Trump’s Secret Weapon

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

Every single Trump supporter is lying about who they will vote for president, and this is why all of the pollsters are going to be in for a big shock come November.

This is war.

Today, Biden leads by 12 points. Yes! Trump is on his way out, right? Except that Trump supporters want you to think that Biden is ahead. Call it magical, call it a group-consciousness kind of thing, call it strategy, but whatever it is, it is going to be a shocking spectacle come November when Trump beats Biden by 5 to 10%. 

You heard me right. Despite every single poll showing Biden ahead by double digits, Trump wins an easy victory because every pollster was lied to by every Trump supporter. Trump supporters are smart enough to figure out that if they conceal their real intentions when asked who they are voting for, this will confound the enemy, sending them away believing they are victorious; you’ve hoodwinked the entirety of the progressive-democratic establishment by letting them think they have a victory beforehand, letting them think they are being effective at turning us against our president, letting them think that Joe us going to slide into an easy victory, only to be humiliated alongside the rest of the deep -State establishment.

Trump supporter knows we are at war, and during war, you can never let the enemy know what you are doing or thinking, so you lie to them, you tell them when they call that you hate Trump, you tell them Joe is your guy, because you know if you tell them they will believe you.

Trump voters witnessed a great economy. We saw it happened because Trump did exactly what he said he would do: lowered taxes, bringing jobs back the U.S., worked better trade deals, increased jobs and raised wages across every sector of the U.S. population, restoring small business confidence along the way (something Obama failed to do in eight years). We saw it. We saw our country come back to life!

We experienced it for the first time in our life, aa president who actually fulfills his promises – and they actually work! It’s a cautionary tale for every future Republican President (hint Marco Rubio and Rick Scott).

We also witnessed an out-of-control media trying to take down a president because he wasn’t politically correct or ‘proper;’ alongside a deep-State apparatus trying to take shape the country in their own image. We saw how the Left tried to conduct a coup de tat against a duly elected sitting president, and still, Trump was able to fight back. 

Trump is the Rocky Balboa of the modern conservative movement in this country. We know who the enemies are: The Media, China, The Left, the Globalist, the Apollo Creeds Established Champs who insist on holding on to power while Trump keeps getting back up and keeps swinging back, striking them with political blows that break them piece by piece.

This is what makes Trump appealing to those who support him, a guy who fights back and does what he says he will do. 

And this is why the pollsters will hear every single Trump supporter tell them they will not be voting for Trump.   Don’t be surprised if the Joe Biden gap widens to 20% as a sign that Trumpsters’ are solidified in their effort to deceive and create a false sense of security. A beautiful strategy really, to get the enemy on false-footing, making it much easier for them to lose their equilibrium.  We want the humiliation just like the one we got in 2016; we want the Left to believe they have an easy victory, and we want them crying on their knees the morning after Election Day. 

It will be a sweet victory indeed. 

Memo To Donald J. Trump

This is one of those articles I struggled with in deciding whether or not I wanted to publish it. The headline changed. First it was, “Why I think Trump Will Lose,” to the more acerbic, “Why I want Trump to Lose.”

If you were able to put all of the Trump hatred in a bottle, you would have an atom bomb. 

Here is a short list of who would like to see Trump go in November:

1.Deep State (almost all federal employees who have career jobs with the federal government)

2. Celebrities

3. Young people

4. All democrats

5. China

6. The UN

7. Germany

8. France

9. Canada



12. ACLU

13. CAIR

14. Bashar al-Assad

15. Vladimir Putin

16. Everyone in my family

17. Everyone in your family that doesn’t talk to you

Now, here are those who want Trump to stay:

1. People who despise all of the above.

If I were Trump, I would let it go. I wouldn’t try too hard to win re-election. There is just too much hate, and besides, do you really want to deal with four more years of being shit on by every person you know? Why would you put your family through this? You desrve better.

You built the greatest economy of any president. Now, because you were distracted by an impeachment, the Chinese exploited this weakness and gave us a virus that undid all you accomplished, and then some. And don’t think for a moment it wasn’t welcomed by your political enemies, who have always loved their country less than they hate you.

Let Joe have this one and let the world see just how weak and ineffective he is and how much a weak and ineffective leader can destroy a country quickly (and it will happen even faster if he chooses – and I believe he will– Kamala Harris, America’s first sort of, but not really African -er Indian-American women to ever assume the leadership of the country only months after being sworn in as Vice President).

Let the progressive Left have their spoils and watch it burn to the ground.

Let our rights evaporate faster than a country fearing a pandemic.

Let the Chinese continue screwing us until we are all speaking Mandarin.

Let the European nations fall to the Muslim uprising, while Antifa burns London to the ground.

Let Iran build their bombs and destroy Israel while the Palestinians and the Hollywood Left celebrate the fall of the chosen people, the first monotheistic faith ever to exist, wiped from the face of earth.

Let the socialists destroy America’s wealth and let them create a true welfare-state where we can all enjoy true equality, a nation where everyone lives just above the proverty line for the “greater good.”

And finally, let them see what America looks like in 20 years when every institution that represented a liberty-loving nation has been utterly destroyed for being a racist reminder of the now re-written past.

In short, let history show that you were the last effective president we had before the American Empire burned to the ground because people just couldn’t handle freedom and liberty.

And when the day comes, I can’t wait for you to give one more glance at the crowd as you utter those oh, so famous words, “You’re fired, and I give you your next global leader, Joe Biden!”

Thank you Mr. President. You did a helluva job.

If There Was One Thing I Could Change About Trump…

For the most part Trump and I see eye to eye on policy. I applaud many great achievements that have come from his administration despite the enormous deep-state pushback. History will be much kinder to Donald Trump than the current crew of radicalized democrats whom I will mostly see in hell.

I know he is a business man and I remember his show The Apprentice. He really is consistent. He hasn’t changed since the days of Oprah when she interviewed the New York mogul back in the 80’s. 

I disregard Trump’s personal flaws because they are human flaws. We all have flaws.

I keep myself amused by the idea that any moment now Trump is going to rip off his mask and reveal that he really is Jesus, and he just wanted to see how the world would treat “the lesser among us” in reference to the famous exhortation, “How unfairly you treat the least among your brethren you also treat me.”

Trump is rough around the edges when it comes to expressing his ideas. He stumbles, doesn’t complete sentences, often merges several ideas into one meandering thought, of which bears repeating or further clarification. It is clear Trump’s mind works much faster than his lips, but it doesn’t mean that he is ignorant. George W. Bush was not ignorant, but he, too, suffered from the inability to articulate clearly. 

Trump isn’t alone. People in general don’t communicate clearly. Mostly due to the lack of having a proper vocabulary; many people are, in fact, horrible at expressing themselves because they operate somewhere just above being illiterate, thanks to public education deficiencies. But in the office of the Presidency, articulation is everything, unfortunately.


Here are some tips Trump would be well-advised to starting using when he speaks before an audience:

  1. Remove the word “I” and replace it with “We.” Everybody brags but when Trump does it is comes across as arrogant. Someone once told me there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance; Confidence attracts, arrogance repels. “We” beings everyone in, “I” sets you apart.
  2. Finish your thoughts, and don’t rush. It’s your audience to control, keep them hanging and when you are about to not be able to explain something, simply pause, and insert, “as I said just a few days ago,” (Obama’s favorite trick) and then continue with your statement. Here is an example:

“I did shut down travel from China once we knew —, as I said before (pause) if you remember—, that it was human to human transmission, you understand?”

You see. Right at about the time you might veered off and started ad-libbing nonsensically (because you can’t exactly remember what happened in January because you were busy being impeached when the Wuhan Virus was emerging), throwing in a “as I said before” buys you time to finish your thought in your head. All politicians do it. It’s called stalling because they are making shit up.

Now, on to the power of adjectives.

3. Learn new adjectives. It appears you only use two. We need to expand in this area.





And always add the word existential whenever you use the word crisis. Progressives like those kinds of long words that they really don’t understand the meanings of.

And finally the key to bringing it all home and leaving the audience wanting more:

4. Try to always end any statement with a question so that no one can ask you a question until they answer yours first (Jim Acosta will hate this tactic). It allows you to control the conversation.

Here are some common endings to anything you say

“You follow me?”

“You hear what I am saying?”

“You understand the gravity of the situation?”

“You know what I mean, don’t you?”

So, for example, before going to a reporter (by the name of Jim Acosta or any one with MSNBC or Mary Bruce at ABC who has been tripping you up since she was attached the Hillary campaign trail since 2015) here is a typical sentence structure:

“Xi has a lot to answer for when our investigation into China is through. You understand the gravity of the situation, right Jim Acosta?” Questions?”

Or how about:

We put together a great task force that did some astonishing work, truly extraordinary efforts made by my team, you understand? (nod) And, as I said recently, there is still much work to be done, you understand the gravity of the situation, right, Jim? Questions?”

The idea here is to get people to nod their heads. Sometimes it even helps to nod your head and get people to agree with you. But with questions you ALWAYS control the conversation.


“When WE brought in Mike Pence, you understand, (nod) to oversee the revoltuionary task force to fight this existential crisis, we put together, and wonderful things got accomplished, as I said recently at a fundraising, you understand what we were facing, yes Jim? Question?”

And finally Mr. President, if you were to watch two actors that you should try to emulate to assist you with articulation, I would advise As Good As it Gets with Jack Nicholson (or “A Few Good Men” will do as well), or better yet, James Mason in the great 70’s movie The Verdict. 

Both men have the incredible ability say really simple things with exhaustive power. I am confident once you learn these few simple methods, you too, will have the press and the Democrats eating out of your hands, wouldn’t you agree Mr President?

Otherwise, you are doing a terrific job! Keep up the good work!

Jim Watkins

Author, Public Speaker, Media consultant

The Political Prophet Speaks: Looking Ahead to 2020

The Roaring 20’s. America was a great place to live. Money was flowing, cars were being built for the first time en masse, creating antecedent industries like hotels and motels, restaurants along highways, highways that sprawled from coast to coast, all of it creating America’s first real middle class. World War 1 had ended, America was the victor and we had so much money we loaned it to Europeans to help them build up their countries after the war. Jazz and movies exploded on the streets and in major cities across the great land. Silent movies had replaced Vaudeville, and talkies were on the horizon. It was also the golden age of radio, television had not just been invented. Then there was flight. More airplanes, more distance records and another industry was booming. 

In retrospect, the 1920’s were probably the most prosperous of any American decade, possibly outperformed by the 1950’s, again, right after another great war had given America another victory. The times weren’t perfect, but people felt confident and confidence is always a precursor to success.

And this is why we should enjoy these last few months before the 2020 elections. Since Donald Trump was elected, confidence has returned, jobs have come back, less regulation has spurred new business investment, small business investment has never been higher, taxes are lower for most, and there is real optimism, despite the congressional distraction of democrats who hate Trump for showing us a non-politician can actually be president.

It doesn’t matter of Trump gets re-elected. In fact, I would argue that there will be no peace in America if Trump gets re-elected. There will probably be blood on the streets. The machinations of the world media will ensure that outcome because 1) if it bleeds it leads, and 2) 95% of the media hates Trump so all hatred will be amplified to a fever pitch. The natives will get restless.

Confidence is the key, and when confidence wains, look for a run on the stocks and what lttle cash there actually is in the banks. 90% of all transactions are conducted with credit, the notion that you have credit to use, but if you try to cash out, there simply isn’t enough cash and this will, as it did in 1929, cause panic. Insecurity in the community almost always drives panic, and since the media will be complicit in fanning the flames of that panic (especially if it makes Trump look bad), we can expect the “good times” to end, and there will be a lack of confidence spreading like a flu epidemic..

I won’t say what, but with so much vitriol against President Trump, if he loses, there will be anger. If he wins there will also be anger. 

Franklin Roosevelt, despite many of his socialist policies was well-liked. He calmed fears and it help stem the depression’s effects until American could find its equilibrium (and World War 2 helped because it revived industry and put people back to work, including women). 

But Trump can’t play that card. He isn’t likable. Even his supporters admit they love many of his policies, but find it hard to like the person.

I believe history will be kind to Trump. Historians of the future will marvel at his ability to do so much in such a little bit of time. All of this is a matter of record, not opinion. 

If Trump loses, there will be a reversal to the policies that have made our government weak. Biden, Sanders or Warren will undue prosperity, because these people believe in the socialist version of ‘no child left behind.’ Their philosophy: We all need to suffer a little more to feel better about having so many poor people. That’s the message of the Democratic Left. Taxes will go up, regulations will increase and you can bet we will go back to where Obama believed we should have stayed. After all, they say, America was never great – and never will be again if the Left gets its way.

If Trump wins, there will be riots and fires and martial law and destruction. It doesn’t bode well for confidence. and without confidence, the economy will crash. So my advice: enjoy the good times while they last, because they never do, and the reckoning is coming, as it always does.

Maybe that’s why people are holding on to their cash. They can sense in their gut there is an approaching storm, just like the one that ended the Roaring 20’s.

James Watkins is a social commentator, author and host of the weekly podcast Speaking Out

What Trumps reveals about all of us

by James R. Watkins

I can’t say I like President Trump or not. I have never met him. I think if I was sitting down having dinner with him, he would do most of the talking and I would probably enjoy the conversation. People brag. Trump is a bragger.

When Trump first ran for president I held (I was doing a morning talk show at the time in Tampa, Florida), that based on resume and experience alone – and especially that he was NOT a politician, this gave Trump the edge over most of the other candidates. Trump supporters felt empowered.

I also said that this presidency for Trump is no different from his TV show The Apprentice. If you go back and watch the way Trump structured the people, the goal or objective, and the outcomes – exactly the way he runs the White House. Every challenge he faces is like he did on that show: How do we solve objective What are the choices? who is the best person for the job? It’s how he strategizes.

Someone once told me there is a fine line between confidence and arrrogance. Confidents attracts, arrogance repels. That is Trumps greatest issue. You either like and/or understand his style, or you don’t.

So now we come to outcomes.

The nice thing about Trump is that, despite the anger people have for him, America is doing extremely well right now economically and the world is benefitting from it.

Minus the noise from the media. Trump is achieving objectives. I watch the stocks every day, I stay close to business trends and also what is happening in other global economies. People should know what China is up to, and why Brexit matters. They would see that Trumps’ actions are working positively in ways that actually are improving lives and restoring confidence.

In 2008 the opposite was true.

Florida was ground zero and what started there was the real estate bubble pop that was heard around the world.

We all know what happened and it wasn’t pretty. People lost their homes, there were record bankruptcy rates, small businesses were barely scraping by or were closing altogether. Unemployment was hovering around 10%. Also erupting just under the surface was the Opioid epidemic about to explode.

Today, we have an enormous homelessness issue in every major city, drug and alcohol abuse is taking its toll as a $55-billion dollar a year medical expense for Medicare, and our leaders, instead of really focusing on helping people, are instead, busy trying to tear down a presidency, or prevent the second term of one, simply because they hate Donald Trump.

We all know the media and the internet magnifies this hatred ten-fold. I see people I know and love who are so full of rage they don’t even talk to me anymore. I know I have certainly curtailed my own words, not because I am ashamed of them, but because it is not worth the arguing.

The media, and the democrats have done a tremendously good job at fomenting the already obnoxious behavior of Trump. It’s all they obsess about, totally ignoring so much of what else is interesting and important going on in society. There is no real news, it’s all advocacy and polling.

Watching the media support the democrats non-stop attack on the president (some of it well deserved) is like the Jodie Foster movie The Accused where you have the guy in the back urging everyone to “get in on the action,” as the victim lays there getting assaulted while everyone cheers on the assailants. The hatred has become unbearable to watch.

One worry is what happens once Trump is gone.

What happens next is the democrats (including the new Leftist party) will never give up power again.

The new Democratic party will rule with an iron fist so that people like Trump never run again. It will be the first PTSD Congress and White House, and for all of those who supported Trump, you will pay. Dearly.

New laws will pass restricting our freedoms of speech, the right to defend ourselves and the right to practice our faith openly.

Our thoughts and our social media will be scrutinized. We will be marginilized. Resistance is futile!

Our money will be taken from us because the new Leftist globalist party will double, even triple our financial commitment in our renewed efforts to fight climate change, and we will pay for our sin in allowing Trump to take the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord, to the tune of hundres of millions of dollars a year- forever!

Then, the new leaders will ruin our economy to pay for increased social services, universal health care, immigration costs, etc. taxes will rise, small business will once again retreat, and we will be told this is the new normal, that America was never that great to begin with, and that white patriarchy is a racist stigma that must be eradicated, to the cheers of the New Progressives!

So the rest will be revealed as you will see, because what is happening now in California is waiting for the rest of us if we allowed Trump to be defeated.

And the darkest side of human nature is yet to be revealed.

The hatred of Trump has revealed the real moral character of the progressive Left, the corrupted media, and compromised leadership not only in Congress and in our intelligence agencies, but also in the judicary as well with activist judges. They will do and say anything to seize power.

I believe the devil loves Trump, he brings out the worst in people, and they don’t even know it.

But I do, and so do you.

The only question is: which side are you on?