The Hallmark Controversy – Can We Have a Real Discussion?


In its simplest terms, being attracted to someone of the same sex is a physical urge produced by an emotional response. Trust is where all of this lies, who we trust, how we attain intimacy with those we trust. Trust and Intimacy lie at the root of LGBTQ.

Are people born gay?

The genetics don’t support it. Being gay, or having a preference for a loving relationship with a member of the same sex is an emotional response.

When a person is unable (or unwilling) to engage in a relationship with a member of the opposite sex, is it because of an underlying emotional issue, or simply a preference? 

Most gay individuals will tell you they “knew”  they were gay from a young age. 

But studies suggests most likely a triggered event shut down the emotional response to a person towards the opposite sex, OR a person of the same sex caused experienced trauma that resulted in the inability to feel intimacy towards someone of the opposite sex. What is intimacy? It is the ability to trust.

Here are some common clinical examples of traumatic experiences that trigger a negative emotional response common among gay people:

  • A young child is sexually or physically victimized by a male family member or close associate
  • A young child is made to feel shame for being aroused (and thinking it was normal until they were told otherwise)
  • A young child is exposed to pornography and is unable to process his/her thoughts, other than being aroused (which, by the way, is normal since we are mammals).
  • A young child witnesses a parent, usually the mother who is abused
  • A young child witnesses a sibling being abused
  • Due to a limitations or circumstances, young children are deprived of developing a strong loving relationship with one or more of their parents at a young age

These are common examples of trauma that can trigger a negative emotional response, which in turn, prevents the child being able to form trusting relationships during the formative years of their life (usually in the first 14 years of life, but especially between the age of 1 and 7 years).

If this is all academic, let me explain my point.

People choose based on personal likings. How they developed those likings depends on a thousand different episodes which make up a person’s life that brings them to that point. But the inability to engage in a trusting relationship with a member of the opposite sex is the symptom of a social ‘trauma’ that most likely occurred during those years when they were developing relationship skills with others. Our failure to deal with the emotional damage as a result of a specific trauma has been replaced by the ideological push to accept the results of the emotional trauma. It is also true that mental health trauma is usually treated medicinally, instead of using therapy to discover the underlying root of the mental trauma.

For men it is about the sexual drive, for women it has always been about trust.

You see, emotions play a big role in our sexual identity. Emotions are almost always a reflection of prior cumulative results of a negative or positive experience.  If we deem men to be a threat, or unworthy, something inside women tells them to run. BY the same token, women can be very intimidating to men, especially in youth. I joke with my friends about the fact that for the first two years of life, most boys are introduced to the world while they are sucking on a breast, is it any wonder most men are obsessed with them?

But what happens when there is a dysfunctional or non existent relationship with a child and the parent. How does one learn to develop trust? This is so key to human development, and yet we refuse to have that conversation because we don’t want to imply there is anything wrong with being gay.

I have two neighbors who are lesbian. They are very kind and I sense that they love each other and feel quite satisfied to be in a trusting relationship. My brother is gay and I know he enjoys a sublime trusting relationship with his partner. It is also probably true that both women, and perhaps even my brother, could never achieve the same trusting love for a person of the opposite sex, or else they probably would have. But for reasons we may never know, they feel more comfortable being with someone of the same sex This is why I have no issue with same-sex marriage. Two adults are entitled to have a loving relationship as long as it is a healthy and emotionally satisfying.

My issue is that when the sexual identity of a person is a result of abuse or trauma we as a society don’t want to address that prickly issue. Most likely because it would be an admittance that the fact that many who identify as “gay” may just be experiencing sexual dysphoria due to an actual experience which prevents them from bonding in a normal heterosexual relationship. Instead, LGBTQ advocacy becomes an umbrella for all those who might be suffering from ongoing emotional trauma, and mask it by playing sexual identity games, that skirt the underlying trust issue. For example, when a young girl thinks she identifies as a boy, the first approach is to determine IF something triggered this emotional response. To simply assume they were born in the wrong body is to ignore science. There are thousands of trigger events, the most common being emotional immaturity, that might confuse a child or young adult, but immediately adopting a new sexual identity should be the last resort – if at all.

But for the LGBTQ community to protest Hallmark Television’s decision to refrain from showing a commercial featuring two women at the altar kissing each other (under pressure, Hallmark reversed its decision, no doubt due to advocacy driven by the army of LGBTQ activism) is to miss the point. 

People protested Hallmark for airing the commercial because they don’t want to have a channel dedicated to family-friendly programming feature a scene of two women kissing. It forces a discussion that people have a right not to have to address. Period. It doesn’t matter that you might feel they have no right to feel that way, but they do. 

LGBTQ advocacy doesn’t belong on family-friendly channels for the same reason that they don’t (or shouldn’t) show racy sex scenes on the Disney channel. Just because progressives have adopted the normalcy of liberal sexuality doesn’t mean it’s established moral authority to do so. Just because Hollywood thinks it’s time to “woke” people about gayness, doesn’t mean it is. Respect must be afforded that allows people to choose their own time when to discuss controversial issues in their home – at their own choosing.


Children need fathers and mothers.  When society’s mores become entangled in emotionally destructive behavior SUCH AS PROMISCUITY, the family units fall apart (because there are no longer norms as touchstones we can build upon); society loses its bearing and family units no longer provide the soil of stability for good character growth and strong moral decision making. To deny this fact is to deny the entirety of the human experience. Families are far more important to society than sexual liberation.

Young men, now being told its okay to kiss other men, experiment, and then live with guilt for the rest of their lives. Young women, abused by older women, or by older men, develop long-term emotional duress because they can no longer trust adults. It is a sad fact that a majority of women who identify as lesbian or bisexual have been sexually assaulted at least once in their childhood. The same is also true for boys. Young boys who have been sexually assaulted by older men often go on to victimize other boys when they get older because they feel tainted by pedophilia. 

Gay men are far more promiscuous than gay women. The rules of social conduct didn’t change simply because people became open to have different sexual partners. Men are just naturally more sexually active than women. Two gay men are naturally going to exploit their sexual activity much more than two gay women. 

But instead of society dealing with these kinds of underlying emotional issues that probably play a major role in what is called sexual identity dysphoria, we normalize it without attempting to understand the cause of a person not being able to connect emotionally or normally with a member of the opposite sex. so they confuse this with sexuality. They can’t connect emotionally, perhaps due to fear or trust issues, so they externalize this into changing the rules of their sexual partners, thinking this will resolve the issue. They stop trying to overcome the emotional handicap, and instead, accept homosexuality as an alternative.

I love Ellen Degeneres. I have been a fan since her TV show, and even before when she was doing standup comedy. I fully respect her relation with her partner. She being gay has no bearing on my opinion of her. But if she (or anyone, really) chooses to be gay, my first question will be, “what was it that made it impossible for her to have intimacy with a man?” 

Let’s start there.

If a person told me he likes to wear high heel shoes and walk around naked, pretty good bet that person was exposed to something that triggered that emotional behavior. But is it not better to resolve the underlying issue so that the person doesn’t fetishize his/her behavior?

In the 1970’s American society obligingly understood it was no longer appropriate to discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation. It has been codified and there are clear protections afforded to people who identify with being gay. This is a good thing.

But then being gay became a trend, it became license to be promiscuous for men. In the 90’s it became deadly. Being gay was to be a protected class in the midst of a scourge that spread (AIDS), and because of this protection, tens of thousands of men died because infected partner we free to spread HIV/AIDS. I personally knew six people, 4 of them gay, two straight, that died from AIDS and none of them used needles. My point is that sexual orientation should never have been turned into a commodity. But it has and it continues to be sold as a “lifestyle choice.”

The next evolution has occurred and this is what adults were afraid of. Excess.

Now that we welcome gay people with open arms, sexuality has become “fluid‘ and now children as young as three are allowed to have body-modifying surgery based on a parents decision to turn their child into the opposite sex. Sexual identity is now a choice, and encouraged. Can you imagine how confusing this is for pre-teens? Sexual fluidity is promoted by young children’s mentors, the media and now higher education. It is as if being sexually fluid is somehow virtuous, that “coming out” is an act of extreme bravery, when it may be the result of social pressure to conform in order to gain acceptance.

It was never about two adult women deciding to consummate a life together with a kiss, it was always about the promotion of sexuality as a commodity like clothing. It was also about undermining the moral and ethical teachings of our culture to make room for the new paradigm where there are no real rules, except embrace “your truth,” which is relative to the truth

Sending a message to our youth that it is okay to be gay, bi, gender fluid, non-binary, trans, or whatever other of the 123 sexual flavors there are, is leading these immature minds on a destructive and confusing path to sexual dysphoria, and it will no doubt effect their ability to have healthy, normal relationships later, not just with members of the opposite sex, but with all people who may (or may not) conform to their self-appointed identity.

JR Watkins is a social commentator and behavioral analyst.

What’s Driving Adam Schiff?

by James R. Watkins

When trying to understand the perseverance of Adam Schiff going after Trump, we must take into account who he serves.

Part of Schiff’s district is West Hollywood and Hollywood. He serves at the pleasure of the mega-elite movie industry producers, directors, stars, all of whom have globs of money and hate Trump with religious fervor, which comes in especially handy when you are running for re-election every two years and want to continue running un-opposed. 

Schiff represents the far-Left, the Rob Reiners, the Michael Moores, the Hollywood moguls who hate Trump with drool dripping from their teeth and yet, have also profited enormously from him.

But there is also a darker side to Schiff I am afraid I must reveal. 

Many years ago I chanced to meet a young gay man who was a very close friend of my brother, who is also gay. During the 80’s and 90’s gay in Hollywood was all of the rage. The rules on gay lifestyle were only being barely written and so there was an openness to it. It’s why young gay men flocked to Hollywood, to be used and abused by the Hollywood elite who host young men parties for people like, well, you know, Adam Schiff. People who wield great power and can make or break careers; the Bryan Singers’ of the world, the Ed Bucks (who was recently charged with two felony counts of murder for drugging two young black men in his home and refusing to call emergency when one of his victims overdosed on illicit drugs).

My brothers friend, and his name was Brad (Brad committed suicide in Seattle in 2009), mentioned that Schiff was a regular at these discreet young men’s parties hosted by the many producers who are behind some of the biggest movies in history.  It was common to see certain people and Schiff, according to Brad, liked to have a driver take him to cruise along Sunset late at night for young gay men to hire for sex.

So not only does the money that backs Schiff belong to these Hollywood moguls, but their secrets are also in the possession of these self-serving zillionaires who delight at having their own personal congressmen to manipulate like a marionette doll. 

You can see the fear in his eyes, it’s not anger. It’s desperation. Many Hollywood insiders tell me that Schiff knows if he doesn’t deliver the goods on bringing Trump down, he can kiss his district goodbye in 2022, and if Trump does manage to survive the constant onslaught of democratic fury, it will be Schiff’s credibility on the line both in Washington and at home, depending on Trumps’ re-election outcome.

Forget not that Schiff was LA’s chief prosecutor long before we knew him as Congressmen, and it was during the 80’s and 90’s that LA became the hub for cocaine, pornography and a booming movie industry where hookers and #metoo chicanery was an accepted part of the culture, not to be despised or judged. And Schiff was right there in the middle of all of it.

Schiff may not know where all of the bodies are buried, but he knows who buried most of them. And they have his number as well. No one is innocent in LA, including Schiff.

If there is someone who deserves to be investigated, it should be him.

Breaking News: The Media is Destroying America

Is the mainstream media complicit in undermining America?

As a 30-year veteran of News and media, I know the tricks they use to instill reaction.

Most news these days is sensationalist for one specific reason – they need to hold on to the audience they have because they are losing revenue. That being said, it’s easy to understand why the chief culprits, MSNBC, ABC-Disney, CNN and CBS, together with the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post and numerous other publications have become echo chambers of several key agendas that seem to get exploited the most, and in doing so, are creating vast divisions between normal Americans who have no choice but to be exposed to the following messages on a consistent basis:

Donald Trump is a racist, therefore anyone who supports him is a racist

Racism is a national crisis and its mostly being committed by conservatives

Gender bias is a national crisis

We can choose our sexual identity at will, including young children

All sexual orientations are acceptable with the exception of heterosexuality, which is now defined as toxic masculinity

Man can control the climate by restricting freedoms and charging people money for destroying the planet, and there is no allowance for debate. Anthropogenic climate change is settled science.

Think about this for a moment.

In our country we have the establishment media now pretty much pushing the same leftist agenda that our socialist democratic leaders are pushing – and in complete synchronicity. Isn’t that worrisome? Does it bother anyone else but me that it’s morally wrong when you have a leftist-progressive group and a propaganda machine (most of the media) pushing out specific narratives in an effort to completely demonize one very large group of people, namely conservatives, and at the same time, are attempting to undermine long-held American values that have been the bedrock of this great American society for centuries?

How is the lopsided approach to presenting what should be objective journalism even remotely fair and inclusive, as the Left likes to say? And why is the bias so prevalent when most Americans do not hold the above positions?

There is nothing inclusive about any of it. 

For example, media commentators as well as presidential candidates are stating that teenagers who are part of the conservative group Turning Point USA, a Christian-based organization, are Trump foot-soldiers akin to Hitler’s Youth. This is a completely bigoted statement that singles out people who uphold values such as faith, family, integrity, hard work and service, and equating them to Hitler’s youth program in Nazi Germany.

What kind of twisted person would make this accusation and how can the media allow such statements to go unchallenged? Since when are Christian values now the same values of Adolf Hitler? What is wrong with these people?

And why is establishment media pushing this message? Do they want children to avoid faith, to not learn moral values (and not just relative values as echoed by our liberal media)? Do we want our children to grow up being morally vaccouis?

At the same time you have newsrooms across the nation echoing the “racist” statements supposedly made by Trump against the oft-referred to “women of color,” while little is made of how these same four congresspersons have previously attacked American citizens, calling our country “a racist and oppressive nation.” How is there even a shred of journalistic integrity when the news is clearly slanted against not only the president, but against about half of the American people who do not agree with these misery-merchants, while seemingly supporting those who are clearly anti-American. Which side is the media on? It’s clear they are on the side of anti-American sentiment.

Let’s now turn our attention the media’s fascination with homsexuality.

Let me remind you that Disney, which markets to teens, is now proudly standing behind one such teen actress (Bella Thorne) who now normalizes bisexuality, or as she calls it, “pan-sexuality” by declaring it’s okay to have sexual relations with “anyone you like” because all people are “beautiful.” 

Not one day after The Lion King was released, teen sites were discussing the homosexual natures of two of the movies cartoon characters. And this is considered acceptable, because we have to be inclusive of LGBTQ rights. This echos the long-standing controversy that was squashed, by the way) when Sesame Street characters Ernie and Bert “came out” out a few years ago as gay on a publicly funded children’s show that targets infants, by the way. Please show me how children are NOT being sexualized in ever-greater frequency. 

And let’s not forget about the drag queen trend that is occurring in places like New York, Portland and Austin where cross-dressing adults are allowed to mingle with elementary school kids, even allowing for physical “playful” contact, while at the same time introducing gay literature to young people so as to “teach them to be inclusive” – without telling parents about this curriculum?

All of this promotion of alternative sexual lifestyles is 100% endorsed and supported by our news and entertainment media in complete unison

Ask yourself how many times in recent memory have you been watching a family show like American Idol, only to have one of its contestants declare they are not only gay, but have been bullied their whole life, and because of these horrible social ills, were driven to find “their truth?” Virtue signal: You can choose your sexuality – even as a kid. That’s the message and it’s now coming out loud and clear.

Netflix has been introducing more gay sex in its feature films, as if to normalize the activity.

I personally have no issue with what Adults do in the privacy of their own bedroom, but I am also sensitive to the fact that millions upon millions of people believe homosexuality is a wrong for a variety for reasons (promiscuity being the most cited reason), and it is NOT the job of the media to “normalize” behavior just because LGBTQ activists are on the prowl and have taken over the Hollywood entertainment industry.

Perhaps the greatest contemporary offense is the how the media is portraying Caucasian Americans who love America as being racist. The message is: if America is a racist country, and you love America, then you must be a racist. Not far behind this media lie is the Southern Poverty Law Center, because of their disdain of Trump, now wanting to designate the GOP as a “hate group.’ MSNBC, CNN, the three major news networks CBS, ABC and NBC almost nightly plays EDITED, out-of-context video bites to show just how racist our president is to an unsuspecting public who only takes in what they feed. The media, using the Gioebels playbook, keeps repeating the lie that Trump is a racist, and if you like him you are a racist. Lie #2, if you are not inclusive of all people and sexual genders, then you are a homophobe or a racist. If you deny climate change, you are a “denier,” and if you believe in faith, family and country, you are a xenophobic bigot.

The media is complicit in destroying America because that is the biggest headline they want. They want blood in the streets, they want racial strife and they want division, it makes news and the promotion of hate-filled rhetoric is exactly what makes for breaking news.

As a media journalist and former national producer, I am completely disgusted by the establishment media and the sad position they have assumed in attempting to destroy the very nation that prides itself in having a free and honest press, and I hope they reap what they sow.  There will be a reckoning to those who betray the values of what makes America great.

Of this I am sure as I am the sky is blue.

Why Rapinoe Offends Me

I don’t care that she is gay, I don’t care that she has anti-American feelings and if she chooses to disrespect the very country she represents, then that is on her. 

I own none of it.

But here is why Rapinoe offends me.

First, the country she represents has done more to help LGBTQ than any other country. She seems to think that because there are still people who are sick and tired of LGBTQ grandstanding at every turn, that somehow America is a homophobic country. Again, America has done more to further her cause than any other country, and if this were not true, then she would not be where she is today. 

Second, if you want to make a point, why not use your wonderful stature and inspire other countries to stop killing and oppressing gay people. Why do you hate America when there are other countries who have appalling LGBTQ records, places where they kill you for being gay, like most of the Middle East and a good chunk of Africa. 

Third, what’s with the militant lesbian attitude? It’s always the same. Let’s be honest, what you hate is men. You have a bad attitude about men, and I know this because most militant lesbians I have met in my life have man-hatred issues to begin with. Own it.

America then to you, is a patriarchy, and has become your symbol of the ultimate man to hate. Admit it and then ask yourself this question: If you actually benefit from this country, why then do you despise it?

And lastly, so what about soccer? Try brain surgery, or being a teacher. Running around on a soccer field is lots of fun, but not one life (besides yours) is made better for it. You have taken your sport and politicized it. Now I have to make a political choice when I just want to enjoy a well-played soccer game.

If you want to inspire people, become a symbol of love, not anger, of courage, not resentment, of good character, not mean-spiritedness.

Right now, my opinion of lesbians is lower because of you, because you hate.

You are what the Left calls a bully, a spoiled-brat who cries misogyny when you don’t’ get what you want.

In a nutshell, when blessed people are pissed, they offend me.

You offend me.

Why Pride in Being Gay Is Wrong

Years ago, long before there were Pride parades and multi-colored flags flying around, my brother and I had a long chat about being gay. He is and I am not. I love my brother and long before I knew he was gay (which was not that surprising to learn years later owing to his proclivity of being femininely), he was my brother. At the core of our relationship and what I believe to be his identity, is that he was a human being first, a gay man second.

Now I know for gay men and women being gay is a big deal. If you had to hide your real feelings most of the time while growing up living in fear of being persecuted for the offense of being sexually or physically attracted to another of the same sex, that would be a heavy burden to bear.  It is a curse I wouldn’t wish on anyone, frankly. 

But to my point is that I don’t believe a person should define themselves by who they are sexually attracted to, and while I can appreciate the solidarity of gay pride parades, a celebration of openness, I feel that the emphasis on sexual choice is a tepidly weak and superficial claim that in the last analysis, has nothing to do with the rest of your life.

Pride month is an emphasis on the physical aspect of human character, not the spiritual aspect. Man celebrating his proclivities might warrant a few coming out parties once in a while, but to dedicate an entire month? 1 12th of a whole year? to the exercise of celebrating who I like to sleep with, seems coarse, unintellectual and about as mature as my niece getting a bouncy house for her 8th birthday party.

Indeed, it is a travesty and almost comical to see grown men throwing a month long party to celebrate the fact that they prefer a penis instead of a vagina.

Person to person I ask: doesn’t it seem vacuous and superficial to put on display your predilections as virtue? 

You are not defined by your sexuality no more than you are defined by your preference of food, or your tastes in furniture, or clothing.

Most men, who are only to proud to be straight, have enough common sense to realize no one else really cares, unless you make it an issue, which is what Pride month is, an issue to be snubbed in the face of every mortal that is called to notice your behavior so that you can feel acknowledged, an orgy of narcissism on a global scale. How self serving and trite!! Look at Me!

So for Pride month I say we should all wear tee-shirts that proudly exclaim our sexual fetish so that the world will know what body parts we enjoy the most, if only to expose the silliness of having so much pride in such a non-important issue as ones’ sexual desires behind closes doors.

In an age when we are ask to put aside our opinions (and discriminations) on sexual preference because they shouldn’t really matter, why then do we make sexual preference such an issue when it is not supposed to be in the work place nor in the public square. Why do we, on the one hand, create laws that prohibit sexual discrimination based on the premise that sexual preference shouldn’t matter, but then celebrate sexual preference because it is seemingly matters on a global scale?

I am a firm believer, as are most people of reasonably equipped noggins, that any person, gay, straight or otherwise, is diminished when the only thing that defines them is their sexuality. This is the long lesson we are still learning, and is why people of color have rightly affirmed that content of character is what defines us, not what we look like or who we choose to have relations with, and this is why I object to Pride Month, a demeaning act that marginalizes people who falsely believe they need to be propped up and celebrated like the court jester whose only purpose is to entertain. 

Real pride comes from within, for that is the true test of a person’s character, a measurement of the maturity of one not dependent on approval of his or hers’ fellow mortals.

Can We Get Over The Gay Thing Already

Headline reads, First Openly Gay Black Female Wins Mayoral Seat in Chicago.

To which I say “Big Deal.”

Why is it, in the year 2019, do we make a big stink over someone being gay? What is the differentiation of being gay or not gay in a society that overwhelmingly accepts homosexuality? Why must a persons’ sex proclivity be a part of the headline when we are supposed to look at being gay as, well, being as normal as not being gay?

When introducing myself to a person, is it required of me to also express my sexual preference?

“Hi, my name is Jim Watkins and I like to have sex with women?”

As a formal introduction to you, is my mode of intercourse relevant to your interests, is it a qualifier, a scorecard of social triumph?

Of course not. My sexual proclivity has about as much to do with my abilities as my hair color, or my preference for vanilla instead of chocolate.

The same holds true for race. Should a person be sure to include which race they like to hang with or belong to when offering salutations, as in “Hi, my name is Jim and I like Asians,” or, “Hi, I’m from German-Scandinavian descent.”

The silliness of making a point of one’s race or sexual identity is well illustrated by such overt “coming outness” that makes it almost trivial at this point. We don’t care and most of us never did!

The only people who care are people who believe such demarcations are to be worn as a social badge of courage, as if being gay or being of color somehow makes you a victim of constant discrimination, which, I would have to believe in this age and in this country, is mostly a non-issue, unless of course you happened to be river rafting in the backwoods of Louisiana and meet up with cross-breeding locals who have never seen a gay person or a person from China, nor would they know what one looks like since in theory, most of us look normal unless we indicate otherwise.

Once Barack Obama became president the argument was over. America is capable of electing a person of color to be our nations’ top leader. Case closed. And with the proliferation of media that swarms and swoons over the first mention of being a non-heterosexual abounds, the odd man out these days is the straight white male anyway, all others are allowed in, as it appears.

The point is the only people who make being gay or being of color an issue are people who somehow still have insecurities about where we are as a country, and this country has bent over backwards to make sure gay and race are NOT a big deal.

In short, get over yourself, we all know and we don’t care.

Now do your job!