Goodnight America

I have asked myself how is it China is ruled by one political party? How is it that China also controls the media? How is that 1 billion people seem to live under this illusion that the Party, or the State, has their best intentions in mind when they govern?

You have to seriously ask yourself this question because all of this that I have just described about China didn’t just happen overnight. It happened because a very small, but determined, group pf Marxist believed that a very small, but powerful force could control a country. All you had to do was control the education, marginalize religion, own the media (print, television, newspapers and now the Internet), and use fear or shame to control the masses.

And all of this is happening before our very eyes in the U.S. We are slowly morphing into a one-party nation. We are slowly morphing into a nation where the media has chosen which side it wants to be on, and will support and propagate whatever that party wants in order for them to remain in power and those who serve it also stay in power.

What surprises me the most is Trump. He wasn’t supposed to happen. He wasn’t supposed to win. But he did and the Left’s attempt to take full control of America was foiled. Even after he won the “swamp” tried to take him out. When the economy, under his guidance of policy and de-regulation began to have a positive affect on people’s lives, the media was right there to perpetuate bigotry, racism and the rest, pinning it not only to one man, but to those who support him.

Today, we have at least four front-running Democrats, all of them marxists, who truly believe that they will fundamentally change America so that the State becomes so powerful that no one will ever defeat them.

Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are anti capitalists and they will “fight for the poor” by making sure we are all equally poor (what they call true “income equality”) and they will also make sure White America never gets control of the White House, and Congress again.

They do this because they believe America is a racists country and always has been.

They believe we must pay for our racial sins and the only way to do it is to socialize every aspect of American life. They believe the only way to get environmental justice is to control energy distribution, under the guise of climate change control (the fallacy that humans can lower the earth’s temperature by stopping the use of oil and coal); they believe that the minority is the victim and the oppressors must pay. Who are the oppressors? Those who believe in free-market capitalism, and those who believe in God. You see, the faithful are the oppressors. They are the ones who prevent women from having abortion rights, they are the ones who discriminate against Islam and/or gender liberation, they are the ones who make us feel guilty because we can’t have our rights to be whatever and whoever we want to be.

It’s over and I know it will be because the Marxists have already one. 

Even if Trump gets re-elected, which he will not because Google and the Democratic Alliance of America (a progressive socialist group funded by billionaires) have already prepared for the next 15 months. If Trump does survive the media, he won’t survive the radicalized left who will most assuredly take him out.

And those who support Trump, they will be demonized, and when enraged, will be showcased as “the problem” in America.

History will recall that Trump ended up being the last true capitalist president. And i really pray that I am wrong. But I know human nature and the problem is far too many people look to government to solve their problems. But like our current medical system, it’s not about prevention, it’s about maintenance. There is no money in curing people. If you cure them they don’t need you, and one thing government needs to survive is people giving it power to control their lives “for their own good.”

It was good while it lasted

Frank Adair is a media consultant who resides in St. Augustine, Florida