Only Bernie Can Show Us What Socialism Really Feels Like – And It Won’t Be Pretty

In some ways I want Bernie to win. Not because I think he would be a good president, but because I think people need to see the ugly face of Socialism and they need to “feel the burn,” so that we never, ever try to touch that hot stove again, if you get my drift.

Most people I know do not understand that, though they might hate the Trumpster, they benefit tremendously from his policies. We all have and will continue to do so as long as President Trump is in office.

When business is booming, people are working. When people are working, tax dollars are generated. When tax dollars are generated government services increase, medical services offered to the poor increase, donations to institutions increase, more people can afford to send their kids to college, more people can afford to buy their first home, people are happier with their lives, drug and alcohol usage drops, people eat better and in general the quality of life for everyone improves.

Welcome to the last 36 months under Donald Trump.

Remember when the Great recession dragged on? It was supposed to turn around by 2012, but it lingered, like a bad toothache. People lost confidence in employment, opioid usage increased in rural areas which soon spread to urban areas. Crime went up, criminal activity increased, business lost confidence in investment (in people via jobs), and in general, the U.S., in just 6 short years became what German is right now, a country where its policies, taxes and regulations all but mortally wounded what was once the ideal economy of Europe, only it was a “progressive America” under President Obama, a plan that, in retrospect, was a complete disaster.

Migration is killing Europe, the same kind of migration Bernie wants to happen to America. “Clean Energy” policies are driving energy costs so high that many Europeans really can’t even afford their medicine, which supposedly is subsidized by the government. This is the socialist model Bernie wants to bring to the U.S.

What every person should be gravely concerned with is the fact that the mainstream media wants what Bernie wants because progressive Leftist elites want everyone to suffer because, well, we deserve it! America should not be successful. America should be equal to the rest if the world, and that is the worldview of Bernie Sanders, a man who has made a living doing very little, except bringing in a paycheck that has made him very wealthy – off the backs of the U.S Taxpayer. 

Bernie has never owned or operated a business, never had a job outside of government, and loves socialism, the kind of socialism we have seen choke countries to death. For some reason Bernie feels (as do many of his supporters), that real income equality is that everyone is equally serving the government because Bernie will make sure government controls every aspect of our lives. Bernie believes that is the central rule of government: to govern completely and control the production of goods and services in order to achieve “fairness;” exactly what our founding fathers did not want

The government that governs the least governs the best. But in Bernies’ world, this kind of idea is hate speech. Of course the government must control society, says the progressive old man who wants to be our President. “We simply can’t let big business do it,” says the fiery Vermontian, free enterprise is corrupt and the rich must suffer like the rest of us.” But not Bernie, not AOC, not the Hollywood elite who preach to us about sacrifice while they drink champagne and wear funny clothes that cost more than an average person makes in a year.

Bernie is toxic for America.

Trump has already proven Bernie’s worldview and plan for America won’t work, because it never does.

Trump’s plan worked: Less regulation, lower (and reasonable) corporate taxes increased confidence in business, which means more people were hired, which means more people are employed, more money, more production, less government, rinse and repeat.

History will show that the simplest and best government policy is the one where we are most free of government.

Bernie will show us what happens when government takes over every facet of our life, and then we will see what socialism really feels like firsthand. We will really feel the burn, won’t we?

Enjoy the good times while they last. Good night and good luck.

If Trump Weren’t So Hated, He Would Be The Savior Of The World

Maybe we could all use a little Maga.

Despite his constant social media foibles, misstatements, and occasionally a brilliant strategy message, President Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again campaign is actually making the world a better place. If it were not for the fact that so many people are riled by his unorthodox style, looking back you can see that his policies are not only working, but the world is actually better off because of it.

Today, for example, the U.S. Q2 GDP came in at 2.1, unexpected, just like the fact that the U.S. is on a 211 month winning streak in terms of economic growth, surpassing the previous record of 120 months back in 1991.

Trump’s strategy is simple, so simple in fact, that every other future president (or free market economy) should admit he is right AND openly embrace if they wish to have a prosperous future, which is the result of the now provable fact that lower taxes and less regulation equals small and big business confidence, which translates to consumer confidence that yields steady and sustained economic growth.

Now, we know, thanks to Trump’s persistence, that over-regulation kills enterprise, that higher corporate taxes create uncertainty with middle and small business owners. No hiring, no job growth, income stagnation – the Obama years.

So you see, despite being attacked by establishment media for almost three years as being a complete goof and bumbling idiot, Trump his proven his business acumen is on target, and when the American economy is strong the world becomes more confident. History will never take away Trump’s economic success, just as history will never take away the memory of six years of economic uncertainty during the Obama administration.

What Trump has proven is that less regulation and lower tax burdens equal productivity. Over-regulation kills, Government oversight kills prosperity. This is why Europe stagnates.

Current theory by elite planners like the IMF, the EU and the ECB is that people and businesses have to be regulated – controlled through central-planning (what folks like AOC and Sanders want to expand, as in “can you imagine if things weren’t regulated, why, people would do what they want and there would be no control, and we can’t have that,” says the Socialist).

A rising tide raises all boats, and right now America has proven that a free market society that is not under the thumb of oppressive bureaucracies, will thrive. China might one day realize that they don’t have to control people to make them prosperous, let them be free to choose and they will reward you by being a happy citizen who has control of his or her’s life. Human nature is such where if you allow people to be creative and in control of their destinies, wonderful things happen. Stop trying to fix things and let people fix things themselves and remarkable things like buying, investing, and spending will take place, as it has done now in this country for over ten straight years, with most of the growth occurring after Trump implemented his economic plan.

To AOC, Bernie Sanders and Liz Warren, stop trying to save us, we can save ourselves if you would just leave is alone.

As previously stated, Trump has done a great service to the world. He has shown that when you trust the people (and not try to control them), people are quite capable of finding prosperity on their own terms. 

Had anyone else done what Trump has showed us what could be done, had the message perhaps been delivered by someone who possessed a little more charm, we would all be singing his praises. Fortunately, millions already look beyond the veneer of Trump’s insatiable desire to be in the spotlight (a minor character flaw when you consider the thousands of celebrities who actually have the same obsession) and his supporters do see the Trump strategy as a winning one.

We are all beneficiaries, whether we want to admit it or not.My sister in law, who is on welfare and gets free medical benefits, hates Trump. When I explained to her that her benefits were actually going up because of Trump’s policies and that there is more money in the economy so that social service can be sustained (instead of reduced, or cut), and that she is benefitting, she got it. My wife, who also hates Trump, saw our 401k go up by 40% this year., and our taxes were lower, a double-whammy). She still hates Trump, but at least his policies are going to help us retire a little more comfortably. And you might ask Stephen Colbert if he would like to thank Trump for three years of material, and good ratings to boot. He is, as they say, gainfully employed, which makes it possible for him and millions of others to sleep better at night.

Whoever the next president is, I hope they will be smart enough to realize the Trump strategy of low taxes and low regulation should be continued because they do serve in the public interest, and apparently, the world benefits equally as well. Perhaps these other countries could use a little MAGA themselves. Trust the people.

Jim Watkins is a formar national talk show host, author and media consultant.

AOC vs. Jamie Dimon: Are You Serious?

Who the Hell Does AOC Think She Is?

I only had to watch ten minutes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez grilling the CEO of JP Morgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, to get extremely sick. The blood instantly drained from my head as I watched the freshman congressperson talk down to Mr. Dimon like the true Marxist that she is.

AOC acted as if the housing crisis in ’08 was Jamie’s fault, as if he or his company intentionally screwed people out of their homes. Never mind that the housing bubble occurred in part because too many people were buying homes they couldn’t afford, that these same people were too stupid to read the fine print on mortgage papers they signed, too ignorant to understand that when interest rates jump after your 3rd or 4th year, you need to “lock it in,” or your monthly mortgage is going to triple; yes, those people that Ms. OC seems to think are victims. And there she was, placing the blame squarely on the CEO of one of the largest financial companies in the world, like the little Marxist that she is.

It’s easy to understand why she chose to take such an accusatory tone, after all, Ocasio-Cortez has never actually owned a home, made a down payment or understands the simple truth that you don’t buy something you can’t afford.

“Do you think people in Finance should be in jail, Mr. Dimon?”

What life experience does AOC have that could possibly compare to Jamie Dimon? By what measure does Octasio-Cortez even begin to put herself in the same league with a man who is probably one of the smartest and best CEO’s in the country? that she would have anything but respect for Jamie Dimon and his company, the largest credit card company in the world with over 250,000 well-paid employees?

What, because she got elected by a few dimwits socialists in Long Island who probably can’t even get a credit card because of poor credit and lousy past history (like an unpaid cable or utility bill)? This gives her the right to pass judgement on a successful (white) businessman who has probably helped more people than Ocasio-Cortez will ever be able to do in her life? It is as if AOC was taking out her jealousy, her hatred for successful people, her vile against prosperity and all that the free-market provides to billions of people everyday, on Mr. Dimon, not realizing that it is HE who helps people out of poverty and not she.

And speaking of helping, if it wasn’t for companies like JP Morgan small businesses everywhere wouldn’t have access to money; these small business wouldn’t be able to create jobs and help create opportunity for Americans unless there were credit companies like JP Morgan Chase who provide such services! Is she really so stupid that she thinks of Dimon as some sort of robber baron, corporate pig-slime. Does this young MIT grad, who holds a degree in Economics, not understand that 80 percent of world commerce is based on credit?

Dimon: succesfful banker, financier, honest, a family man, worked hard to get where he is and didn’t step on any body along the way. A true example of a smart person who became succesfful because he worked for it.

AOC, a 28 year-old bartender, MIT Business grad who doesn’t have a clear grasp of economics- – never owned a business in her life and has the gall, the arrogance, the hubris to grill Dimon because stupid people got suckered into buying homes they couldn’t afford! Add to this that much of the financial crisis was because Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were being pressured by the socialist Democrats in government to relax loan rules so that poor people could get loans they couldn’t possibly afford!

What an embarrassment that today’s leaders in U.S. Government are arrogant little snowflake twits who have no business being anywhere near the Halls of Congress, unless it’s field day at the local elementary school, which is exactly where AOC belongs.

Let me apologize to Mr. Dimon. and to quote a well-known phrase, “forgive them their ignorance, for they know not what they do.”

Congress is supposed to be filled with the best and the brightest Americans, sadly, Alexander Ocasio-Cortez is neither.


Jim Watkins is a radio journalist, social media critic and host of the immensely popular podcast Candidly Speaking