It’s Time for Real Change In Iran, For God’s Sake

I have a few minutes to blow off some steam, so let’s talk about Iran.

As a person who believes in God, it offends me when I see people who are religious using God to further their own selfish and sinful gains.

Catholic priests who abuse children are in this circle. TV preachers who promise salvation for dollars are also sinful and offensive.

And so are the Mullahs and Ayatollah of Iran, who continually, and without mercy, abuse its people in the name of Allah. It is beyond reproach and deserved of any punishment that would strike these horrible leaders down. They are an affront to all things Holy, and yet, cloak themselves with holy headscarfs and pretend to speak for God Almighty, a most egregious sin!

And this is why I believe if any country can save those people in Iran, they should try. 

The people of Iran hate their government, their government must also hate its people, for how could such oppression exist for so long if the Iranian leadership loved its people, and equally loved its country?

How could such a decrepit but small group of power-hungry savages even pretend to be godly, when at their hands there is blood and misery?

How can Rouhani and Khamenei really act holy when their words inspire hate, and their deeds bring bloodshed within thier own country and abroad?

Why does the government of Iran sponsor terrorism – the killing of innocents? Why does Iran not have a free press? Why do the Iranian people continue to live in fear when they are supposed to be entitled to the love of God, not the law of men by a small group of self-deluded leaders who commit blasphemy every moment their people are not free?

I love the people and the history of Iran. It was once a great empire. Her ancient lands are the homes of many of our ancestors; she is a strikingly beautiful country with riches beyond imagination, and yet, and were it not for the authoritarian leadership, Iran would be, could be, a paradise on earth for culture, food, friendship and love – in that order.

One can almost forgive a totalitarian State predicated on atheism, for such dictators answer to no God and will pay the ultimate price of soul-extinction once their short careers on earth are finished. But to those who cloak themselves with presumed spiritual authority and who claim to represent the Father of all creation, you will be judged by your blatant refusal to be good stewards of your fellow man, and have instead, chosen to follow the darkness by elevating yourself above your brothers and sisters, inflicting punishment upon them in the name of the loving God you supposedly serve and represent.

Shame be upon you!

By their fruits shall you know them.

And this is why as a person of God, I am hopeful the current government of Iran will be overthrown and destroyed, so that the good and decent people of Iran can finally be free of the oppressors, who even now, are committing national suicide by their gross negligence and misuse of leadership.

Let the Ayatollahs of Iran be the eternal symbol of the worst nature Of Man; let the scars they have caused instill in us a reminder that such men as these can never be confused with a loving spiritual Father, who even now weeps for his children of this once great Persian Empire.