What Our Next President Should Look Like


by James R. Watkins

What I would like to see in our next president, whoever wins, is a president who will continue the Trump policies that are working, like de-regulation, robust energy policies that produce low prices as well as innovations in R&D towards environmentally beneficial energy, low taxes for business and personal, and a reduction of duplicitous government programs and/or departments that are wasteful of tax dollars. Trump has shown us that these three strategies work in producing jobs and improving the lives of millions of Americans.

If Trump is re-elected I have no doubt he will continue with these winning policies as he continues to “drain the swamp” of big-government excess that has been hurting the American people for 20 years. 

But there is more work to do on our infrastructure improvements, trade imbalance policies and immigration control, as these three areas, if invested in properly and brought under a sense of intelligent direction, can go a long way at further reducing the tax burden on the U.S. citizen, while also tapping into the resourcefulness of the American people who can help solve these problems private and public enterprise innovations.

Lastly, our educational system is in need of great reform. From kindergarten to High School we need to get rid of the progressive curriculum so that our schools produce citizens who are capable of competing on the world market, not snowflakes who are unprepared to deal with the rigors of adulthood and the responsibility that comes with it. 

The emphasis in our education should not be on “group think” feel-good learning skills, but on individual, character growth skills – as well as basic reading, writing and math skills, with an emphasis on American History as well as Classic History, Economics and fact-based Earth Sciences (not climate change propaganda).

The fact that many major employers say American students are not capable of filling much needed positions in tech as well as the medical field is proof our schools are need of improvement. Schools are, frankly speaking, spitting out stupid citizens who are more concerned about global warming and gender studies than getting a real job with lifelong benefits so they can support themselves.

But lastly, I hope our next President is less about being brash and more about being calm, and not giving the media an opportunity to lambast him/her at every point. Politics has become a joke and everyone gets a finger on this one.

I am not sure who is responsible for the constant bullshit that is called news today, but the mainstream news media is doing no one any favors by turning everything into a scandal.

American media’s obsession of Trump must stop. Let him do his job, and if re-elected, let him continue to do his job. If another person is elected, let us hope that person is wise (and honest) enough to maintain those Trump policies that are working and improve upon on those points outlined above.

Despite the noise, Trump has done much swamp cleaning. More people are working, wages have risen, crime is down, less people are in poverty today, and while other countries are struggling economically, American business is robust and confident.

America deserves a president who can maintain this momentum, not “transform it” into something for purely political or ideological reasons.

We don’t need another Obama-like leader with feckless progressive policies that we know do not work, we another Trump – minus the three-ring-circus who understands that when left alone, Americans thrive.

In the movie “As Good As It Gets,” Helen Hunt’s character Carol exclaims at the end of the movie “why can’t I have just have normal?!”

I want normal, maybe even boring, but with a steady hand and a leader who truly represents mainstream America, not extreme.

We deserve that, don’t we?

James Watkins is a media consultant, author and host of the podcast Speaking Out.