The Other George Floyd

I’m going to tell you how it’s going to end.

Today we have huge marches going into day 14 since the first riots and protests over the death of George Floyd. We have all seen the video probably at least 300 times per person, which means 30 billion times the George Floyd video was seen in two weeks, or roughly 2.142 millions times per day.

The cops are hated. Major cities are planning law-enforcement defunding measures while protesters, sanctioned by political leaders and the news media defending or downplaying the violence, tell the engaged where to go and what time the next riot will occur. Celebrities virtue-signaling and seeking redemption for past sins, continue to lay their souls down upon the social media guillotine ready for castration.

And now let me tell you why its going to end with an acquittal Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin when the George Floyd case is tried.

I’m looking at three specific reports, all verified that show:

1. Floyd had fentanyl and cocaine in his system when he died. When the cop gets his day in court, even a shitty lawyer will bring up the drugs in Floyd’s system, the crime he was committing, and the “if it weren’t for his actions” defense will not make Floyd look good or innocent.

2. His priors. Floyd served 5 years for a Houston 2007 home invasion and armed robbery of a pregnant women, and there is eyewitness testimony that Floyd, during the robbery, put a gun up to the victims stomach while several other guys ransacked the women’s home.

Think about all of the marches and protests going on today and who they are honoring. Do you think that, back in 2007 when Floyd was pressing a gun against a women’s unborn baby, George would have ever envisioned he would be someday be hailed as a hero and a martyr?

3. Because of his past criminal history. He had drugs in his possession at the time of his arrest, and because he was heavily intoxicated, there is simply no way any jury would convict a cop of second-degree murder, unless the trial of Officer Chauvin is just for show – or a possible setup as a precursor for the next national riot. The Minneapolis prosecutor must know the odds for a 2nd degree murder charge are slim when the victim has a long criminal history, which Mr Floyd certainly did prior to his tragic death.

George was no more innocent than most people who get arrested, and something tells me that the whole “start-over-again in Minneapolis” is simply a myth. Floyd had two convictions, a third would be 3-Strikes, which in Texas means at least 20 years for stealing a pizza. And, despite his church duties we have all been hearing about, he was still doing drugs as well as coming into contact with counterfeit twenties even after he left the Lone Star State.

None of this matters. When Not Guilty” is heard on that fateful day the riots will erupt once again when we are again faced with millions of very angry people who are holding George Floyd up as the icon of Black oppression, despite the fact that there is at least one woman in Houston, Texas who has a living 10 year-old child, and who probably feels George Floyd got exactly what he deserved.





Hey Liberal Media Assholes – Read This

Commentary | Jim Watkins

I made the comment about the rioters that they should just let it burn. I meant it figuratively.

For three months many Americans have been told to stay indoors, they have been told they have no job, no vacations or trips to the zoo or park. Stay home. Death is outside your door.

And then, right at about the same time the figures starting showing that COVID-19 was not exploding anywhere else but New York and the Tri-State area, a viral video caught the attention of the mainstream news media. And they ran with it.

Nothing drives news like a clean video of a black guy being beaten by police officers, and watching (playing) the video over and over, on top of the fact that we have all been caged up what is starting to look like for no good reason AND I have no job to go back to, makes me furious. Just like it has made millions of people furious.

The video was the last straw.

Then, mysterious groups jumped in and added more chaos to the protests, the people throwing molotov cocktail bombs and breaking into business want anarchy; they want to tear down institutions because it’s the only cause they can find. Nothing like an angst twenty-something with no life plan playing with fire.

There are other forces of course, the media whores like Rachel Maddoux, Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, and Wolf, and that is what they are, whores who have prostituted real news to the level slightly below the National Enquirer. It stopped being about the truth a long time ago.

And then there are the politicians like Kamala Harris, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters and a few mayors who love to throw the word ‘white supremacy’ around to stir things up. All of these people could care less if America burns. It was never their country to love; it was always a playground to push whatever agenda made them feel superior, as long as it was against tradition, which they despise.

I’ve lived through enough riots to know they come and they go. They let off steam because they are a reaction by a segment of people who believe they are stuck – and they are – stuck by an imperfect system that doesn’t allow for much error.

But we built this system through the leaders we voted in. If the system isn’t working, the people who make and pass the laws need to re-examine them. This is how we perfect the system as it goes along. Our system is built upon trial and error. Evolution periodically changed by revolution.

We also need to remember that what happen to George Floyd is the exception, though the frequency of seeing the video might convince you otherwise. Thousands of people break the law every single day, and 99% of the arrests go pretty smoothly. But no two are the same and an overzealous or insensitive law enforcement officer must self-check.

Even law enforcement agrees with the protestors, George Floyd died tragically and unnecessarily. But we are a nation of laws, and we have to allow that process to play itself out. That is why we are the greatest country on earth, because no one is supposed to be above the law.

When the coronavirus hit, it blew me away. I was and am still sometimes overwhelmed by what happened on a global scale, and most of us don’t realize it is still far from over. Our economy, according to Forbes, will take a decade to rebuild. Let that sink in.

But how quickly everything switched to George Floyd. In a matter of hours we went from a global pandemic that stopped a global economy in its tracks, and to riots in the streets because I Can’t Breathe

Just like that.

So yes, I am little hesitant to get all up in arms about the riots. They will pass. And the reason they will pass is because something else will come along to distract us. The media, once they sense low ratings, shifts and finds the next big event to get people riled up about. 

Or as Malcolm McLuhen stated in 1954, “the nature of a medium, the channel through which a message is transmitted, is more important than the meaning or content of the message.”

The riots therefore, are just a prop; the real story is the way the media has turned Americans, albeit temporarily, against each other with one well-orchestrated stroke, which shows how effective today’s media has become. 

And that should worry everyone.

George Floyd Died Because of 50 Years of Democratic Policy

How did we get to the point in the U.S. where there is a huge divide over racial equity in our nation, a pluralist nation where Black and White have coexisted for 400 years?

There can be no question that from the day of Emancipation to the day the Civil Rights Act was passed 10 decades later, Black suffering continued, but it took on a different form. 

Oppression has many faces.

It can also be said that while racial injustice continues, it bears further and candid examination as to why it is that black American men are incarcerated at a higher proportional rate than caucasian American men.

Poverty strikes inner-city blacks at a much higher proportional rate than caucasians simply because of the fact that there are more Blacks settled in inner cities (where there were traditionally more jobs during the 19th and 20th Century).

After the Civil Rights Act was passed, a policy that was designed to help build up Black communities by creating laws against discrimination, there was also the unlooked-for harvest of a growing Welfare State that created dependence within inner-city black communities.

More government programs were developed to aid unwed mothers where we saw a higher proportionality of younger black women having children without fathers; this in turn, disenfranchised young black men from further financial or parental involvement.

Even today, welfare recipients are “penalized” if mother and father reside in the same dwelling. And that was the key to further oppression. Instead of government programs encouraging black American families to stay together, they instead, instituted programs that drove them apart, including access to abortion clinics, increased sex education in school (which promoted promiscuity by normalizing teenage sexual behavior), and of course, more benefits were handed to unwed mothers – just enough to keep them from starving.

Meantime, strict drug laws were enacted in the 1980’s while NOT stemming the flow of drugs into inner cities, thus creating increased profits to men who had an easy way to make quick cash. Thus, the inner city gangland was created.

In the last twenty years we have seen Mexican cartels move into these areas that were once controlled by young black men.

Today’s drug wars in Chicago are a perfect example of what happens to African-American families when they have three generations of fatherless children. To ignore this reality is to refuse to address the underlying problem that has led us to where we are today.

Children from these impoverished homes, following the same cyclical path, also produce more offspring, and these offspring are the ones we see today grown up and rioting; third generation children raised in a cycle of government produced poverty, by a system that produced dependence instead of independence.

All of this has led us to the present day where again there is less opportunity with higher unemployment, along with more obstacles, more incarceration and hence, more examples of police violence now being displayed (which now has exploded thanks to smartphones and social media).

So the violence against black men, for which we are holding a national protest, stems not from the systemic racism, but instead, from an overzealous democratic government that took on the role of producing less opportunity and more dependency.

Too many Black men from 1965 to 1995 in America got lost in a system that seemingly no longer needed them and to whom the American dream was but an illusion, a sad and harsh joke.

Every study shows that a two-parent home is better for child rearing. All studies also show that parenting is good for the parents because it teaches young people (men and women) to grow up and take responsibility. There was never a time in any society when this wasn’t true, and yet for the last 50 years in this country, the paternalistic government of the United States, at the behest of mostly the Democratic Party, has quietly told the Black community, “don’t worry about the father of that child, we’ll take care of them for you.”

I have met people like George Floyd. I have welcomed people into my home who have just had horrible lives, mostly because of the impoverished conditions for which they were brought up and raised. It is difficult to break that cycle if you are a young black man who, at 19, has had a skirmish or two against the law, stuff that sticks with you and limits opportunity for achieving “the American Dream”

Today’ oppression is economic, stemming from a paternal government, who, in an attempt to make good on past sins, created a welfare-system that made single African-American mothers an unsuspecting ward of the State, while eschewing the role of the African American father.

What people really should be enraged about is the symbol of what that video of George Floyd truly represents, the video of Officer Derrick Chauvin with his knee on the neck of the black man.

George was no longer needed by society. The knee is, to me, the symbol of oppression of democratic policies that have destroyed the Black family in America.

And in a twist of irony, when the Floyd murder case is settled, once again the U.S. government will hand the children of Mr. Floyd a check and say, let us help make the pain go away for taking yet another Black American father.

Jim Watkins is the host of the Speaking Out Podcast. Watkins grew up in South Los Angeles during both Watts riots in the 1960’s and is a former resident of Los Angeles who now is a media consultant.