Leftism: The True Enemy of the People

Here is a short list of commonly held beliefs that have been invented by progressive Leftists who seek to undermine democracy in the United States by dividing its citizens into classes and subgroups, and then to build dissent between them:

  • that white people are inherently racist, and therefore privileged
  • that the U.S. is built upon slavery and therefore, is an oppressive country that must make reparations
  • that women have always been oppressed and this is why the patriarchy must be dismantled
  • that sexual identity is a choice any person can make, that the archetype male and female no longer applies
  • that people of color have always been oppressed and they must receive compensation for ancestral suffering
  • that Conservatives want to make to control women’s bodies and must be marginalized
  • that Christians hate gay people and are mostly intolerant bigots because Christianity is itself inherently xenophobic and oppressive
  • that wealth is mostly derived from unprincipled means; wealthy people are greedy and destructive

If you hold these statements to be true, you are probably a person who leans towards the politically Left, which asserts outcome-based principles, meaning they believe everyone is entitled to equal portions because some people are simply at a disadvantage, and it’s not fair that these people should suffer while others succeed. Such class differences can be minimized through regulation and enforcement by a central authority. This what Karl Marx believed and is at the basis of Leftism.

One wonders if it is called Leftism because much of their philosophy is also left-brained thinking driven by pure emotion. Think about that the next time you watch AOC speak; it’s all emotion-based, which sounds more appealing because it touches one’s compassionate side). Leftism does not take into account the personal decisions that each individual makes in their life and how these decisions produce different outcomes – which is why some people succeed and others don’t. 

The latter concept is right-brained thinking, which takes into account the whole picture and is based on facts and not merely emotion.

No one wants suffering. In a perfect world, everyone should be safe, happy and healthy. But in a world where the prosperous are being told they are the problem this only makes society weaker. Industrious people create opportunity for others. A rising tide lifts all boats. In a strong and transparent society where merit is rewarded, this is the incentive for living. Liberty, free-market trading and limited government regulation improve quality of life for more people, not less. More people succeed than fail. People are happier when they have more control over their life.

As one example. Many people who receive Medicare or Medical are being subsidized by taxpayers. In a good economy more Mental Health professionals are employed to treat growing demand; there are more tax dollars available, so social services improve and grow to accommodate growing demand. In another example, in a strong economy loans for lower income people are easier to get because banks have more confidence – and more capital – for risk. In a bad economy its much tougher to get a home loan. A third example for young people going to college. Education costs are lower at community colleges when unemployment is low, more workers more local an State tax coffers are filled to fund colleges and higher institutions of learning.

Free Market vs. Big Government

Failure comes when you have a decentralized bureaucracy determining outcome-based results that are enforced. We saw this in China in the 1950’s when the government took over agriculture, taking land from landowners and didn’t know how to produce enough crop for the billion people who live in China. Tens of millions starved during the decade immediately following the rise of Communism in China.

We saw the same thing in Cuba when Castro brought communism and took people’s land and prosperity away. Cuba was once a thriving (though somewhat corrupt) island nation. Witness Venezuela at the present time, another example of a government controlled, outcome-based society that has disintegrated.

If equality is all that matters, we will someday all be equally impoverished, except of course the people managing things at the top who told us get rid of the oppressors, the barons who stole from the poor, the men who oppressed the women, the white people who oppressed people of color, the Christians who have oppressed women and the gays. It when you have people telling you that America is evil that you begin to see where it is headed if it continues. 

The only thing that can prevent this is prosperity. This is why the current progressives will lose as long as Trumps policies remain in place. If this should change with the coming election, all bets are off.

Beware the progressives, they are the true enemy of the people.

James Watkins is a media research specialists, author and host of the Speaking Out Podcasts

A Brave New America

Let me ask you if you think the following indicators are a sign that America, as our forefathers had envisioned it, is now crumbling before our very eyes:

  1. Our political leaders are allowing millions of third-world migrants into the country without accountability, simply to get votes and change culture so as to win future voters who will keep them in power in order to receive government assistance (at the expense of taxpayers).
  2. The promotion of alternative lifestyles that are contrary to family-centrist values which are the very cornerstone of any society
  3. Our education system has now become a vast indoctrination system where progressive, socialist and anti-freedom policies are being taught to our children from kindergarten to college
  4. The very principles by which our country was founded upon on are now being called racists and misogynists viewpoints because of past “oppression”
  5. Males, specifically, white males are under attack for being “toxic,” while at the same time, people of color are being told to “distrust white people,” and that America is now and always has been racist nation
  6. The Media is pushing an anti-free market agenda, while at the same time, are subsidized by the free-market (notably, the cable news channels and public radio). They have become a propoganda tool of The progessive Left, who espouse secular globalism and communism.
  7. Our youth are being sexualized, as well as being exposed to pluralistic sexual ideals that create a promiscuous world view that is counter to family-based value systems which encourage discipline, good character, honesty and loyalty.
  8. Abortion is being pushed not only as a right, but as a normal occurrence to be embraced by all.
  9. Religion and people of faith are being marginalized, or worse, censored and stigmatized in news, pop culture/social media, music and especially video and/or movies exactly because they do not support the aforementioned positions.

There are clear indicators that progressive policies, even socialist (and ultimately Marxist) policies are much more prevalent than ever before. It is not without merit to suggest that by the 2020 presidential election, a full-blown Socialist could be our president.

Even if you like socialism, imagine what this means.

It means America, as we have known her for 243 years, a country that has been a beacon of light for freedom, a place where any person could come and build a life free from restrictive government policies, of oppression that limits free speech and the free expression of ideas, could be coming to an end. Many younger people now believe speech should be censored if it is deemed to be “hate speech” (and who is determining this?)

A word of caution to all of the various sub groups in America who think progressive policies will benefit them. You are being used.

Once we step away from a democratic system, a free market system based on merit, family values, a love for country and principles, then whoever is in charge will never leave, and once free elections are over, the elite will rule, and then they will come for you if you speak out.

At some point, under socialist control, more black children will be aborted because it is “good for the Party,” gay and lesbian groups will be curtailed because activism is bad for the Party. People who own business will be shut down or taken over because they do not serve the Party, and yes, the death panels will decide whose lives are more valuable based on productivity and even political orientation.

The Party will control everything, medical, science, education, the means of production, social media, etc., and then true equality will set in, one in which only a few live well and the rest is equally impoverished because it is “good for the party,” for resources to be shared equally.

There will be no free press (“we must prevent hate speech”); no universal access to information, a controlled social media that monitors dissent (“we must monitor social media to protect people from false ideas”).

And what these so called progressive leaders are telling you now, is a lie to get you to tear down the one group of people who are actually fighting very hard to keep you free, the Conservative Party.

Conservatives believe in conserving principles like love for freedom, the right ot practice one’s faith, self-determination – the right to pursue your dreams, freedom of expression, freedom of thought, freedom of the right to buy and own property, freedom to be gay, to be straight, to be weird and yes, even to be transgender. These are not progressive ideas, the right to be free (for everyone) is a conservative principle rooted in Greek Philosophy, Judeo-Christian values and Roman law, not socialist progressivism from the 17th and 18th Century.

But that is what you are being told.

The truth is secular progressivism is rooted in one concept: that people must be governed for their own good, it’s what gives the ruling elite power and authority over the masses.

Remember the old adage…”they first came for the Christians and I said nothing (because you were told to hate God and anyone who believed in that crap), then they came for the fathers, and then they came for lesbians and then they came for the business owners and then they came for the scientists who didn’t follow the rules, etc., etc., and I said nothing. And then they came for me and there was no one left to stand up for me.

The Brave New America is a country under politically correct, mob rule where the family is diminished and the power structures moves away from individualism towards collectivism; people are ruled over, policy decision are made by people you do not know and cannot influence, and personal freedoms are prohibited or outlawed for “the greater good.”

But who can decide what is the greater good? Small commitees, corporations, a static but powerful ruling elite? Or should social contracts be decided by representative government, where people -all people – have a voice? And where reasoned and intelligent leadership prevails, where the personal rights and freedoms should take priority over the so-called “greater good.”

Freedom is in our DNA, and until they can convince you that freedom is dangerous, America still has a chance to survive and make the world a better place.

Today, I am saying something, because, truth be told, I am not altogether sure how much longer it will be before I am not able to speak, before my words are deemed hateful and offensive and I am silenced.

I pray that day never comes.