Avoid The BS: A Survivor’s Guide To The 2020 Elections

As we prepare for the 2020 elections, just a few reminders of what to remember as the candidates (all of them, from both parties) spew whatever bullshit they spew for the next 18 months to get your vote:

1) Whatever they promise you, don’t believe them. They are simply trying to buy your vote. Whether its slave reparations, making guns illegal, making the rich pay, paying off your school loan, fight for income inequality, or whatever it is they promise they will do for you, don’t believe it. It’s a crock of shit and the political hacks do it every time and we supposedly fall for it. Don’t.

2) The mainstream news media wants to pick the winners and the losers because of who they want to win. They tried to do it with Hillary, but she was such a weak candidate and they underestimated that people just didn’t trust Hillary enough to vote for her (and who would?). Trump ran an exciting campaign and it paid off.

3) Watch for the mudslinging. The ads are created by various groups who are not accountable to anyone, so they can spread misinformation at will and stretch the truth (or falsity) at will. To make matters worse, remember what Goebels said when he ran the propaganda machine for Hitler in Germany – people will believe any lie if you repeat it enough times, and they will, or at least enough will, to sway an election.

4) There are literally millions of people who will make any justification to rid themselves of Trump, which means hatred is now justification for political smearing and unethical behavior. Remember the Access Hollywood tapes? How many times did we see it, thousands. Did it work? kind of. I can still see it my head today, and you can count on this tape, and many others since Trump took office, will be used to convince you that Trump is “pathological,” a “criminal” and a hoaxer who isn’t qualified to be president – again.

5) Social Media will be the arm of the Democratic (or Social-Democratic) party. We know that Google, Yahoo and Twitter can’t stand Trump, and we also know these social media platforms are biased in curating news, so just know that you will be seeing mis-represented information coming from every snowflake on the planet who sits behind a desk in front of a computer and has a Facebook or other social media account.

6)  Misleading poll numbers. Don’t believe any of it. Polls are not only unreliable, but the people change minds daily. Remember, every poll in American had Hillary predicted to win in 2016, and the Democrats taking back both houses in Congress in 2018 (remember the Blue Wave?). But polls are like popularity contests and there are a significant number of voters who are, shall we say, are “safe-betters” who like to vote on the perceived winner. Again, until election day, all polls are merely whims of the moment, and we know that many Trump supporters who wish to avoid controversy will hide their support until they get into the voting booth, especially if Trump’s economy has helped them.

7) Sadly, Trump doesn’t like to lose, so it is my hope that he won’t do what many presidents do when they think they might lose; they start some crisis (like a possible war) or create some crisis that only they can solve – if they win re-election.

Since we know the Democrats will stop at nothing to win and should be viewed as such, we would be foolish to believe otherwise about Trump. He is the consummate competitor, and for the sake of our Republic, and I hope whoever wins, wins fair and square.

A person can dream, can’t they?