Could We Go To War?

James Watkins ] Editor We could. Just like we did in 1941 when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.  By then millions of Jews had already been killed. There were concentration camps throughout Europe; there were weird experiments being conducted on people by German doctors, not to mention Russia, which was already a Communist state, was busy … Continue reading Could We Go To War?

Are We at War With China (And We Just Don’t Know it)?

by James R. Watkins Has it occurred to anyone that we may be in a war with China, or more correctly, the Chinese Communist Party? This is what happened, and I have reputable source information. Sometime in the Fall at the Wuhan Bio-Safety Lab 4 a technician or medical worker had been bitten by a … Continue reading Are We at War With China (And We Just Don’t Know it)?

What Trumps reveals about all of us

by James R. Watkins I can't say I like President Trump or not. I have never met him. I think if I was sitting down having dinner with him, he would do most of the talking and I would probably enjoy the conversation. People brag. Trump is a bragger. When Trump first ran for president … Continue reading What Trumps reveals about all of us

What Immigrants Do

I know whereof I speak. In addition to growing up in the worst area of Los Angeles, I was also raised in a home with an illegal immigrant stepfather, who ushered through our home no less than a dozen fellow immigrants who illegally entered our country to seek work and a new life. I became … Continue reading What Immigrants Do

A Few Words for Beto O’ Rourke

My advice to Beto Or Rourke: Stop apologizing. An old boss said to me the first apology is fine, the second apology just means you can be expected to make more mistakes. My other piece of advice is to stop waving your hands out of control every time you speak. No one likes it when … Continue reading A Few Words for Beto O’ Rourke