Kamala Harris Is Obama 2.0

She is devious, an unscrupulous political adversary without guile, and fierce, all of which she would consider positive attributes. Many of you forget that way, way back about 9 months ago there was an article that clearly stated Senator Kamala Harris was being groomed by the California Democratic political power brokers for that day when … Continue reading Kamala Harris Is Obama 2.0

The Brownshirts are coming: Why even passive Liberals need to be worried

Everyone knows who the Brownshirts are; in France they were French Nazi sympathizers who gladly supported socialism when Hitler invaded France and took over. In Germany, it was the Brownshirts who were Hitler’s loyal and private party enforcers who promoted the NAZI party (Socialists). The NAZI party may seem opposite of BLM and Antifa, but they … Continue reading The Brownshirts are coming: Why even passive Liberals need to be worried

The Healing Must Begin

History doesn’t lie.  It is absolutely true that less than two-hundred years ago black people were bought and sold and it was a perfectly legal transaction. It is absolutely true that humanity is capable of doing such horrible things to his fellow human.  What also is tragic is that for thousands of years Africans sold … Continue reading The Healing Must Begin

Major U.S. Media is Now Under the Control of the CCP

Comcast is the parent company of Universal, or NBC Universal. Comcast also owns a majority of cable boxes in millions of American homes; they control vast channels on your cable, both in your home and where the content is produced: on the lots of Universal Studios, Paramount, and in Rockefeller Center in New York. Parent … Continue reading Major U.S. Media is Now Under the Control of the CCP

Trump’s Secret Weapon

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Every single Trump supporter is lying about who they will vote for president, and this is why all of the pollsters are going to be in for a big shock come November. This is war. Today, Biden leads by 12 points. Yes! Trump is on … Continue reading Trump’s Secret Weapon

Why the Chinese are Like The Borg

Resistance is Futile

Why Do We Have Statues?

We put up statues to celebrate human beings in our past whom we revere. Man has always venerated his ancestors. The Greeks erected statues of their Gods, the Romans of theirs, in most parts of the world and in most cultures, there are statues and monuments that venerate those who glorified the local or regional … Continue reading Why Do We Have Statues?

A Cure for COVID Right Under Our Noses

A Common Childhood Vaccine May Help Treat Coronavirus Friday, June 19, 2020 12:30 PM By: Lynn Allison | Newsmax A team of U.S. researchers says that giving people a booster shot of the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine may help prevent COVID-19 and perhaps reduce the severity of the disease. The MMR vaccine has … Continue reading A Cure for COVID Right Under Our Noses

The Other George Floyd

I’m going to tell you how it's going to end. Today we have huge marches going into day 14 since the first riots and protests over the death of George Floyd. We have all seen the video probably at least 300 times per person, which means 30 billion times the George Floyd video was seen … Continue reading The Other George Floyd

“Systemic Racism” Is A Racist Term

Do we really believe there is such a thing as systemic racism? It’s a term that was created (by the Left) that states racism as a behavioral phenomena, is part of our character unwillfully decided, inherent to our character as a people predispostioned to such behavior. That’s a clinical way of saying all white people … Continue reading “Systemic Racism” Is A Racist Term

The Invasion

Jim Watkins | Commentary Anyone who saw the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers knows the premise. Pods take over humans minds. In their sleep, they become controlled by the body-snatching and mind controlling entities that turns people into lock-in-step communists who believe in the greater good, and that only good can come from everyone … Continue reading The Invasion

Has Covid-19 Peaked?

I will make no claim other than I am using science to display how COVID 19 may be fading fast, at least in most developed countries. The jury is still out on Brazil, India, and Russia, but the statistics show that what we have seen in the early countries that were hard hit by the … Continue reading Has Covid-19 Peaked?

George Floyd Died Because of 50 Years of Democratic Policy

How did we get to the point in the U.S. where there is a huge divide over racial equity in our nation, a pluralist nation where Black and White have coexisted for 400 years? There can be no question that from the day of Emancipation to the day the Civil Rights Act was passed 10 … Continue reading George Floyd Died Because of 50 Years of Democratic Policy

Could We Go To War?

James Watkins ] Editor We could. Just like we did in 1941 when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.  By then millions of Jews had already been killed. There were concentration camps throughout Europe; there were weird experiments being conducted on people by German doctors, not to mention Russia, which was already a Communist state, was busy … Continue reading Could We Go To War?

Why China Must Be Stopped

China is to be feared because they seek to dominate and they are currently exporting tyranny through control with technology they have been stealing from the U.S. for 40 years. This is what they do. And they will never stop until the control everything. Let's review...

The Decline of America

A totalitarian government is asserting itself. By sheer numbers, China may already be victorious, but in its ideology, many people in Western democracies are even now choosing if they want that kind of surveillance, state, censorship driven, toeing- the-line civilization modeled after a godless-Government-controlled society, or the one we have now, the one that allows … Continue reading The Decline of America

There is No Good Choice

James Watkins |Editor It’s like this for most Americans. We are frustrated because we know that as we shelter-in-place and social distance, the spread of coronavirus is controlled; we save lives. We have seen that our medical centers and hospitals can handle even a worst case scenario like the one we witnessed in the tri-State … Continue reading There is No Good Choice


Opinion by Lee Habeeb | Newsweek A popular nail salon in the small Mississippi town where I live let its customers know it was reopening last week. Things would be different, the salon announced, as it adjusted to new safety protocols. What would not change, it promised, was the great service. Within hours, the salon … Continue reading THE MEDIA IS DRIVING A FALSE NARRATIVE OF LIFE VS. THE ECONOMY

Zinc-Hydroxychloroquine Combination Effective in Some COVID-19 Patients: Study

Courtesy The Epoch Times Treating COVID-19 patients with zinc in addition to hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin led to a higher rate of discharge from hospitals and a lower likelihood of dying, according to a new study. Researchers at New York University’s School of Medicine reviewed records from roughly 900 patients with COVID-19, the disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus. … Continue reading Zinc-Hydroxychloroquine Combination Effective in Some COVID-19 Patients: Study

50% of All Covid-19 Deaths Are in Nursing Homes

James. R Watkins In what is being called a staggering new statistic, a new study delves into the number of COVID-19 related deaths in each State, and where they are occurring. We already know that older people are at much greater risk of dying from Coronavirus; we also know that people with serious underlying health … Continue reading 50% of All Covid-19 Deaths Are in Nursing Homes