It Was All Hillary’s Fault

It really was Hillary’s fault.

The dust has settled, at least for now. The Mueller Report is done and President Donald Trump did not collude with the Russians. He won the 2016 presidential election fair and square.

But one thing we can agree on is that the whole reason we got into this Trump collusion business in the first place was because of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The stench from the bench is making me clench, as Michael Savage once said, and this stench has Hillary written all over it.

The first half of the equation was the assumption that Trump must be guilty of something and he would have been too stupid to do it on his own, so it had to be Putin who helped him become president. But it was Hillary’s search and subsequent setup of Trump that got the ball rolling. Throw in a few FISA court warrants and Bam! You have a full blown, 35-million dollar, two year investigation that found zero evidence there was any collusion between the Trump team and Russian operatives.

But we do know she was involved.

Hillary financed the initial dossier, hell, Hillary’s name and missing emails made it easy to assume there was collusion, and we can thank John Podesta getting phished that created that Wikileaks mess. HRC only added fuel to the flame when she paid for the dossier to come up with dirt on DJT.

In the end, it was a little bit of Hillary and an overwhelmingly gullible, if not complicit Press who fueled this whole scandal, and where it ends is where it began, with Hillary.

I am reminded that had Hillary won, none of this would have happened and we would have never known the Deep State was so in bed with the media machine, but now we do know and Hillary Rodham Clinton is always at the intersectional center.

One wonders if this Greek drama will play out for yet one more glorious act, one which includes a former Secretary of State, a sitting president and a few CIA heads.

Would be interesting to see where this story goes.

Aaron Sorkin couldn’t even make this up.


Jim Watkins is an media expert and host of the podcast Candidly Speaking and you can follow him in twitter @Candidlly Speaking