments do not.

Things are so good in America right now (for those who are NOT dependent on stupid and ineffective social programs) that the naysayers‘ only critique upon the president these days is the weak-kneed climate crisis hoax (because Trumps’ EPA is less regulatory, hence the climate is in crisis because we aren’t regulating it). Many world leaders are stuck with this notion, this hubris idea that if you just regulate you will solve problems, even in addressing the climate.

We have proven the liberty snd freedom model works best.

And when Trump goes to Osaka, he can prove, more than anything else, that he was right.

If this were The Apprentice, he would no doubt be the season’s big winner.

Chew on that while you are checking to see how much your 401k has increased since June 1.

Avoid The BS: A Survivor’s Guide To The 2020 Elections

As we prepare for the 2020 elections, just a few reminders of what to remember as the candidates (all of them, from both parties) spew whatever bullshit they spew for the next 18 months to get your vote:

1) Whatever they promise you, don’t believe them. They are simply trying to buy your vote. Whether its slave reparations, making guns illegal, making the rich pay, paying off your school loan, fight for income inequality, or whatever it is they promise they will do for you, don’t believe it. It’s a crock of shit and the political hacks do it every time and we supposedly fall for it. Don’t.

2) The mainstream news media wants to pick the winners and the losers because of who they want to win. They tried to do it with Hillary, but she was such a weak candidate and they underestimated that people just didn’t trust Hillary enough to vote for her (and who would?). Trump ran an exciting campaign and it paid off.

3) Watch for the mudslinging. The ads are created by various groups who are not accountable to anyone, so they can spread misinformation at will and stretch the truth (or falsity) at will. To make matters worse, remember what Goebels said when he ran the propaganda machine for Hitler in Germany – people will believe any lie if you repeat it enough times, and they will, or at least enough will, to sway an election.

4) There are literally millions of people who will make any justification to rid themselves of Trump, which means hatred is now justification for political smearing and unethical behavior. Remember the Access Hollywood tapes? How many times did we see it, thousands. Did it work? kind of. I can still see it my head today, and you can count on this tape, and many others since Trump took office, will be used to convince you that Trump is “pathological,” a “criminal” and a hoaxer who isn’t qualified to be president – again.

5) Social Media will be the arm of the Democratic (or Social-Democratic) party. We know that Google, Yahoo and Twitter can’t stand Trump, and we also know these social media platforms are biased in curating news, so just know that you will be seeing mis-represented information coming from every snowflake on the planet who sits behind a desk in front of a computer and has a Facebook or other social media account.

6)  Misleading poll numbers. Don’t believe any of it. Polls are not only unreliable, but the people change minds daily. Remember, every poll in American had Hillary predicted to win in 2016, and the Democrats taking back both houses in Congress in 2018 (remember the Blue Wave?). But polls are like popularity contests and there are a significant number of voters who are, shall we say, are “safe-betters” who like to vote on the perceived winner. Again, until election day, all polls are merely whims of the moment, and we know that many Trump supporters who wish to avoid controversy will hide their support until they get into the voting booth, especially if Trump’s economy has helped them.

7) Sadly, Trump doesn’t like to lose, so it is my hope that he won’t do what many presidents do when they think they might lose; they start some crisis (like a possible war) or create some crisis that only they can solve – if they win re-election.

Since we know the Democrats will stop at nothing to win and should be viewed as such, we would be foolish to believe otherwise about Trump. He is the consummate competitor, and for the sake of our Republic, and I hope whoever wins, wins fair and square.

A person can dream, can’t they?

Beware The Media-Government Complex

I have never seen anything like it. It’s appalling when you think about the fact that our left-leaning media elites are actually using Democrats as propaganda. Can you believe it?

You see, in most totalitarian, leftist or Marxists societies you have the government that tells the media what to report. In our country it isn’t the government telling the media what to say, it’s the media calling the shots on what agenda our government leaders must follow. It is not only strange to witness, but it is frightening when you consider the implications.

For example, if MSNBC and CNN, and hence, the New York Times, the Washington Post and others who follow suit, decide that Bob Barr is the fall guy for Trump, or Trump’s puppet, members of Congress echo this concern in hearings such as you might have witnessed yesterday. You have priority being set – not by members of Congress – but instead, by high-profile anchors (and television executives along with social media giants) who have a specific agenda. Political leaders receive free press time when they work with the media on the same talking points. And you can bet Schiff, Harris and even Hillary, love the adulation and a long-lasting political career they receive with cameras and facetime on TV to help them along.

The alignment of the press and congressional Democrats means that government policy, and indeed even public opinion, is being swayed by an activist few influential media executives (and fellow academics) who feel they know what is best for society. If this small but potent group believes LGBT should be an issue, or that Transgenderism should be an issue, or Climate Change should be an issue, or #Me Too should be an issue, then that is what will be fed into the echo-chamber, reaching all the way to Washington.

And this didn’t just start recently. The eventual morphing of the media-government complex has been emerging for decades, probably starting in the as a reaction against the Vietnam war in 1965, which soon became the civil rights movement, the women’s lib movement, the environmental movement, the LGBT movement and lastly, the anti-Trump movement of trying to remove a sitting and duly elected president who, by the way, could care less about all of those movements because he believes government should do and cost less, not more.  A policy that seems to be working despite the disdain from the Left-wing media elite who exert tremendous influence with our elected political leaders.

And so Trump has done us a favor. He has exposed the media for what they are, which is to say they are not a fair and free press, but an activist cause that has the full support of politicians who want media coverage and want social media populist support. It’s a great relationship really, unless of course you are a conservative, a Christian, a wealthy person, or other non-minority person. The media, pop culture, education, public policy and Democrats in Congress belong only to the Left.

And this is why you have the media driving government policy in America.

Could it really be all about the ratings?

The New Religion of The Left

America’s New Religion: Hate-ism

I have tried to tell my liberal-minded friends that they are being brainwashed – no differently from the people depicted in the opening scene from George Orwell’s 1984 – where they show citizens screaming with vial hatred at the giant screen of Emmanuel Goldstein, the States #1 enemy, in an effort to divert attention away from their sad and miserable lives, lives constructed by neo-modernist progressives who deal in the dispense of hatefulness and fear.

Here is how George Orwell describes Two Minutes Hate:

The horrible thing about the Two Minutes Hate was not that one was obliged to act a part, but that it was impossible to avoid joining in. Within thirty seconds any pretence was always unnecessary. A hideous ecstasy of fear and vindictiveness, a desire to kill, to torture, to smash faces in with a sledge hammer, seemed to flow through the whole group of people like an electric current, turning one even against one’s will into a grimacing, screaming lunatic. And yet the rage that one felt was an abstract, undirected emotion which could be switched from one object to another like the flame of a blowlamp.

Only this isn’t a movie and we are not run by the State – not yet anyway. But the truth remains: political leaders and media conglomerates like CNN, MSNBC, Disney/ABC, most of the press and others are using Trump as an objectified symbol of everything people despise about conservatism (or what the Left perceives to be conservative principles). You hate homophobes, that’s Trump; you hate racists, well, Trump is that, too. You hate Islamaphobes, well, that’s what Trump is, don’t you know?

Does anyone ever wonder how someone like Trump can possibly hate everyone but white people – and still be as successful as he has been in his life?

On the cable news channel there is a bombardment of so-called experts who swear Donald Trump hates gays, blacks, Muslims, and basically every minority or special interest group they can think of.

In short, Trump is the modern day Archie Bunker (or Emmanuel Goldstein), the guy you despise because he embodies everything you hate.

Trump is the symbolic representation of everything that angers the Left, or gets in their way as they seek to create a make-believe society.

Remember, the neo-modernist Left is convinced mankind can control the temperature of the earth, that people can choose their sexual nature, that Socialism is better than a free-market democracy, and that that you can love everyone who agrees with you, but you should hate people who don’t, including President Trump.

The Left has substituted the principles of a good religion (patience, service, forgiveness, forbearance, eternal realities, self-sacrifice), all predicted on spiritual values, not temporal ones, with an ideology that seeks first, to control, then hate, and finally destroy anything or anyone who gets in their way of achieving what they think should be a godless, socialist utopia where all of humanity joins hands and sings John Lennons’ Imagine while Conservatives are hung out to dry (demonized by political correctness) from the crosses they so valiantly believed in.

Hate is the new watchword. They hate Trump, they hate Christians, they hate free market capitalism, they hate traditional values, they hate the Constitution, they hate cheap energy, but yet they love the technology and the bountiful access to things that are a direct result of all of the things they hate.

Yes, Hate is the new religion for the Left; it is Hate-ism and it’s because the Progressives know that, like the Orwellian depiction of Goldstein, you can control people much better with hate than you can with love. Hate plays to mans’ baser instincts, like greed, envy, jealousy. Whereas Love allows us to grow in wisdom because love commands patience, altruism and dedication to godly ideals, something that has no place in the new world order.


Jim Watkins is a media expert and host of the weekly podcast Candidly Speaking. You can follow Jim on Twitter @candidspeaker

It Was All Hillary’s Fault

It really was Hillary’s fault.

The dust has settled, at least for now. The Mueller Report is done and President Donald Trump did not collude with the Russians. He won the 2016 presidential election fair and square.

But one thing we can agree on is that the whole reason we got into this Trump collusion business in the first place was because of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The stench from the bench is making me clench, as Michael Savage once said, and this stench has Hillary written all over it.

The first half of the equation was the assumption that Trump must be guilty of something and he would have been too stupid to do it on his own, so it had to be Putin who helped him become president. But it was Hillary’s search and subsequent setup of Trump that got the ball rolling. Throw in a few FISA court warrants and Bam! You have a full blown, 35-million dollar, two year investigation that found zero evidence there was any collusion between the Trump team and Russian operatives.

But we do know she was involved.

Hillary financed the initial dossier, hell, Hillary’s name and missing emails made it easy to assume there was collusion, and we can thank John Podesta getting phished that created that Wikileaks mess. HRC only added fuel to the flame when she paid for the dossier to come up with dirt on DJT.

In the end, it was a little bit of Hillary and an overwhelmingly gullible, if not complicit Press who fueled this whole scandal, and where it ends is where it began, with Hillary.

I am reminded that had Hillary won, none of this would have happened and we would have never known the Deep State was so in bed with the media machine, but now we do know and Hillary Rodham Clinton is always at the intersectional center.

One wonders if this Greek drama will play out for yet one more glorious act, one which includes a former Secretary of State, a sitting president and a few CIA heads.

Would be interesting to see where this story goes.

Aaron Sorkin couldn’t even make this up.


Jim Watkins is an media expert and host of the podcast Candidly Speaking and you can follow him in twitter @Candidlly Speaking