Major U.S. Media is Now Under the Control of the CCP

Comcast is the parent company of Universal, or NBC Universal. Comcast also owns a majority of cable boxes in millions of American homes; they control vast channels on your cable, both in your home and where the content is produced: on the lots of Universal Studios, Paramount, and in Rockefeller Center in New York. Parent company Comcast is a $263-billion dollar-a-year media giant.

NBC News/Universal reaches about 20 million viewers per week (all of their network and Cable news combined). They also produce billions of dollars worth of movies every year that also have to play in China in order to be profitable, so all caution is made not to offend the Chinese people.

But what happens when a major U.S. media giant acquiesces to the CCP and promotes their propaganda on their behalf? It says that our major news media is being influenced by a country whose mission is to undermine U.S. stability. An instructional Coronavirus-for-Dummies video disguised as reputable news story on NBC Nightly News is a perfect example of how the CCP displays it influence in Western Media.

Below is a ‘news packet’ from a reporter stationed in Beijing (who I have never heard of), who just happens to be grabbing wonderfully clean video of spectacular efforts being done by the China government to maintain control of a recent outbreak.

Watch for yourself. It’s a beautiful piece. Ever shot is pristine, every person is in their proper place, all things orderly; no effort was wasted to make sure this was a clear message: We are better than you.

It is almost too obvious that this news update is nothing more than a how-to video that shows China clearly has no issue maintaining peace and order, juxtaposed by the three preceding stories showing how America is NOT coping very well with COVID. That’s the unconscious message, and it was bought and paid for by your friends at NBC News/Comcast/Universal/CCP:

Propaganda story placed by the CCP that aired in primetime on NBC Nightly News on Monday, January 29, 2020

Think for a moment how this story came to be.

Two weeks ago The Epoch Times alerted the West that Beijing, the nation’s capital and home to most of the ruling members of the CCP (the elite who run China), had an outbreak of new COVID 19 cases. The city went into lockdown, just like in Wuhan. Testing was everywhere, and it wasn’t a huge outbreak, compared to say Wuhan or New York, but it did have Beijing on edge, so what was needed was a Western hit-piece showing how good China is at handling this pandemic.

Someone from the CCP sends a memo to someone who handles the American media in Beijing, floats a story to the regional NBC Bureau chief in Beijing and is handed details from the Chinese government on how things are going with the outbreak. But instead of the reporter actually doing the story, she gets handed a packet and says “here’s your story. All you have to do is report it (or else you can go home now).

And it’s off to Rockefeller Plaza.

Kate Snow is handling anchor duties, not Lester Holt. Lester, who, as you know, was humiliated last year for getting caught doing a propaganda piece for the North Koreans.

So who decided to run the Beijing story? Was it news? was it sourced and confirmed? We all know that China has never been truthful about the true cases and deaths in China, so why on earth would NBC readily accept this story based only on Chinese sources who are not, on their own, trustworthy or even verifiable?

It happened because the CCP has infiltrated the Western media. Monday’s broadcast proves just how much progress the CCP has made in having direct U.S. influence.

Watch the video, Watch it again. Its so perfect. Too perfect. And that’s the point.

When Rome falls I hope these bastards in the NBC booth are put on trial for sedition, because they deserve to be imprisoned.

Shame on you NBC/Universal/Comcast/CCP/Soros.


One day later I saw this video featuring the same reporter, Janice Mackey Frayer, who filed Monday’s CCP-sponsored news piece. Turns out that months previous, the same reporter filed a special report about her being reunited with her family (they live in China) after being quarantined. One wonders what the messaging here might be for said reporter. Here’s that video:

Could We Go To War?

James Watkins ] Editor

We could. Just like we did in 1941 when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. 

By then millions of Jews had already been killed. There were concentration camps throughout Europe; there were weird experiments being conducted on people by German doctors, not to mention Russia, which was already a Communist state, was busy starving its own people. 

Then of course you had an overzealous leader who wanted to dominate in order to grow his empire of control.

Was the Wuhan Virus a planned attack to demoralize the U.S., causing the U.S (and world) economy to tumble and to have all of this cause Trump to go away so that China can get its footing back with a less pushy U.S. President? 

Let’s look at the facts:

CCP knew about the virus as early as December 5th. That’s when Dr. Li Wenliang was put under house arrest after notifying fellow doctors in Wuhan about an unknown virus, and who later died on February 7th, 2020, eight weeks after he first treated a patient who had the virus (possible patient Zero), a tech worker from the BS-4 Lab in Wuhan who may have been exposed to a new variant of SARS.

440,000 people flew out of Wuhan each week from December 5th to December 31. Six weeks later people in the U.S. Italy, France, Germany and Spain began showing signs of COVID19, and yet Beijing did not admit the Coronavirus was humanly transmissible until January 21, after they had already sent a delegation to the White House to sign a trade deal they absolutely hated.

Now, 105,000 deaths later un the United States, now left with a debilitated economy, and China still has not allowed the CDC to investigate what caused the virus and where it came from. We also know The World Health Organization withheld information until January 23, when they finally admitted human-to-human transmission, something the CCP knew in December, back when they began hoarding ventilators, masks and medicine so the world would have to beg China for help when the pandemic went global.

Pretty obvious that China doesn’t really care how the world views them because it think it doesn’t have to.

Now, China is taking down Honk Kong, amassing troops at the Nepal/India border to take the region from India, thus expanding its Northwest Asian presence, and as well making aggressive moves towards Taiwan and building military outposts throughout the South China Sea, which they assert belongs to them, thus taking control of major international shipping lanes.

Oh, and let’s not forget the ten million or so prisoners being held in concentration camps where they are being tortured, brainwashed and in many cases, being harvesting of organs if they are Falun Gong and Uyghur Muslims.

Xi makes Hitler look bush league comparing China’s actions in 2020 compared to Germany in 1938.

So here you have largest country on the planet asserting itself, stealing tech, exporting totalitarian tools for other tyrants to utilize (for their allegiance to the CCP), and oh yes, let’s not forget the DNA stuff they apparently are messing with to produce designer babies (did you forget that story a few months back?).

Look folks, you can call it cold war if you wish, but cold wars get warm, and there is no reason to believe that if Xi doesn’t get what he wants through deceptive diplomacy, he will take by force.

Wars, by the way, are useful. Nothing like a good war to rejuvenate an economy, galvanize a people around a common enemy, put people back to work, stabilize an evil dictator, and last but not least, guarantee a re-election (because no president has ever lost re-election during War Time).

Sorry Rosie, it looks like four more years.

The question isn’t whether we are at war with China, because we are. Th more important question remains: is our nation is ready to fight for moral principles against a nation that will do anything to anyone to control them, including us. China will not stop until America has been defeated.

Anyone who denies this is naive.

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Over 100,000 People in Florida County Likely Had CCP Virus: Study


More than 100,000 residents in Miami-Dade County, Florida, may have been infected with the CCP virus, according to new results from antibody testing done by the county.

Two weeks of testing showed 6 percent of participants had antibodies against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, a novel coronavirus that emerged from mainland China last year.

Extrapolated countywide, 165,000 residents would have been infected with the virus, which causes a disease called COVID-19. If true, the actual number of infections is 16.5 times higher than the number of cases confirmed through testing sites and local hospitals.

“We believe that our data sheds new light on what is happening in our community,” Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Giménez said during a press conference on Friday.

Miami-Dade County officials said they’re 95 percent certain the true amount of infection is between 4.4 percent and 7.9 percent of the population, or between 123,000 and 221,000 residents.

About 1,800 people have been tested so far through the testing program, which is ongoing. The initial 400, tested during a pilot phase, were not counted in the total. Along with testing on new people, officials plan on conducting follow-up tests on people who tested positive for antibodies.

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine researchers are working with the county on the program.

Antibody tests measure proteins in the body that are produced when people are exposed to the CCP virus. If people have antibodies, they were infected with the virus but have since recovered. They may be immune to reinfection. That is still being explored by researchers.

The results from Florida are similar to recent antibody testing conducted elsewhere, including in New York.

Recent antibody testing there found a 13.9 percent infection rate, including 21.2 percent among New York City residents.

More than half of the people who tested positive to antibody screening showed no symptoms in recent weeks, Giménez said. According to a growing body of evidence, a number of people who contract the CCP virus show no symptoms but can still transmit the illness to others.

The mayor said social distancing measures will need to remain in place during phased reopenings, such as maintaining 6 feet of distance from others and using masks or other face coverings.

“We want to get back to normal, but we can only do so if people take personal responsibility and follow the rules,” he said.

Are We at War With China (And We Just Don’t Know it)?

by James R. Watkins

Has it occurred to anyone that we may be in a war with China, or more correctly, the Chinese Communist Party?

This is what happened, and I have reputable source information.

Sometime in the Fall at the Wuhan Bio-Safety Lab 4 a technician or medical worker had been bitten by a bat, one of 600 bats that were being subjected to testing of a SARS- like virus CCP had secured in 2009 from Winnepeg, Canada from a scientist who, oddly enough, died of a heart attack in Nairobi, Kenya on Jan 21, the same day China admitted human-to-human transference of this novel coronavirus that they, the CCP says came from a wet market nearby that sold wildlife, including bats.

Wuhan SEafood and Wifl Animal Market | AFR

Now, this is not confirmed, but apparently it is common practice for bio research labs, to save a few bucks, to dispose of animals when no longer needed. They are supposed to cremate the animals, but it is costly to do so, and if there is a buck to be made, why not sell livestock to a nearby market? This may be how the virus got into the market, but that is not how the virus started.

The tech or medical worker who got bit got a fever and went to a nearby clinic and was diagnosed by a doctor on December 1, and five days later the report came back with an unknown virus similar to SARS. The doctor who treated the patient from the Wuhan Lab got it,  then gave it to his wife, who died later. That same doctor,  was Dr. Li Wenliang, who then posted his report online to his 7 or 8 colleagues, who were all silenced by the CCP to refrain from discussing the new virus. This was in the 2nd week of December as more and more people started coming to hospitals in Wuhan with fever and respiratory problems.

Dr. Li Wenliang after contracting COVID-19 | Courtesy AFR

Wenliang died from COVID 19 and was later touted as a hero, but had been put under house arrest until his death to keep quiet about the virus. The CCP knew then, as early as the 2nd week of December, there was something amiss. Perhaps they didn’t know right away the virus had gotten out of the lab, but they would have known there was such a virus being tested in thier own lab in Wuhan, a mere 1.7 km from the seafood market.

They, the CCP were probably alerted when Dr Wenliang posted his comments online. But the ineptitude came as people in Wuhan were freely allowed to travel for several weeks, carrying the virus first to places like Iran and Italy, where there was robust travel and business dealings, then eventually through Europe to the U.S., and here we are now 60 days later with 20,000 dead in the U.S. and 500,000 infected.

In cannot be underscored that this virus came from Wuhan; the CCP knew for at least 30 days there was human to human transmission. The question becomes did they deliberately delay action as a declaration of war, knowing the virus would spread to the U.S. and cripple our economy?

Or, perhaps because the Chinese economy was about to crumble, thanks to the huge economic power of the US, and the Chinese were seeking retribution being forced to sign a deal on trade they didn’t want to sign (which was signed on Jan 16 in DC with a four member team of delegates from Beijing)?

Who can speculate?

But if this virus was the product of the #CCP, it becomes a question of intent, and if it was inentional, it was and is an act of war.

The world may actually be in World War III and we may not even know it. Some leaders may be aware, just not the masses – yet.

Once this realization starts to percolate among the masses the question we will all ask is “just how big of a threat is China?” and how do we, a group of civilized nations, grapple with the CCP moving forward?

US Coronavirus Infection Map Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020 | Courtesy Johns Hopkins University of Medical Studies

The answer is that the CCP must be destroyed as a ruling party of China, or it must change from within by the good people of China, who deserve far better from their government.

Wuhan Residents Line Up for Hours to Buy Graves for Loved Ones

(Courtesy: Breitbart News –

Residents in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the coronavirus outbreak originated, have been forced to queue up for hours this week to organize proper burials for their loved ones who died as a result of the pandemic.

After 63 days of lockdown, the city’s risk level was recently reduced to “medium,” meaning families are now allowed to collect the urns of their loved ones and organize a proper burial after being forced to skip the funeral service. The Epoch Times reports that relatives of the deceased have had to queue for hours merely to collect the ashes from the various funeral homes. Photos outside the homes showing long lines of people were shared tens of thousands of times across Chinese social media, although they were eventually deleted by the country’s internet censors.

Bodies lie outside Wuhan crematorium waiting to be identified by family members. – Courtesy Daily

One netizen, named Mr. Lui, explained the situation outside the funeral homes and the lack of respect shown to the deceased:

The relatives were anxious. Most people are still restricted from going out. You have to pick up the ashes, in accordance with the community’s request. The community centers arranged cars to pick you up. There is also a risk of infection in the car. Once the funeral homes hand you the ashes, their job is done and they don’t care for anything else. It is very likely that there were too many urns there and no space to store them. So, it was necessary to inform the families to take them away.

The scenes outside funeral homes have increased skepticism about the reported death toll, which many believe has been understated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), an organization infamous for industrial-scale dissemination of lies and misinformation. Another Wuhan citizen, named Mr. Zhang, laid out his theory online:

The community center orders you to get the ashes. Afterward, you have to prepare everything else. Just exactly how many Wuhan residents have died from the virus if the line at the cemetery is so long? China’s official media reported over 3,000 coronavirus deaths. I think the real figure is at least ten times the official figure, and even 100 times is not impossible.

According to official data as of Thursday afternoon, at least 81,589 had contracted the virus nationwide, leading to 3,318 deaths. This means that China, with its population of 1.386 billion, has fewer cases than Germany, Spain, Italy, and the United States.

China insists that life in Wuhan is now returning to normal following the reported slowing of infection rates, with all lockdown restrictions scheduled to be lifted on April 8th. At the peak of the quarantine, around 56 million people in the city and the surrounding Hubei province were forced to self-isolate while all travel was suspended.
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