China Tightens Grip On Citizen Dissent

Xi Jinping Declares New Security Initiative To Punish Public Criticism Of CCP Courtesy of Radio Free Asia One year after a nationwide police operation rounded up some of China's most prominent rights activists and lawyers following a gathering in the southeastern port city of Xiamen, the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) looks set to further … Continue reading China Tightens Grip On Citizen Dissent

The U.S. Left Is Being Compromised By Xi’s China

The very notion that liberty could one day soon be considered a privilege dispensed by the State sickens me. And yet our own U.S. leaders, particularly those of the progressive Left, have already embraced this ideology as the proper one. Service to the State is taught to our children in school. That is Marxism. America, … Continue reading The U.S. Left Is Being Compromised By Xi’s China

The Very Real Existential Threat

Commentary by Jim Watkins You have probably heard about the Communist threat? Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reminding us that it is the greatest threat facing America. But does the average citizen really know what that means? Do we think it means China wants to land on our shores and take over our cities? Do … Continue reading The Very Real Existential Threat

Goodnight America

I have asked myself how is it China is ruled by one political party? How is it that China also controls the media? How is that 1 billion people seem to live under this illusion that the Party, or the State, has their best intentions in mind when they govern? You have to seriously ask … Continue reading Goodnight America

Why China Should Scare the SH*T Out of Every Single American

Does anybody on this planet care about the fact that China is holding over a million people (probably more like two to three million) in concentration camps and torturing people for religious views? Does anyone care that China is now a complete military-totalitarian State that now effectively surveills tens of millions of people, and keeps … Continue reading Why China Should Scare the SH*T Out of Every Single American