The Real America

The election is already over.

I am glad. It will take that amount of time between now and November for progressives and lefty-Democrats to get over themselves.

Anyone who still thinks there is a chance Trump will lose is not living in reality. Look around. Do you see that Trump performed outstandingly in both Iowa and New Hampshire? Ask yourself this question if you hate Trump and think everyone else does, too. If people really hate Trump as much as MSNBC, CNN, ABC, and CBS indicates, then why are voters showing up to support Trump overwhelmingly? Why are the stadiums filled?

The answer is simple. Most of the United States, what I call the silent majority, are not concerned about racism, homophobia, climate change and, as Joaquin Phoenix stated, “Queer rights.” Though, the major media would have you believe these are burning issues for all of us and are what is causing the uptick in anxiety, but not really, at least for the majority of us who live our own lives and are concerned with our own real world problems, like raising a family, or starting one, or being in love, or being into whatever it is we Americans are into that have nothing to do with being a victim of injustice.

You see, in the real world, the adult world, people don’t see themselves as victims of some class warfare, they don’t worry that CO2 levels are going to destroy the planet. Most people are not overtly wrought about social or environmental justice because those are terms created by people who simply want to tell you how to live your life, people like movie stars and singers, people who are so bloody rich that they can’t wait to tell us from their perch how we should do what they say because they are simply smarter than us because they are filthy rich. The Bourgeoisie are always the first to tell us we need to feel guilty for having such a good life, that we must suffer just a little for repentance, and we must make sacrifices in order to receive social atonement. 

But the real people, not the people that AOC talks about, but the salt-of-the-earth people who believe in traditional ideals and family values, in things like having faith in God and the Lord Jesus Christ, showing respect to your elders and, as Thomas Jefferson once said, “behave as if the whole world is watching,” are what makes up America; hard working people who oftentimes get up before the rest of us and go to work, all while the elite busy themselves with theories and strategies about controlling society to make we the people more like them. No, the people who make up the country we call the United States of America, those we see behind Trump at the rallies are the parents, the teachers, coaches and clergy; the small business owners, the truck drivers, the plumbers, construction workers, farmers, food preparers, medical health professionals, air condition repair persons, store clerk, fast food food preparer, they the real face of Americans who are grounded in realville. They are Black, White, Asian, Men, Women, young and old. Skin colors doesn’t matter, gender matters less. You are pro-American or you are not. America isn’t perfect, but it is our home, and we have all built her with our hands, or at least the hands of our ancestors who wanted us to have a good life, a better life, a happier one.

The real people, not the snowflakes, or hard-left social justice warriors like ANTIFA, are the backbone of this country. And if Trump did anything, he made us realize there are more of us than there are of them. Thanks to a saturated and agenda-driven media, we have been hoodwinked into believing that everything relevant in our culture is what comes out of New York and LA, but as Johnny Carson once quipped, and then there is the in-between, the rest of America, all three thousand miles of it

Trump showed us we count more than they, we always have, and especially always will as long as we push back against the media and the hard-Left progressives who want to turn this country in one vast romper-room of uneducated children-adults/man-boys/girl-men who only care about themselves in the glorious age of narcissism, thanks to the media giving spotlight to groups and movements like #MeToo, Antifa, SJW, BLM and LGBTQ; these are the forces that seek to divide the family, the home and the community, the very underpinnings of civilization.

What they all have in common is they hate the patriarch, they disdain tradition, and if it weren’t for White Male Europeans, the world would be equal and peaceful. Many of the new resistance groups (who all hate Trump and/.or conservative values) truly believe “white equals oppression.”

What a horrible world view. White guilt is being pandered to our young through our media and it works in concert with the progressive worldview “where everyone is equal, though some are less equal than others because of their ancestral sins.”

The Left, in my opinion, is like a small child who says, “geez, if only my parents wasn’t here, I could do whatever I want, wouldn’t that be fun?” This is the ideology of the neo-Left, no rules, no boundaries, all about the self. But this is NOT the typical U.S. citizen. We are better than that. We are the end result of thousands of years of social trial-and error. Our forefathers (and mothers) struggled, persevered and persisted until they found freedom, self-determination and a love for real Liberty – and then they codified it into the Bill of Rights and lastly, the U.S. Constitution, which declares we are endowed by our Creator to enjoy the fruits of our labors and to the inherent rights to a Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Now that is powerful.

So prepare for a Trump re-election, not because America loves Trump so much (though his policies are freakin fantastic), but because they hate progressivism and what it has done to this country for 40 years, and especially what it has attempted to do with our children (which is get them to turn against the establishment as social justice warriors).

It is time for this hate-filled and destructive ideology to exit America on November 3, 2020, and when it does, freedom-loving people everywhere in the world will breathe a big sigh of relief.

The only people who will be depressed will be those brainwashed by the media to hate.

What Trumps reveals about all of us

by James R. Watkins

I can’t say I like President Trump or not. I have never met him. I think if I was sitting down having dinner with him, he would do most of the talking and I would probably enjoy the conversation. People brag. Trump is a bragger.

When Trump first ran for president I held (I was doing a morning talk show at the time in Tampa, Florida), that based on resume and experience alone – and especially that he was NOT a politician, this gave Trump the edge over most of the other candidates. Trump supporters felt empowered.

I also said that this presidency for Trump is no different from his TV show The Apprentice. If you go back and watch the way Trump structured the people, the goal or objective, and the outcomes – exactly the way he runs the White House. Every challenge he faces is like he did on that show: How do we solve objective What are the choices? who is the best person for the job? It’s how he strategizes.

Someone once told me there is a fine line between confidence and arrrogance. Confidents attracts, arrogance repels. That is Trumps greatest issue. You either like and/or understand his style, or you don’t.

So now we come to outcomes.

The nice thing about Trump is that, despite the anger people have for him, America is doing extremely well right now economically and the world is benefitting from it.

Minus the noise from the media. Trump is achieving objectives. I watch the stocks every day, I stay close to business trends and also what is happening in other global economies. People should know what China is up to, and why Brexit matters. They would see that Trumps’ actions are working positively in ways that actually are improving lives and restoring confidence.

In 2008 the opposite was true.

Florida was ground zero and what started there was the real estate bubble pop that was heard around the world.

We all know what happened and it wasn’t pretty. People lost their homes, there were record bankruptcy rates, small businesses were barely scraping by or were closing altogether. Unemployment was hovering around 10%. Also erupting just under the surface was the Opioid epidemic about to explode.

Today, we have an enormous homelessness issue in every major city, drug and alcohol abuse is taking its toll as a $55-billion dollar a year medical expense for Medicare, and our leaders, instead of really focusing on helping people, are instead, busy trying to tear down a presidency, or prevent the second term of one, simply because they hate Donald Trump.

We all know the media and the internet magnifies this hatred ten-fold. I see people I know and love who are so full of rage they don’t even talk to me anymore. I know I have certainly curtailed my own words, not because I am ashamed of them, but because it is not worth the arguing.

The media, and the democrats have done a tremendously good job at fomenting the already obnoxious behavior of Trump. It’s all they obsess about, totally ignoring so much of what else is interesting and important going on in society. There is no real news, it’s all advocacy and polling.

Watching the media support the democrats non-stop attack on the president (some of it well deserved) is like the Jodie Foster movie The Accused where you have the guy in the back urging everyone to “get in on the action,” as the victim lays there getting assaulted while everyone cheers on the assailants. The hatred has become unbearable to watch.

One worry is what happens once Trump is gone.

What happens next is the democrats (including the new Leftist party) will never give up power again.

The new Democratic party will rule with an iron fist so that people like Trump never run again. It will be the first PTSD Congress and White House, and for all of those who supported Trump, you will pay. Dearly.

New laws will pass restricting our freedoms of speech, the right to defend ourselves and the right to practice our faith openly.

Our thoughts and our social media will be scrutinized. We will be marginilized. Resistance is futile!

Our money will be taken from us because the new Leftist globalist party will double, even triple our financial commitment in our renewed efforts to fight climate change, and we will pay for our sin in allowing Trump to take the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord, to the tune of hundres of millions of dollars a year- forever!

Then, the new leaders will ruin our economy to pay for increased social services, universal health care, immigration costs, etc. taxes will rise, small business will once again retreat, and we will be told this is the new normal, that America was never that great to begin with, and that white patriarchy is a racist stigma that must be eradicated, to the cheers of the New Progressives!

So the rest will be revealed as you will see, because what is happening now in California is waiting for the rest of us if we allowed Trump to be defeated.

And the darkest side of human nature is yet to be revealed.

The hatred of Trump has revealed the real moral character of the progressive Left, the corrupted media, and compromised leadership not only in Congress and in our intelligence agencies, but also in the judicary as well with activist judges. They will do and say anything to seize power.

I believe the devil loves Trump, he brings out the worst in people, and they don’t even know it.

But I do, and so do you.

The only question is: which side are you on?

What Our Next President Should Look Like


by James R. Watkins

What I would like to see in our next president, whoever wins, is a president who will continue the Trump policies that are working, like de-regulation, robust energy policies that produce low prices as well as innovations in R&D towards environmentally beneficial energy, low taxes for business and personal, and a reduction of duplicitous government programs and/or departments that are wasteful of tax dollars. Trump has shown us that these three strategies work in producing jobs and improving the lives of millions of Americans.

If Trump is re-elected I have no doubt he will continue with these winning policies as he continues to “drain the swamp” of big-government excess that has been hurting the American people for 20 years. 

But there is more work to do on our infrastructure improvements, trade imbalance policies and immigration control, as these three areas, if invested in properly and brought under a sense of intelligent direction, can go a long way at further reducing the tax burden on the U.S. citizen, while also tapping into the resourcefulness of the American people who can help solve these problems private and public enterprise innovations.

Lastly, our educational system is in need of great reform. From kindergarten to High School we need to get rid of the progressive curriculum so that our schools produce citizens who are capable of competing on the world market, not snowflakes who are unprepared to deal with the rigors of adulthood and the responsibility that comes with it. 

The emphasis in our education should not be on “group think” feel-good learning skills, but on individual, character growth skills – as well as basic reading, writing and math skills, with an emphasis on American History as well as Classic History, Economics and fact-based Earth Sciences (not climate change propaganda).

The fact that many major employers say American students are not capable of filling much needed positions in tech as well as the medical field is proof our schools are need of improvement. Schools are, frankly speaking, spitting out stupid citizens who are more concerned about global warming and gender studies than getting a real job with lifelong benefits so they can support themselves.

But lastly, I hope our next President is less about being brash and more about being calm, and not giving the media an opportunity to lambast him/her at every point. Politics has become a joke and everyone gets a finger on this one.

I am not sure who is responsible for the constant bullshit that is called news today, but the mainstream news media is doing no one any favors by turning everything into a scandal.

American media’s obsession of Trump must stop. Let him do his job, and if re-elected, let him continue to do his job. If another person is elected, let us hope that person is wise (and honest) enough to maintain those Trump policies that are working and improve upon on those points outlined above.

Despite the noise, Trump has done much swamp cleaning. More people are working, wages have risen, crime is down, less people are in poverty today, and while other countries are struggling economically, American business is robust and confident.

America deserves a president who can maintain this momentum, not “transform it” into something for purely political or ideological reasons.

We don’t need another Obama-like leader with feckless progressive policies that we know do not work, we another Trump – minus the three-ring-circus who understands that when left alone, Americans thrive.

In the movie “As Good As It Gets,” Helen Hunt’s character Carol exclaims at the end of the movie “why can’t I have just have normal?!”

I want normal, maybe even boring, but with a steady hand and a leader who truly represents mainstream America, not extreme.

We deserve that, don’t we?

James Watkins is a media consultant, author and host of the podcast Speaking Out.

Shhh. Tulsi Gabbard May Be The Winning Ticket The DNC Doesn’t Want You To Know About

By James R. Watkins, Contributing Editor

The DNC (and the establishment media) seems to favor three specific candidates as their choice to go up against President Trump next year, namely, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Kamala Harris.

Strange that these three choices are just shades of the same extremism, degrees really, starting with the really radical Sanders, followed by the somewhat radical Elizabeth Warren, and the still slightly less radical, but enough of a socialist to get the nod.

Kamala Harris might not be the picture perfect socialist, but she has a record of being all about socialist giveaway programs (she is from California, so duh), and especially is she willing to sell her soul for a few votes, which the DNC loves.

Don’t tell the DNC, but it appears from the last two debates that Representative Tulsi Gabbard is pulling ahead and she may be the best keep secret for the DNC, so secret that they don’t even know about it.

Let me count the ways

On Drudge and Breitbart she pulled as the top finisher in both online polls among of over 50,000 online voters. Isn’t it interesting that Gabbard is viewed as highly-favorable by both Republicans and Independents, which tells me that Democrats who aren’t WOKE and radicalized probably do like her as well.

Representative Gabbard is articulate in her points. Her policies from the beginning were well defined. In the first debate she immediately brought up foreign affairs and had a policy strategy that was clearly defined, no one else even came close. Her views on handling illegal immigration weren’t pandering, but sounded somewhat reasonable (and she did not attack Trump, as did the others).

She is good on the eyes. More on that in a moment.

She is female (duh), which the DNC has been clamouring for, even willing to take HIllary in 2016 just to achieve the first-female-president milestone.

She is a veteran, which exudes a kind of true-grit patriotism even Democrats love.

She comes from a fairly Democratic State (Hawaii).

She is a moderate (which makes up the majority of the Democratic party, in case anyone forgot).

She made mincemeat out of Kamala Harris, which means she is a sagacious fighter.

She is probably somebody Joe Biden would love to hug over and over, not that it matters, but she would probably get the male vote anyway.

I’m not even a Democrat and I found Gabbard to be proficient on domestic affairs, tough but practical on foreign affairs, perfectly patriotic and not in the least bit condescending.

In other words, were it not for the fact the that Left wants to elect a true Leftist president, Gabbard, in theory, should be the ideal Democratic candidate. She checks off all of the boxes and could probably steal a number of never-Trumper White female conservatives.

And speaking of Trump, it is interesting to note that on the morning after the 2nd debate, President Trump named off everyone he thought was weak in the debates – but failed to mention Gabbard (I can just see Trump watching the debates in the oval office with his feet up on the table as he almost falls out of his leather seat reaching furiously for the intercom asking his assistant to “pull me some date on Tulsi Gabbard, NOW please…”)

Before you start ganging up on me for being whatever that phrase is that I can’t ever spell, remember that charm and good lucks go along way in politics. If you don’t believe me, just ask Kennedy, Reagan, Clinton and Obama if they think charm and good lucks gives one privilege in a society that worships pretty faces (OK, so Reagan wasn’t that cute, but boy, did he have charm).

Representative Gabbard, with all do respect, is exactly what the DNC needs: A female-minority-veteran-moderate democratic political figure who exudes confidence that our country is worthy of all of the patriotism you can throw at it, but also seems authentically concerned with the lesser-privileged in our society, the ones who are truly without a voice and don’t need lip-service. And I also don’t get the sense she will be going on a apology tour anytime soon if she is elected president.

Does Gabbard have all of the executive qualifications? Who knows, but at least she “feels” like she hasn’t been corrupted – yet – by the swamp, but then again, it could just be that I am being distracted by her charmingly good looks AND brains.

She will be interesting to watch. What I fear is most predictable is that the folks over at Establishment Media will marginalize her as long as possible so that Sanders-Warren-Harris can stay in the spotlight, which is fine because neither of those candidates have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting enough democratic votes to beat Trump in November 2020.

Good Luck Tulsi. Your fight with the Establishment Media-sponsored DNC might just be your biggest battle. You will need it.

James Watkins is a media consultant and former national talk show hos follow Jim on Twitter @candidlyspeaking62

Avoid The BS: A Survivor’s Guide To The 2020 Elections

As we prepare for the 2020 elections, just a few reminders of what to remember as the candidates (all of them, from both parties) spew whatever bullshit they spew for the next 18 months to get your vote:

1) Whatever they promise you, don’t believe them. They are simply trying to buy your vote. Whether its slave reparations, making guns illegal, making the rich pay, paying off your school loan, fight for income inequality, or whatever it is they promise they will do for you, don’t believe it. It’s a crock of shit and the political hacks do it every time and we supposedly fall for it. Don’t.

2) The mainstream news media wants to pick the winners and the losers because of who they want to win. They tried to do it with Hillary, but she was such a weak candidate and they underestimated that people just didn’t trust Hillary enough to vote for her (and who would?). Trump ran an exciting campaign and it paid off.

3) Watch for the mudslinging. The ads are created by various groups who are not accountable to anyone, so they can spread misinformation at will and stretch the truth (or falsity) at will. To make matters worse, remember what Goebels said when he ran the propaganda machine for Hitler in Germany – people will believe any lie if you repeat it enough times, and they will, or at least enough will, to sway an election.

4) There are literally millions of people who will make any justification to rid themselves of Trump, which means hatred is now justification for political smearing and unethical behavior. Remember the Access Hollywood tapes? How many times did we see it, thousands. Did it work? kind of. I can still see it my head today, and you can count on this tape, and many others since Trump took office, will be used to convince you that Trump is “pathological,” a “criminal” and a hoaxer who isn’t qualified to be president – again.

5) Social Media will be the arm of the Democratic (or Social-Democratic) party. We know that Google, Yahoo and Twitter can’t stand Trump, and we also know these social media platforms are biased in curating news, so just know that you will be seeing mis-represented information coming from every snowflake on the planet who sits behind a desk in front of a computer and has a Facebook or other social media account.

6)  Misleading poll numbers. Don’t believe any of it. Polls are not only unreliable, but the people change minds daily. Remember, every poll in American had Hillary predicted to win in 2016, and the Democrats taking back both houses in Congress in 2018 (remember the Blue Wave?). But polls are like popularity contests and there are a significant number of voters who are, shall we say, are “safe-betters” who like to vote on the perceived winner. Again, until election day, all polls are merely whims of the moment, and we know that many Trump supporters who wish to avoid controversy will hide their support until they get into the voting booth, especially if Trump’s economy has helped them.

7) Sadly, Trump doesn’t like to lose, so it is my hope that he won’t do what many presidents do when they think they might lose; they start some crisis (like a possible war) or create some crisis that only they can solve – if they win re-election.

Since we know the Democrats will stop at nothing to win and should be viewed as such, we would be foolish to believe otherwise about Trump. He is the consummate competitor, and for the sake of our Republic, and I hope whoever wins, wins fair and square.

A person can dream, can’t they?