Why China Should Scare the SH*T Out of Every Single American

Does anybody on this planet care about the fact that China is holding over a million people (probably more like two to three million) in concentration camps and torturing people for religious views?

Does anyone care that China is now a complete military-totalitarian State that now effectively surveills tens of millions of people, and keeps tabs on as many people throughout the world every day (and that they probably have a profile on you. Bought anything from China lately?)

Does anyone care that China, through its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is back-dooring its way into every key infrastructure project it can get its hands on in Africa, Central America, South America, Europe and the Middle East? And that by developing these projects, technology theft AND control is now assured for the most powerful (and most populated) totalitarian country on the planet, one that tortures and oppresses its citizens on a massive scale without even breaking a sweat?

Does anyone care that California, the most populous State in America, sent a delegation to participate in the BRI, with hopes of expanding relations to aid in the States’ infrastructure program (partly because California is bankrupt and they can’t count on the Fed’s support under the current president).

Remember, California has pledged to go completely renewable by 2049, and China has lots of cheap equipment to give them in exchange for—???.

China is not our friend (nor is Xi a “good guy,” as Trump often likes to say). China has one goal, no different from the Ayatollahs, or the less potent Russia: global dominance.

China’s advantages are many, including:

  • They control half of the world’s population
  • The wantonly steal technology and has no moral qualm about it
  • They torture people at will if they feel that individual poses a threat to The Party or the State
  • They are torturing millions of people everyday in concentration camps (no different than Stalin, Pol Pot or Hitler, right under our noses every single day)
  • China is an atheistic country that imprisons people simply because they express faith or dissent.
  • China has been caught putting microchips in other nation’s hardware (that it sells cheaply on the open international market)  so it can infiltrate, through cyber-technology, energy plants, communication systems, satellite surveillance, military hardware, and the list goes on and on.

It’s in the news, right under our noses (and most of it not being reported). China slowly extorting major companies and world governments under the guise of “mutual prosperity.”

And our stupid media only cares about using the latest trade negotiations to make Trump look like a buffoon, when he seems to be the only world leader who has the guts to stand up to the Chinese government to ensure they don’t become the dominant world power through slow attrition.

Do we not understand just how detrimental China is on the world stage if it ‘sets the pace of human evolution,’ for decades to come?

This form of government, this kind of tyranny, goes against every decent principle there is to behold in humanity, the love of freedom and the desire for self-determination, all sacrificed for the sake of empowering a State that will continue to exert itself until we are all under the watchful eye and control of, the great ‘Party.’

Mistake not! These are dangerous times.

God is weeping at the suffering going on each day, and yet the moral people, the freedom-loving people, the so-called progressive nations do nothing except bicker over our own political posturing.

To exhibit such weakness, one only has to observe current U.S. leadership and its inability to control our own borders.

I feel like I am watching Rome burn and yet the fiddler continues to play, as if there is nothing to worry about.

I wonder if I will be able to even write a blog like this ten years from now, and this is why I hope my message, and the message being told by others, gets heard today, so we can prepare ourselves for this ideological war that is currently ensuing between the freedom-loving West (or what’s left of it), and the atheistic, totalitarian East who seeks world dominance.

We all need to be WOKE.