The Great COVID Con

Here is how it works. Phases 1: President Joe Biden announces a massive testing campaign, mandated testing, mandated vaccines for over two-million fed employees and contractors. More people test for COVID, cases go up because people have coronavirus; News outlets reports huge “Spikes in “cases” even though most of the cases are asymptomatic, which means … Continue reading The Great COVID Con

The Ignorant Class

These are the people in any given society who want to believe the system is working for them. We might call them ‘the Elite’ in our country, but in China it would be ‘the Party,’ the educated class, those who managed to fill the 10% class of who lives better. In our country it is … Continue reading The Ignorant Class

Deniers Owe Me A Big Fat Apology

Too many of us early sleuths who suspected the CCP was covering up a lab experiment gone wrong have now been vindicated. But we, those of us who were paying attention, still have yet to receive a cordial apology from millions of people who shat all over us for being alleged racists. I want an … Continue reading Deniers Owe Me A Big Fat Apology

Holding the Press Accountable – Part 4

I spent some time pondering George Orwell's construct about how governments can use hate to control the general population. In the novel 1984, the book opens with a spectacle of watching Two Minutes Hate in progress; citizens staring at a giant screen being tormented by the arch-villain Immanuel Goldstein, the quintessential 'enemy of the Party.' … Continue reading Holding the Press Accountable – Part 4

The U.S. Left Is Being Compromised By Xi’s China

The very notion that liberty could one day soon be considered a privilege dispensed by the State sickens me. And yet our own U.S. leaders, particularly those of the progressive Left, have already embraced this ideology as the proper one. Service to the State is taught to our children in school. That is Marxism. America, … Continue reading The U.S. Left Is Being Compromised By Xi’s China

How Free Is Our Press?

Source: Radio Free Asia. Hair Tang from RFA’s Mandarin Service, translated and edited by Luisetta Mudie This is a wake up call to the subtle way our own media is developing a relationship with the Democratic Party, as are hi-tech companies doing the same when they attempt to prohibit free speech based on arbitrary and … Continue reading How Free Is Our Press?

The Invasion

Jim Watkins | Commentary Anyone who saw the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers knows the premise. Pods take over humans minds. In their sleep, they become controlled by the body-snatching and mind controlling entities that turns people into lock-in-step communists who believe in the greater good, and that only good can come from everyone … Continue reading The Invasion


Opinion by Lee Habeeb | Newsweek A popular nail salon in the small Mississippi town where I live let its customers know it was reopening last week. Things would be different, the salon announced, as it adjusted to new safety protocols. What would not change, it promised, was the great service. Within hours, the salon … Continue reading THE MEDIA IS DRIVING A FALSE NARRATIVE OF LIFE VS. THE ECONOMY

What Trumps reveals about all of us

by James R. Watkins I can't say I like President Trump or not. I have never met him. I think if I was sitting down having dinner with him, he would do most of the talking and I would probably enjoy the conversation. People brag. Trump is a bragger. When Trump first ran for president … Continue reading What Trumps reveals about all of us

Activist Actors and Why They Don’t Matter

Why does Jeff Daniels need to tell me his political opinion and why do others care what actors thinks about politics? Do we ask politicians to do movie reviews? It is as if we elevate actors to a level of being social philosophers, elder statesmen who feel compelled to advise the rest of us poor … Continue reading Activist Actors and Why They Don’t Matter

Avoid The BS: A Survivor’s Guide To The 2020 Elections

As we prepare for the 2020 elections, just a few reminders of what to remember as the candidates (all of them, from both parties) spew whatever bullshit they spew for the next 18 months to get your vote: 1) Whatever they promise you, don't believe them. They are simply trying to buy your vote. Whether … Continue reading Avoid The BS: A Survivor’s Guide To The 2020 Elections

Beware The Media-Government Complex

I have never seen anything like it. It’s appalling when you think about the fact that our left-leaning media elites are actually using Democrats as propaganda. Can you believe it? You see, in most totalitarian, leftist or Marxists societies you have the government that tells the media what to report. In our country it isn’t … Continue reading Beware The Media-Government Complex