Trump’s Secret Weapon

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

Every single Trump supporter is lying about who they will vote for president, and this is why all of the pollsters are going to be in for a big shock come November.

This is war.

Today, Biden leads by 12 points. Yes! Trump is on his way out, right? Except that Trump supporters want you to think that Biden is ahead. Call it magical, call it a group-consciousness kind of thing, call it strategy, but whatever it is, it is going to be a shocking spectacle come November when Trump beats Biden by 5 to 10%. 

You heard me right. Despite every single poll showing Biden ahead by double digits, Trump wins an easy victory because every pollster was lied to by every Trump supporter. Trump supporters are smart enough to figure out that if they conceal their real intentions when asked who they are voting for, this will confound the enemy, sending them away believing they are victorious; you’ve hoodwinked the entirety of the progressive-democratic establishment by letting them think they have a victory beforehand, letting them think they are being effective at turning us against our president, letting them think that Joe us going to slide into an easy victory, only to be humiliated alongside the rest of the deep -State establishment.

Trump supporter knows we are at war, and during war, you can never let the enemy know what you are doing or thinking, so you lie to them, you tell them when they call that you hate Trump, you tell them Joe is your guy, because you know if you tell them they will believe you.

Trump voters witnessed a great economy. We saw it happened because Trump did exactly what he said he would do: lowered taxes, bringing jobs back the U.S., worked better trade deals, increased jobs and raised wages across every sector of the U.S. population, restoring small business confidence along the way (something Obama failed to do in eight years). We saw it. We saw our country come back to life!

We experienced it for the first time in our life, aa president who actually fulfills his promises – and they actually work! It’s a cautionary tale for every future Republican President (hint Marco Rubio and Rick Scott).

We also witnessed an out-of-control media trying to take down a president because he wasn’t politically correct or ‘proper;’ alongside a deep-State apparatus trying to take shape the country in their own image. We saw how the Left tried to conduct a coup de tat against a duly elected sitting president, and still, Trump was able to fight back. 

Trump is the Rocky Balboa of the modern conservative movement in this country. We know who the enemies are: The Media, China, The Left, the Globalist, the Apollo Creeds Established Champs who insist on holding on to power while Trump keeps getting back up and keeps swinging back, striking them with political blows that break them piece by piece.

This is what makes Trump appealing to those who support him, a guy who fights back and does what he says he will do. 

And this is why the pollsters will hear every single Trump supporter tell them they will not be voting for Trump.   Don’t be surprised if the Joe Biden gap widens to 20% as a sign that Trumpsters’ are solidified in their effort to deceive and create a false sense of security. A beautiful strategy really, to get the enemy on false-footing, making it much easier for them to lose their equilibrium.  We want the humiliation just like the one we got in 2016; we want the Left to believe they have an easy victory, and we want them crying on their knees the morning after Election Day. 

It will be a sweet victory indeed. 

A Better Cause For Which to Fight

BLM is being hijacked. The cause for racial fairness and equity is being subverted right before our eyes.

Black Americans are being fooled and turned against their own country by the use of racial stoking, this idea that the average Black man still suffers under the boot of the oppressive White oppressor.

The forces pushing this narrative are using your anger to destroy the fabric of American society.

Your desire for justice – which is legitimate – is being subverted by forces that want America to perish because it is the only country that can prevent a globalist-socialist form of governance from asserting itself; from having world dominance in the form of economic and technological power sponsored by a form of government that has NO regard for human dignity.

If America falls the next two hundred years will belong to a totalitarian communist ideology. This doesn’t seem like a big deal right now for some who dream of equal distribution for all (an unachievable utopia), but your children and grandchildren will one day try to understand why you gave up your freedoms to a totalitarian ideology simply because you felt like there was “No Justice, No Peace!”

Justice and peace are going to look very different when America devolves into a third world country and China is left to fill in the void. When America is ruled by a mob rule mentality, you will long the better days, I promise you.

There is no way white America is going to be sympathetic to being guilty of systemic racism when they see activism disguised as anarchy destroying our cities, and watch as a nation of law and order is forced to push back against the forces who would like to see the United States fail.

If you really want to undermine your own cause of cause then don’t destroy things and do it on on CNN (they want you to). If you really want to achieve your goal of raising awareness then don’t riot and burn shit down. If you really want to show disdain for the very country that millions flock to every year because of the very abundance of freedom you are privileged to have – white or black – then go ahead, beat up on innocent people and act like a person you might see on the back of a truck waiving a AK-47 in a third world country ravaging villages. Because that is exactly what you look like.

And you are doing it to your own country.

If you want to show that you cannot handle liberty and freedom, then act like a person who wants to break the law and hurt other people. Then we will know you have failed – not because of systemic racism – but because you the individual just couldn’t handle being free.

It is not the fault of Caucasians that Black people sold their brothers and sisters into slavery as an industry for over 400 years; it is not the fault of anglo-European Americans, who themselves were escaping oppression from their own countries, were born into a society where slavery was legal and part of the existent economic system, until the deaths of over 500,000 people and an assassinated president ended it.

Most people today think about slavery with ideas gained from TV shows, cinema and books, many of which depict the very worst forms of slavery. Slavery, as a social construct, has been around for as long as human labor has been in demand. It is a bad pill to swallow, but the Black race was the last race to be enslaved as a group, but they have not been the only race that can claim victimhood status; just the most recent, and with scars that have only just begun to heal.

People don’t want the truth, they want to be victims of injustice. History isn’t injustice, it is what was and what gets us to now

If you want to have the rest of America take you seriously, then stop acting like spoiled little children. Stop acting like you don’t live in the richest country in the world that has the best of everything you could want and need, and you don’t live in fear of being dragged off by your government to get shot in the back of the head because you decided you want to hurl molotov cocktails into buildings to protest injustice.

Your very right to protest illustrates the freedoms you have that no one can take away, and it comes from American idea, the country your ancestors helped to build.

To those behind-the-scene influencers who are able to provide or coordinate financial support to the activist groups who have no interest in helping Black people in America, namely, The Open Society Foundation, Antifa UK, the CCP, The Islamic Revolutionary Guard, and the Hollywood Elite who side with these dark institutions, you will not prevail. Evil never does. Destruction will come even to your doorstep and quickly by your acts of undermine freedom and liberty in the world.

We, The United States of America, are the people of freedom, all of us. We are the nation of liberty and self-determination; we hold these truths to be self-evident that we are endowed by our creator. Those words are what make us different. America was built by the sweaty hands of both black and white, of all colors, creeds and culture. Not always willingly, but America belongs to all us who believe in her spirit. And this is a greater cause all Black Americans can fight for, it belongs to them, too. 

Take pride that you have built this awesome country. Make it better for your children and do not allow the forces of evil to undermine the faith you can have in your own country.

Those words are about spiritual freedom; we have Christ on our side because we promote godly principles rooted in spiritual realities; and we respect the human rights of our fellow men and women because it is the more noble path of humanity; children of the Most Highs who rule in the Kingdom of men; and these truths are intrinsic to our society; they are principles destined to prevail as society moves forward towards peace and goodwill, the only worthy goal of humanity.

We will prevail because good is destined to triumph.


I am strongly considering wasting some of my valuable breath on these sucker kids who think they have the world wrapped around their fingers.

I remember one time when I was thirteen I decided to run away, and just to make sure no one would come looking for me, I staged my own death in a nearby parking lot by burning a few of my clothes (which I was unable to do with a pack of matches). Yes, real stupid. After sitting at a bus stop not sure where I would go as I executed my half-baked plan, at some point I though “maybe if I just go back home and sneak inside my bedroom window, no one will ever know about my stupid idea and all the world will be one.

This is how I view the chumps in Seattle known as CHOPS/CHAZ or CHAZ CHOPS. I’m not sure they even know who they are. Obviously they couldn’t agree, either.

There is soon to come a time when some of those who are inside that six block area of downtown Seattle known as Capitol Hill (symbolic I supposed, like that time when when ISIS wanted to set up its own Caliphate in the middle of Nowhere, Syria) start to realize there is only one way out, and that is to leave quietly before anyone notices they are there and sneak back home hoping no one will notice they were gone.

In case CHAZ hasn’t noticed, sooner or later you need food, a job, a career, infrastructure, garbage pick up, a hot shower, you know, staples of civilization. It’s great to be an anarchist, but what’s the point if no one does anything for you except bring donations from local supporters who really kind of hope you calm down and go home.

These people want to have their own social order, and this video tells you all you need to know about their chances of survival. And as I see the cracks in their system, surely there are those among them who also see the same cracks, and it’s just a matter of time before they realize its over. They are allowed to exist because we –collective society – allow them to do so. After all, they are actually quarantined, they just don’t seem to know it.

The cops in this video are heroes. And they are smart. Opposite to what BLM or Antifa or CHAS/CHOPS wanted, they are simply being humored until they wake up and realize the charade is over. Sooner or later every single person in that CHAZ community is going to want to take a clean hot shower and cuddle up under a nice blanket and binge-watch Netflix.

Oh, the joys of a civilized nation.

By the way, my mom was waiting for me by the time I got home that night, and there was absolutely not one thing I did right in that grand getaway scheme, because you know, eventually you have to go home.

The Other George Floyd

I’m going to tell you how it’s going to end.

Today we have huge marches going into day 14 since the first riots and protests over the death of George Floyd. We have all seen the video probably at least 300 times per person, which means 30 billion times the George Floyd video was seen in two weeks, or roughly 2.142 millions times per day.

The cops are hated. Major cities are planning law-enforcement defunding measures while protesters, sanctioned by political leaders and the news media defending or downplaying the violence, tell the engaged where to go and what time the next riot will occur. Celebrities virtue-signaling and seeking redemption for past sins, continue to lay their souls down upon the social media guillotine ready for castration.

And now let me tell you why its going to end with an acquittal Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin when the George Floyd case is tried.

I’m looking at three specific reports, all verified that show:

1. Floyd had fentanyl and cocaine in his system when he died. When the cop gets his day in court, even a shitty lawyer will bring up the drugs in Floyd’s system, the crime he was committing, and the “if it weren’t for his actions” defense will not make Floyd look good or innocent.

2. His priors. Floyd served 5 years for a Houston 2007 home invasion and armed robbery of a pregnant women, and there is eyewitness testimony that Floyd, during the robbery, put a gun up to the victims stomach while several other guys ransacked the women’s home.

Think about all of the marches and protests going on today and who they are honoring. Do you think that, back in 2007 when Floyd was pressing a gun against a women’s unborn baby, George would have ever envisioned he would be someday be hailed as a hero and a martyr?

3. Because of his past criminal history. He had drugs in his possession at the time of his arrest, and because he was heavily intoxicated, there is simply no way any jury would convict a cop of second-degree murder, unless the trial of Officer Chauvin is just for show – or a possible setup as a precursor for the next national riot. The Minneapolis prosecutor must know the odds for a 2nd degree murder charge are slim when the victim has a long criminal history, which Mr Floyd certainly did prior to his tragic death.

George was no more innocent than most people who get arrested, and something tells me that the whole “start-over-again in Minneapolis” is simply a myth. Floyd had two convictions, a third would be 3-Strikes, which in Texas means at least 20 years for stealing a pizza. And, despite his church duties we have all been hearing about, he was still doing drugs as well as coming into contact with counterfeit twenties even after he left the Lone Star State.

None of this matters. When Not Guilty” is heard on that fateful day the riots will erupt once again when we are again faced with millions of very angry people who are holding George Floyd up as the icon of Black oppression, despite the fact that there is at least one woman in Houston, Texas who has a living 10 year-old child, and who probably feels George Floyd got exactly what he deserved.





Memo To Donald J. Trump

This is one of those articles I struggled with in deciding whether or not I wanted to publish it. The headline changed. First it was, “Why I think Trump Will Lose,” to the more acerbic, “Why I want Trump to Lose.”

If you were able to put all of the Trump hatred in a bottle, you would have an atom bomb. 

Here is a short list of who would like to see Trump go in November:

1.Deep State (almost all federal employees who have career jobs with the federal government)

2. Celebrities

3. Young people

4. All democrats

5. China

6. The UN

7. Germany

8. France

9. Canada



12. ACLU

13. CAIR

14. Bashar al-Assad

15. Vladimir Putin

16. Everyone in my family

17. Everyone in your family that doesn’t talk to you

Now, here are those who want Trump to stay:

1. People who despise all of the above.

If I were Trump, I would let it go. I wouldn’t try too hard to win re-election. There is just too much hate, and besides, do you really want to deal with four more years of being shit on by every person you know? Why would you put your family through this? You desrve better.

You built the greatest economy of any president. Now, because you were distracted by an impeachment, the Chinese exploited this weakness and gave us a virus that undid all you accomplished, and then some. And don’t think for a moment it wasn’t welcomed by your political enemies, who have always loved their country less than they hate you.

Let Joe have this one and let the world see just how weak and ineffective he is and how much a weak and ineffective leader can destroy a country quickly (and it will happen even faster if he chooses – and I believe he will– Kamala Harris, America’s first sort of, but not really African -er Indian-American women to ever assume the leadership of the country only months after being sworn in as Vice President).

Let the progressive Left have their spoils and watch it burn to the ground.

Let our rights evaporate faster than a country fearing a pandemic.

Let the Chinese continue screwing us until we are all speaking Mandarin.

Let the European nations fall to the Muslim uprising, while Antifa burns London to the ground.

Let Iran build their bombs and destroy Israel while the Palestinians and the Hollywood Left celebrate the fall of the chosen people, the first monotheistic faith ever to exist, wiped from the face of earth.

Let the socialists destroy America’s wealth and let them create a true welfare-state where we can all enjoy true equality, a nation where everyone lives just above the proverty line for the “greater good.”

And finally, let them see what America looks like in 20 years when every institution that represented a liberty-loving nation has been utterly destroyed for being a racist reminder of the now re-written past.

In short, let history show that you were the last effective president we had before the American Empire burned to the ground because people just couldn’t handle freedom and liberty.

And when the day comes, I can’t wait for you to give one more glance at the crowd as you utter those oh, so famous words, “You’re fired, and I give you your next global leader, Joe Biden!”

Thank you Mr. President. You did a helluva job.

Hey Liberal Media Assholes – Read This

Commentary | Jim Watkins

I made the comment about the rioters that they should just let it burn. I meant it figuratively.

For three months many Americans have been told to stay indoors, they have been told they have no job, no vacations or trips to the zoo or park. Stay home. Death is outside your door.

And then, right at about the same time the figures starting showing that COVID-19 was not exploding anywhere else but New York and the Tri-State area, a viral video caught the attention of the mainstream news media. And they ran with it.

Nothing drives news like a clean video of a black guy being beaten by police officers, and watching (playing) the video over and over, on top of the fact that we have all been caged up what is starting to look like for no good reason AND I have no job to go back to, makes me furious. Just like it has made millions of people furious.

The video was the last straw.

Then, mysterious groups jumped in and added more chaos to the protests, the people throwing molotov cocktail bombs and breaking into business want anarchy; they want to tear down institutions because it’s the only cause they can find. Nothing like an angst twenty-something with no life plan playing with fire.

There are other forces of course, the media whores like Rachel Maddoux, Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, and Wolf, and that is what they are, whores who have prostituted real news to the level slightly below the National Enquirer. It stopped being about the truth a long time ago.

And then there are the politicians like Kamala Harris, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters and a few mayors who love to throw the word ‘white supremacy’ around to stir things up. All of these people could care less if America burns. It was never their country to love; it was always a playground to push whatever agenda made them feel superior, as long as it was against tradition, which they despise.

I’ve lived through enough riots to know they come and they go. They let off steam because they are a reaction by a segment of people who believe they are stuck – and they are – stuck by an imperfect system that doesn’t allow for much error.

But we built this system through the leaders we voted in. If the system isn’t working, the people who make and pass the laws need to re-examine them. This is how we perfect the system as it goes along. Our system is built upon trial and error. Evolution periodically changed by revolution.

We also need to remember that what happen to George Floyd is the exception, though the frequency of seeing the video might convince you otherwise. Thousands of people break the law every single day, and 99% of the arrests go pretty smoothly. But no two are the same and an overzealous or insensitive law enforcement officer must self-check.

Even law enforcement agrees with the protestors, George Floyd died tragically and unnecessarily. But we are a nation of laws, and we have to allow that process to play itself out. That is why we are the greatest country on earth, because no one is supposed to be above the law.

When the coronavirus hit, it blew me away. I was and am still sometimes overwhelmed by what happened on a global scale, and most of us don’t realize it is still far from over. Our economy, according to Forbes, will take a decade to rebuild. Let that sink in.

But how quickly everything switched to George Floyd. In a matter of hours we went from a global pandemic that stopped a global economy in its tracks, and to riots in the streets because I Can’t Breathe

Just like that.

So yes, I am little hesitant to get all up in arms about the riots. They will pass. And the reason they will pass is because something else will come along to distract us. The media, once they sense low ratings, shifts and finds the next big event to get people riled up about. 

Or as Malcolm McLuhen stated in 1954, “the nature of a medium, the channel through which a message is transmitted, is more important than the meaning or content of the message.”

The riots therefore, are just a prop; the real story is the way the media has turned Americans, albeit temporarily, against each other with one well-orchestrated stroke, which shows how effective today’s media has become. 

And that should worry everyone.

George Floyd Died Because of 50 Years of Democratic Policy

How did we get to the point in the U.S. where there is a huge divide over racial equity in our nation, a pluralist nation where Black and White have coexisted for 400 years?

There can be no question that from the day of Emancipation to the day the Civil Rights Act was passed 10 decades later, Black suffering continued, but it took on a different form. 

Oppression has many faces.

It can also be said that while racial injustice continues, it bears further and candid examination as to why it is that black American men are incarcerated at a higher proportional rate than caucasian American men.

Poverty strikes inner-city blacks at a much higher proportional rate than caucasians simply because of the fact that there are more Blacks settled in inner cities (where there were traditionally more jobs during the 19th and 20th Century).

After the Civil Rights Act was passed, a policy that was designed to help build up Black communities by creating laws against discrimination, there was also the unlooked-for harvest of a growing Welfare State that created dependence within inner-city black communities.

More government programs were developed to aid unwed mothers where we saw a higher proportionality of younger black women having children without fathers; this in turn, disenfranchised young black men from further financial or parental involvement.

Even today, welfare recipients are “penalized” if mother and father reside in the same dwelling. And that was the key to further oppression. Instead of government programs encouraging black American families to stay together, they instead, instituted programs that drove them apart, including access to abortion clinics, increased sex education in school (which promoted promiscuity by normalizing teenage sexual behavior), and of course, more benefits were handed to unwed mothers – just enough to keep them from starving.

Meantime, strict drug laws were enacted in the 1980’s while NOT stemming the flow of drugs into inner cities, thus creating increased profits to men who had an easy way to make quick cash. Thus, the inner city gangland was created.

In the last twenty years we have seen Mexican cartels move into these areas that were once controlled by young black men.

Today’s drug wars in Chicago are a perfect example of what happens to African-American families when they have three generations of fatherless children. To ignore this reality is to refuse to address the underlying problem that has led us to where we are today.

Children from these impoverished homes, following the same cyclical path, also produce more offspring, and these offspring are the ones we see today grown up and rioting; third generation children raised in a cycle of government produced poverty, by a system that produced dependence instead of independence.

All of this has led us to the present day where again there is less opportunity with higher unemployment, along with more obstacles, more incarceration and hence, more examples of police violence now being displayed (which now has exploded thanks to smartphones and social media).

So the violence against black men, for which we are holding a national protest, stems not from the systemic racism, but instead, from an overzealous democratic government that took on the role of producing less opportunity and more dependency.

Too many Black men from 1965 to 1995 in America got lost in a system that seemingly no longer needed them and to whom the American dream was but an illusion, a sad and harsh joke.

Every study shows that a two-parent home is better for child rearing. All studies also show that parenting is good for the parents because it teaches young people (men and women) to grow up and take responsibility. There was never a time in any society when this wasn’t true, and yet for the last 50 years in this country, the paternalistic government of the United States, at the behest of mostly the Democratic Party, has quietly told the Black community, “don’t worry about the father of that child, we’ll take care of them for you.”

I have met people like George Floyd. I have welcomed people into my home who have just had horrible lives, mostly because of the impoverished conditions for which they were brought up and raised. It is difficult to break that cycle if you are a young black man who, at 19, has had a skirmish or two against the law, stuff that sticks with you and limits opportunity for achieving “the American Dream”

Today’ oppression is economic, stemming from a paternal government, who, in an attempt to make good on past sins, created a welfare-system that made single African-American mothers an unsuspecting ward of the State, while eschewing the role of the African American father.

What people really should be enraged about is the symbol of what that video of George Floyd truly represents, the video of Officer Derrick Chauvin with his knee on the neck of the black man.

George was no longer needed by society. The knee is, to me, the symbol of oppression of democratic policies that have destroyed the Black family in America.

And in a twist of irony, when the Floyd murder case is settled, once again the U.S. government will hand the children of Mr. Floyd a check and say, let us help make the pain go away for taking yet another Black American father.

Jim Watkins is the host of the Speaking Out Podcast. Watkins grew up in South Los Angeles during both Watts riots in the 1960’s and is a former resident of Los Angeles who now is a media consultant.

Could We Go To War?

James Watkins ] Editor

We could. Just like we did in 1941 when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. 

By then millions of Jews had already been killed. There were concentration camps throughout Europe; there were weird experiments being conducted on people by German doctors, not to mention Russia, which was already a Communist state, was busy starving its own people. 

Then of course you had an overzealous leader who wanted to dominate in order to grow his empire of control.

Was the Wuhan Virus a planned attack to demoralize the U.S., causing the U.S (and world) economy to tumble and to have all of this cause Trump to go away so that China can get its footing back with a less pushy U.S. President? 

Let’s look at the facts:

CCP knew about the virus as early as December 5th. That’s when Dr. Li Wenliang was put under house arrest after notifying fellow doctors in Wuhan about an unknown virus, and who later died on February 7th, 2020, eight weeks after he first treated a patient who had the virus (possible patient Zero), a tech worker from the BS-4 Lab in Wuhan who may have been exposed to a new variant of SARS.

440,000 people flew out of Wuhan each week from December 5th to December 31. Six weeks later people in the U.S. Italy, France, Germany and Spain began showing signs of COVID19, and yet Beijing did not admit the Coronavirus was humanly transmissible until January 21, after they had already sent a delegation to the White House to sign a trade deal they absolutely hated.

Now, 105,000 deaths later un the United States, now left with a debilitated economy, and China still has not allowed the CDC to investigate what caused the virus and where it came from. We also know The World Health Organization withheld information until January 23, when they finally admitted human-to-human transmission, something the CCP knew in December, back when they began hoarding ventilators, masks and medicine so the world would have to beg China for help when the pandemic went global.

Pretty obvious that China doesn’t really care how the world views them because it think it doesn’t have to.

Now, China is taking down Honk Kong, amassing troops at the Nepal/India border to take the region from India, thus expanding its Northwest Asian presence, and as well making aggressive moves towards Taiwan and building military outposts throughout the South China Sea, which they assert belongs to them, thus taking control of major international shipping lanes.

Oh, and let’s not forget the ten million or so prisoners being held in concentration camps where they are being tortured, brainwashed and in many cases, being harvesting of organs if they are Falun Gong and Uyghur Muslims.

Xi makes Hitler look bush league comparing China’s actions in 2020 compared to Germany in 1938.

So here you have largest country on the planet asserting itself, stealing tech, exporting totalitarian tools for other tyrants to utilize (for their allegiance to the CCP), and oh yes, let’s not forget the DNA stuff they apparently are messing with to produce designer babies (did you forget that story a few months back?).

Look folks, you can call it cold war if you wish, but cold wars get warm, and there is no reason to believe that if Xi doesn’t get what he wants through deceptive diplomacy, he will take by force.

Wars, by the way, are useful. Nothing like a good war to rejuvenate an economy, galvanize a people around a common enemy, put people back to work, stabilize an evil dictator, and last but not least, guarantee a re-election (because no president has ever lost re-election during War Time).

Sorry Rosie, it looks like four more years.

The question isn’t whether we are at war with China, because we are. Th more important question remains: is our nation is ready to fight for moral principles against a nation that will do anything to anyone to control them, including us. China will not stop until America has been defeated.

Anyone who denies this is naive.

The Human Report – Debut Episode Speaking Out with Jim Watkins

In this debut episode of The Human Report we take a look at eight different categories of human endeavor, sixty-three different activities common to human behavior and examine the raw data, the human footprint each day and each year as it happens, in real time. This will be a new edition to the Speaking Out Podcast, a weekly update filled with interesting information that will make you think about just how big our impact is on planet earth, and in strange way, how truly small we are in the big scheme of things.  I hope you enjoy this report. — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
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  2. Thoughts on 1984
  3. We Must Heal – Ode to a Nation
  4. What Killed the Black Man's Spirit in America
  5. Speaking Out with Jim Watkins (Trailer)

The Decline of America

The Human Report – Debut Episode Speaking Out with Jim Watkins

In this debut episode of The Human Report we take a look at eight different categories of human endeavor, sixty-three different activities common to human behavior and examine the raw data, the human footprint each day and each year as it happens, in real time. This will be a new edition to the Speaking Out Podcast, a weekly update filled with interesting information that will make you think about just how big our impact is on planet earth, and in strange way, how truly small we are in the big scheme of things.  I hope you enjoy this report. — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
  1. The Human Report – Debut Episode
  2. Thoughts on 1984
  3. We Must Heal – Ode to a Nation
  4. What Killed the Black Man's Spirit in America
  5. Speaking Out with Jim Watkins (Trailer)

A totalitarian government is asserting itself. By sheer numbers, China may already be victorious, but in its ideology, many people in Western democracies are even now choosing if they want that kind of surveillance, state, censorship driven, toeing- the-line civilization modeled after a godless-Government-controlled society, or the one we have now, the one that allows people to be free in mind, spirit and body, without the fear of being dragged away because they don’t agree with the State, the Party or the People.

Globalization is what the UN wants, and so does China. But for different reasons. 

China wants to dominate because it is has 1.4 billion people and the only way to grow is to conquer new lands and have a large industry to keep those people producing, working, like honeybees in a hive. China steals ideas, technology, patents, and makes copies, then they sell these things to underdeveloped countries, essentially infiltrating them and making them dependent on the CCP, or Chinese Communist Party, a minority group of about 92 million progressives who have controlled the country since 1949.

The Chinese citizen in the field, in the slums is no more communist than a car mechanic or a 25 year -old cashier is a Democratic of Republican. It’s not about people just trying to survive and could care less about politics, it’s about power at the top, and our country is being held by the same kind of ideology that once held the early CCP, which is the desire to rule over the working class because they (the elite) feel its the only way to control them. China doesn’t care about human rights, humans are batteries.

Europe, which is ruled by European heads-of-State, the Member-Nation elected United Nations Committee wants globalization for different reasons, They want control of commerce, they want control of energy (through Climate change policy), but like the racist colonial leaders before them, they also think entire countries can be managed, that the underdeveloped worlds, with just a little bit of management, can be civilized. But they, the EU and the UN, underestimate the undeveloped worlds, which are rife with corruption, cultural backwardness and savage religious practices that will hardly ever be “civilized” by merely sending in a few UN consultants with bags of money to “help them along.”

Europe and China have corrupted Africa with bags of money. The poor people at the bottom are still poor, and the people in charge still know how to play larger countries to give them money to fight their internecine wars. The EU and UN thinks they can mitigate this behavior and make everyone global citizens; the Chinese just want to turn these lesser nations into little bitty compliant duracell batteries.


But America. What about America? We are too busy dealing being brainwashed by a media that promotes gender and race division, HATES FREE-MARKET PROSPERITY AND IS UNDERMINING CHILDREN INTO ACCEPTING GLOBALIST POLICIES THAT UNDERMINE FAMILY AND COUNTRY to keep us pre-occupied from a world that is crumbling before our eyes, while tyranny and globalist policies that undermine nationalism grow at a frightening pace.

America may have peaked.

It was 1955. We were victorious from two World Wars, we had money, we had troops coming home and impregnating their wives, who were now chainsmoking suburban mother who went on to spoil a generation of children who, instead of taking the baton and moving forward with American greatness, instead “tuned in and dropped out,” because a nation of spoiled drug addicts shifted towards debased and unbridled liberty that has destroyed the American family unit, all egged on by a consumer-crazy media who loved to promote and prostitute itself before the alter of false progressivism.

Were it not for the final exhaustive emergence of such magnificent brain power of the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and others, America probably would have faded long ago (1977, the year Disco hit, perhaps). Were it not for our continued ideas of striving to be better because we are free to do so, we would have faded. And that is what is happening now. Most Americans are being taught this is not a great country, we are being told to be ashamed of her, to hid behind globalism because it is not right to feel superior about your country. This is what is happening now in AMERICA.

You see, when you grow up loving your country and then watch as others try to make it into just another country, you get angry.

I predict the following path. Listen to my words.

For those who are listening, Biden will win. He will choose Kamala Harris as her VP running mate, (hence the Obama administration); all of the former apparetacheck deep-state participants who ran this country into the ground for eight long years will be back because poor Joe just had a stroke six months into to his first term. 

And then the new laws will be enforced, and I’ll spare you the  stories of the erosion of personal liberties, except to say the country now has, as its President, a former California Attorney General who knowingly allowed aman to be executed even though she had evidence to show he wasn’t guilty of the crime for which he was being punished.

China will hit reset, American leaders will apologize for Trump and the next leg of America will be removed.

The Prophet Speaks.

There is No Good Choice

James Watkins |Editor

It’s like this for most Americans.

We are frustrated because we know that as we shelter-in-place and social distance, the spread of coronavirus is controlled; we save lives. We have seen that our medical centers and hospitals can handle even a worst case scenario like the one we witnessed in the tri-State and New England area when the first wave hit. 

But we also watch as our once-great economic workhouse slows to a crawl. 

Just 4 months ago people were working, making money, enjoying what looked like a bright economic future. Now we are unemployed and worried about our kids and our own well-being. 

One day you hear a report that the curve is flattening, but then you hear that going out is risky still and people will die if you do. But then we cower and can’t go back to work because our leaders are telling us it is illegal.

How then, do we make the right choice? None of us wants to be responsible for being unwitting spreaders of this invisible virus. And besides, what to believe? One day we are told the virus can stay on metal surfaces for a week, then, the CDC says, well, maybe not. We are told our masks are good, then told they are bad because they collect bacteria and we touch our faces. You just can’t win.

The pundits on the left say it’s Trump’s fault. That his poor leadership is costing lives. 

On the right we are told to fight for our rights, that people have a right to work and be free to move about, even with a deadly virus lurking.

What to believe?

I watch the numbers every day. As a broadcaster I just got tired of certain numbers being reported and others being excluded. One side (the media) stokes fear, the other side (right-wing talk show hosts) stokes anger.

I use Worldometer, which is a collection vessel for all of the CDC’s around the world. It’s not perfect, but it comes close. The data is updated instantly and most other government agencies use it, including the World Health Organization, and Johns Hopkins.

Here are some things that I have observed in countries that have extremely high death counts:

  • Bad air
  • heavy smoking
  • older population concentrated in close quarters
  • high or dense population where you have five or six people living in the same home
  • high amounts of people who are nutritionally poor or with cardiovascular or diabetic problems
  • terrible medical infrastructure

The U.S. will probably not see too many “hot spots;” New York/New Jersey is the exception only because it has a massive public transportation system and a highly condensed population area which makes it impossible for people to NOT come into contact with one another. New York, like London, experience high death counts for this reason.

In places like LA, or elsewhere in highly populated areas you may see continuous periodic concentrations of COVID deaths in nursing homes, or among a much older population sets (senior citizens who have been kept alive by statins and hypertension medication) but in the general public, coronavirus, until there is a vaccine, will be just like influenza in the years to come. Thankfully (the CDC data bears this out).

Most of America will adjust just fine. 

It is a huge deception to show growing cases of the United States. We are a nation  of fifty small countries, little mini-States that eventually will get COVID 19; the numbers will rise as we see it spread, but this does not mean death counts or medical facilities will experience the same high rates as cities like New York or Boston.


  • There were no major outbreaks following Spring Break, which the experts predicted
  • There was no outbreak in Wisconsin after public voting, which is what the media reported would happen based on some “expert opinion.”
  • There was no outbreak in New Orleans among the poor people as we expected beacuse this is what the exerts predicted.
  • There was no outbreak in Seattle, which actually saw the first cases of coronavirus and is a gateway city from Asia to the U.S.
  • We saw no outbreak in San Francisco, despite the fact that over 150,000 people in the Bay area are of Chinese descent, with a probable assumption that some people freely travel between China and San Francisco for business or personal reasons.
  • Coronavirus has been spreading since January, most major metros in the U.S probably have community spread, cases are rising, but death counts are not rising in the same proportion as cases because we are testing more people faster. The fatality rate is actually dropping in proportion to known cases

Weak governments and weak, or poor countries will be hard hit if they have no proper medical infrastructure. Brazil, Mexico, Russia, India, Pakistan, Countries with 5 million plus cities with high rates of impoverished people are likely suspects of future outbreaks.  Obvious. Not always exact however, because, as we have seen, places like Bangladesh and India have not see a huge explosion- yet. What are we witnessing in these countries is desperate economic issues that will lead to dysentery, suicide and death by starvation or malnutrition.

Economically we must reopen. The world must reopen, despite the virus. Work is intrinsic to life. Even during the plagues people worked. They had to because they couldn’t just sit idle and die. There were no government bailouts and handouts. There was no such thing as a “first responder.” You were lucky if someone showed up to remove the body before the dogs and pigs could get to it first.

My Grandmother told me during the Spanish flue (what she called yellow fever) said people didn’t talk about it. They accepted death because soldiers had just returned from Europe and the country lost a lot of solders to begin with, so no one know how bad the flu was until it passed – and it did. She said they “just dealt with it.”

There should never have been a politicization of this virus. It is a testament of our lack of leadership. Shame also on a compliant media that just can’t help themselves to spreading alarming information in a way that is meant to frighten people into compliance. 

The coronavirus, in addition to killing people, has exposed our best – and worst natures; our characters are being tested.

I will leave you with this. How you deal with this virus will tell you a lot about your own character. It will tell you, for example, how much you rely on the government or others to make decisions. It will also tell you how afraid you are of life – and death.

The coronavirus will also tell you how resilient and faithful you are to being courageous in the face of fear. Are you running to grab toilet paper or are you checkin on your neighbors to make sure they are okay?

Sadly, I had assumed that character was a much more common trait.

In just four months we have people now hating each other based on whether they wear a mask or not. Enemies created by a simple piece of cloth covering your mouth.

When this is all over many of us will be shocked at how badly we behaved.

If We Are Not Careful We Can Become China Overnight (Beware of the CTI)

I am trying to understand how 90 million people in China rule with an iron fist over the country’s 1.4 billion people, most of whom live in or below poverty. 

But then, all I have to do is look at our own country and I can see how such a minority of Leftist rule could emerge and bring the same dire socialist nightmare to our shores.

Today’s CCP is much more terrifying, and it makes it almost impossible for the people ever to rise up.

The CCP can use all kinds of tech to control people’s lives, and these are the same elites who believe it is morally acceptable to extract organs from living prisoners who are guilty of only believing in God. China is one vast concentration camp, and with technology, there is  almost no escape. And it wants to take over the world.

They are the ruling elite, a congregation of many city-state communist dictators who all serve equally in making sure the people are managed in order to remain in power, who turn members in their own communities to snitch on one another, and reports on anyone who complains about the State, or is critical of the Party.  And now, they have an extra reason to pry. COVID19. 

I say this because things can change quickly in the U.S.

The immediate concern is the power grab being made by our elected officials who are doing away with our civil liberties in the U.S. by making it illegal to move about because you might get someone sick.

What’s worse are the people who seemingly endorse the State taking action against citizens under the guise of “being safe” even though millions and millions are suffering because of the lockdown and because the extreme safety measure we agreed to to flatten the curve until we could get a handle on the Covid-19 virus.

Was shelter-in-place a trick? Are we really going to slide into a socialist State for a year and have the government essentially take over and ruin the economy, people’s lives, businesses, industries and the like?

If, because of these incompetent leaders, socialism becomes the motis operandi of the United States after this pandemic, we are lost. Political leaders want more government control, and they are seizing this opportunity in ways I couldn’t even imagine six months ago, and the media , predictably so, is in line with the progressive Left as they pit citizens against each other by using fear of the virus to divide and scare people into submission to what is now a police-state in the freest country on earth!

Ventura County Health Director Dr. Robert Levin declared a force of Contact Trace Investigators be trained right now who would soon be tracking, and retrieving people who have coronavirus and are not self-isolated or quarantined, using trained local citizens who will show up in hazmat suits, and ask you to “come with them for your own safety.”

Is this what we want to see on our news at night? How scared are you of dying that you think the government should do this in order to “save us” from coronavirus? And if it is any indication, I would say people pretty much got used to disrobing every time we went to the airport. Some of us seem a little too eager accept a limited police-state environment if it means we can feel safe.

But we have to push back against a police-State. If we truly invite this kind of social control into the American way of life, where you have citizens extracting citizens with a force of law for having a flu, you will never get those freedoms back. There will always be the next flu, or the next threat you might pose. Maybe one day they will start picking up people for hate crimes, or thought crimes, or hate speech, or being racist, or violating someone’s gender rights. 

This is that fork in the road we have come to in America where we have to decide what kind of country we want to continue be, which direction we want to go in. Do we want complete government control and security to feel safe? Or do we want to hang on to our civil liberties and freedoms because we know once we lose them we are nothing more than batteries to the State, just like they are in China, ruled by an elite few who tell us some people are just more equal than others and that they are there to protect us, only this time we call them Contact Trace Investigators, otherwise known as the CTI.

California Begins Forcibly Quarantining People – Separating Families – Over COVID-19

Victoria Taft |

As I reported at PJMedia, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced Tuesday he was raising up an “army” of contact tracers – as many as 20,000 people – to track down everyone with COVID-19 and quarantine them.

The number of deaths has begun going down in the state, but Newsom has only doubled down, announcing Monday he was training as many as 20,000 people – “an army and a workforce” – to begin tracking down COVID-19 cases.

Newsom announced that the “army” – his word – will start with a deployment of 3,000 and grow to the 20,000 mark to chase down who, what, where, and with whom COVID positive people have had connections. To what end? Newsom said, “the tracing component requires workforce and to identify individuals who tested positive…to ID their contacts (with privacy) and maybe quarantine individuals to stop the spread of the disease.”

He means forcible quarantine.

On Wednesday, the soft voice of Ventura County Health Director Robert Levin confirmed that the forcible quarantines are underway. He announced a “pilot program that will grow into a larger program” and “we will find everyone with COVID-19 and we will isolate every one of them and we will make sure that they stay quarantined and we will check in with them every day. In other words, what this program means is we’re going to do a more complete job, we’re going to do a more meticulous job of making it less and less possible for others in the county to run into someone with COVID-19 infection.”

Ventura County has hardly been overwhelmed with the virus. Out of its 846,000-person population, Ventura County has had 19 deaths from COVID-19. Most of them occurred in hospitals.

Levin attempted to put a happy face on removing people from their homes because, after all, everybody’s doing it.

This is occurring in many, many other states as well and perhaps all the states in our country.

But other states aren’t doing this. There are 19 deaths in the county since this outbreak visited itself upon us from Wuhan.

But back to the contact “investigators,” as Levin called them.

Levin said that we also realize that as we get more contacts, “some of the people are going to have trouble with being isolated, for instance, if they live in a home where there’s only one bathroom, and there are three or four other people living there and those people don’t have COVID infection we’re not going to be able to keep the person in that home. Every person whom we’re isolating, for instance, needs to have, uh, their own bathroom. And so we’ll be moving people like this into other kinds of housing that we have available. They’ll also have other needs perhaps – food, whatever it’s going to be – the county will be there to back them up and to support them.”

They’re also being given “sensitivity” training to be able to respond to the understandable outrage one would feel if ripped from their mom, dad, and kids.

There is a legal basis for this according to the CDC, but, one must ask if this curve is flattened – as the mantra goes – why are we now resorting to locking people up?

Isolation and Quarantine

The Centers for Disease Control says there is precedent for forcibly removing people and locking them up in quarantine:

Isolation and quarantine help protect the public by preventing exposure to people who have or may have a contagious disease.

  • Isolation separates sick people with a quarantinable communicable disease from people who are not sick.
  • Quarantine separates and restricts the movement of people who were exposed to a contagious disease to see if they become sick.

In addition to serving as medical functions, isolation and quarantine also are “police power” functions, derived from the right of the state to take action affecting individuals for the benefit of society.

Federal Law

The federal government derives its authority for isolation and quarantine from the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

Under section 361 of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S. Code § 264), the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services is authorized to take measures to prevent the entry and spread of communicable diseases from foreign countries into the United States and between states.

The authority for carrying out these functions on a daily basis has been delegated to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The path to destruction apparently isn’t paved with good intentions, but instead with the Commerce Clause.

Why is it that we’re freeing prisoners and locking up innocents?

Where are all the Leftists who decry “family separation” with those dubious fake “families” at the border?

Now that governments are caging Americans, will any of them give a squat?

One more thing. Watch the sign language interpreter when Levin talks about locking people up.

Watch this for yourself. And then ask yourself, why is this happening now after the curve is flattened?


If There Was One Thing I Could Change About Trump…

For the most part Trump and I see eye to eye on policy. I applaud many great achievements that have come from his administration despite the enormous deep-state pushback. History will be much kinder to Donald Trump than the current crew of radicalized democrats whom I will mostly see in hell.

I know he is a business man and I remember his show The Apprentice. He really is consistent. He hasn’t changed since the days of Oprah when she interviewed the New York mogul back in the 80’s. 

I disregard Trump’s personal flaws because they are human flaws. We all have flaws.

I keep myself amused by the idea that any moment now Trump is going to rip off his mask and reveal that he really is Jesus, and he just wanted to see how the world would treat “the lesser among us” in reference to the famous exhortation, “How unfairly you treat the least among your brethren you also treat me.”

Trump is rough around the edges when it comes to expressing his ideas. He stumbles, doesn’t complete sentences, often merges several ideas into one meandering thought, of which bears repeating or further clarification. It is clear Trump’s mind works much faster than his lips, but it doesn’t mean that he is ignorant. George W. Bush was not ignorant, but he, too, suffered from the inability to articulate clearly. 

Trump isn’t alone. People in general don’t communicate clearly. Mostly due to the lack of having a proper vocabulary; many people are, in fact, horrible at expressing themselves because they operate somewhere just above being illiterate, thanks to public education deficiencies. But in the office of the Presidency, articulation is everything, unfortunately.


Here are some tips Trump would be well-advised to starting using when he speaks before an audience:

  1. Remove the word “I” and replace it with “We.” Everybody brags but when Trump does it is comes across as arrogant. Someone once told me there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance; Confidence attracts, arrogance repels. “We” beings everyone in, “I” sets you apart.
  2. Finish your thoughts, and don’t rush. It’s your audience to control, keep them hanging and when you are about to not be able to explain something, simply pause, and insert, “as I said just a few days ago,” (Obama’s favorite trick) and then continue with your statement. Here is an example:

“I did shut down travel from China once we knew —, as I said before (pause) if you remember—, that it was human to human transmission, you understand?”

You see. Right at about the time you might veered off and started ad-libbing nonsensically (because you can’t exactly remember what happened in January because you were busy being impeached when the Wuhan Virus was emerging), throwing in a “as I said before” buys you time to finish your thought in your head. All politicians do it. It’s called stalling because they are making shit up.

Now, on to the power of adjectives.

3. Learn new adjectives. It appears you only use two. We need to expand in this area.





And always add the word existential whenever you use the word crisis. Progressives like those kinds of long words that they really don’t understand the meanings of.

And finally the key to bringing it all home and leaving the audience wanting more:

4. Try to always end any statement with a question so that no one can ask you a question until they answer yours first (Jim Acosta will hate this tactic). It allows you to control the conversation.

Here are some common endings to anything you say

“You follow me?”

“You hear what I am saying?”

“You understand the gravity of the situation?”

“You know what I mean, don’t you?”

So, for example, before going to a reporter (by the name of Jim Acosta or any one with MSNBC or Mary Bruce at ABC who has been tripping you up since she was attached the Hillary campaign trail since 2015) here is a typical sentence structure:

“Xi has a lot to answer for when our investigation into China is through. You understand the gravity of the situation, right Jim Acosta?” Questions?”

Or how about:

We put together a great task force that did some astonishing work, truly extraordinary efforts made by my team, you understand? (nod) And, as I said recently, there is still much work to be done, you understand the gravity of the situation, right, Jim? Questions?”

The idea here is to get people to nod their heads. Sometimes it even helps to nod your head and get people to agree with you. But with questions you ALWAYS control the conversation.


“When WE brought in Mike Pence, you understand, (nod) to oversee the revoltuionary task force to fight this existential crisis, we put together, and wonderful things got accomplished, as I said recently at a fundraising, you understand what we were facing, yes Jim? Question?”

And finally Mr. President, if you were to watch two actors that you should try to emulate to assist you with articulation, I would advise As Good As it Gets with Jack Nicholson (or “A Few Good Men” will do as well), or better yet, James Mason in the great 70’s movie The Verdict. 

Both men have the incredible ability say really simple things with exhaustive power. I am confident once you learn these few simple methods, you too, will have the press and the Democrats eating out of your hands, wouldn’t you agree Mr President?

Otherwise, you are doing a terrific job! Keep up the good work!

Jim Watkins

Author, Public Speaker, Media consultant

Post-COVID19 War Games

By James Watkins

So now China says the U.S. is stoking hatred and is gearing up for conflict.

Wonder which side the U.S. media will take? Will they use this as a way of making Trump look like he is passing the buck of COVID-19 responsibility to the Chinese because he was slow in responding?

Yes. They will.

Will the Chinese openly and honestly admit that it was their dereliction of duty in handling the virus that caused the pandemic?

No, they won’t because shame is too much for the Chinese Communist Party to handle.

To admit they were caught doing experiments with bats, and then flubbing the project by allowing the experiment to escape would show incompetence. They will have convinced themselves (and everyone else) that the virus came from a bat at a wet market, and that this notion of the Wuhan BS-4 Lab doing experiments with bats with SARS just isn’t true (even though we have proof HERE)

The real question is: how far Trump will push back against the Chinese as well as our media for being complicit and choosing the side of the enemy?

Will Americans care that the U.S. media is now in the pocket of the Chinese Communist Party?

This, the U.S. media, will do not because they love socialism and love the idea having a police state to get rid of conservative patriots like myself, but because the parent companies of these outlets (Disney, Universal, Comcast) are BROKE, and if they dare criticize the CCP  by siding with Trump, they will lose the Chinese commercial market, which they simply cannot afford to do.

In the old days they called it selling your soul to devil. Today they call it a cost-benefit analysis.

Our press will sell out the U.S to China to make Trump look bad.

Watch it unfold. It’ already happening.

The U.S. media is already framing the narrative to show that Trump lied to the Americans about Coronavirus, saying we had nothing to worry about with the virus (based on information told to him by China and The WHO, by the way).

This, the media will say over and over again: that Trump is to blame, not the Chinese, and if you disagree, you are a racist and denier. The MSNBC and CNN crowd, echoed by the NBC, CBS and ABC crowd, expanded upon by the New York and Washington Post crowd, prompting investigatory procedures by the political committees of the DNC crowd, will beat the message: Trump is to Blame over and over, and that Trump is shifting blame to the Chinese because won’t take responsibility for the suffering of millions of unemployed Americans.

Meanwhile, the Chinese will deny they misled the U.S and the world (which is exposed here in this Epoch Times article, ) and then, in typical fashion, the CCP will use charges of racism and xenophobia as a way of playing victim, because after all, they were the first to suffer from this natural disaster. 

The world will be divided, especially world leaders.

Those who hate Trump will side with the Chinese, and those who think China did this will be accused of being Trump supporters and are themselves racists and xenophobes – and they just hate the fact that China, a Communist country, is better at fighting the virus better than Trump.

God this is so predictable.

Act II coming soon…

You Know What This Means?

Post Covid 19 – Freedom vs. Safety

Editorial Commentary

We must start from the assumption that man has the inalienable right to freedom. Our society has developed rules to the game, a balance of freedom and safety with the protection of society as a whole as well as the individuals freedoms; a civil society that also allows the State to make laws to protect the State AND the individual. It’s why our kids go to school by law; the State (we the people) has determined it is better for our civil society to have educated people.

We pay taxes because we need civil service like roads, police, etc.

Vaccines are another example, the State (the people), who create these rules to the game and have determined that it is better, or mutually agreed upon, that people should take vaccines so as to prevent getting the mumps, or the measles or smallpox. Rules of the game.

Protective rights are afforded groups to prevent discrimination, this is another example of the State – the collective-  to agree to protect people who might otherwise be victimized or persecuted. This is why we have women’s rights, gay rights, religious rights, civil rights, children’s rights.  these are the accumulated rules to the game that we created and what we call a civil society. But always must the first the assumption be that each human being has a right to certain fundamentals, which include

Free speech

The right to petition

To own or have private property, the right to be left alone

To the free exchange of ideas

To pursue self- determination as long as it doesn’t infringe upon the rights of another.

The right to worship or not worship

Suffrage – the right to be represented and to cast a vote

In this country it is the Bill of Rights and our Constitution that codify these rights into Laws, they don’t private freedom through Law, they merely codify the law to reflect the agreed upon rules of the game by members of our society, hence WE THE PEOPLE.

So now we have en epidemic a true pandemic that has resulted in the State, the collective, the restrict movement based on a health crisis, a new virus that has entered into the human population and has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths. A few weeks ago we started locking down society, we put in shelter in place orders so as to slow the curve  or flatten the curve so that our hospitals wouldn’t get overwhelmed as we say happening in China, Italy and Spain. We learned early that if this virus hits a large population at once massive numbers of cases overwhelm the healthcare system and this creates even more deaths.

We, as a society, saw the charts, saw the projections and saw the numbers steadily rise. Once we realized it was human to human and 20 percent of people were falling ill, and other 2-5% were dying, it was already too late and the only choice was to shut it down, shut down the major cities to essential movement, and we the people, agreed it was a new temporary rule of the game to flatten the curve.

It was never about preventing deaths. It was never about stopping the number of fatalities because until there is a standard and effective vaccine, people will get sick and die from COVID 19 in many cases. However, the shelter in place was never intended to be a long-term panacea to prevent deaths, it was, as a matter of what was agreed upon, to slow the curve in order to prevent our healthcare system from being overwhelmed.

Guess what. It worked. It is working and we have seen no major spike in most of the major cities in the U.S. But equally important, we have seen that our medical system can withstand the blow. New York taught us that even in the worst of circumstance, we can handle it.

Now American must open according to many. Others say we must remain shut until to prevents more deaths. But this was never the plan.

Remember, it was to flatten the curve to prevent too many deaths from happening at once. This has been accomplished. 

The fact that there have been now four studies to show that 

1) Coronavirus has already spread much farther than we previously believed, in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Santa Clara in the Bay Area of Northern California.

2) the fatality rate is considered low, otherwise we would see more deaths occurring across all major areas in the country, which we are not.

Once would argue that the reason the death rate is low is because we have been sheltering in place. But again, this measure was adopted not to prevent deaths, but to slow the spread. If that was the case, we accomplished the lowering of the curve, but shelter in place may have come far too late. The coronavirus has spread to probably 70 – to 80 percent of the country by now.

As a society of free people, it is unlikely that we can adapt to a set of new rules that would essentially destroy our economy and cause more harm than COVID 19. The very fabric of our country starts to fray when people are told they cannot work, they cannot move and to resist means incarceration. The country agreed to help slow the virus spread, but the deal was met an many are feeling its time to embrace the reality that people will die when we go back to work. Just like everyday 150 thousand people die around the world from other diseases and reasons.

Ending on a good note. Less people are dying per day world wide per capita from coronavirus, more people are recovering.

Let’s look briefly at those numbers

Since February 15th 842,000 recovered from COVID 19. That is four times as many who have succumbed, including those who had underlying health issues which represents 93% of the victims, according, to the CDC

So for example: 

USA…118,162 recoveries. 54,265 deaths

Spain…63,120 recoveries 22,902 deaths

Germany…109,800 recoveries, 5,877 deaths

China says 77,384 (probably  higher), 4,600 deaths, again, probably higher.

Iran….70,000 recovered, 5700 dead

Italy…63,120 recovered….26,384..

Closer to home, they don’t show recoveries on the WHO Data charts, nor on the John Hopkins. They also don’t reflect the infection rate, or the community spread. So we are working with data sets that only reflect deaths, and in 93 percent of the cases, there is an underlying condition.

In essence, the curve has flattened, but more importantly, the fatality, while concerning, is much lower than previously believed, again, because China was so deficient in offering factual data early on.

The political football today is about pitting groups against each other by setting off two camps, those who wish to further the U.S. lockdown to prevent deaths, and those who believe doing so woull cripple lives economically, which has its own set is problems that could lead to more violence and crime. 

in some ways freedom is being criminalized. People are being set off against each other by the media between selfish freedom-loving “Trump” supporters (which is hardly true) and those who believe we should kill the host (the economy) in order to save the patient.

But if you put perspective into the  virus, using facts and the honest assessment that the threat is less fatal than believed projected, and quite manageable, as we have seen thus far.

Remember, the shelter-in-place rule was not about prevention of contagion and death, but prevention of overwhelming the medical system that would have caused more death.

And that debt has been paid by every working American.

Trump Signs Bill With Nearly $500 Billion More in CCP Virus Aid


President Donald Trump on Friday signed a new bill that provides a nearly $500 billion infusion of CCP virus spending, with most of it going to supporting small businesses that have suffered during the pandemic, after Congress passed the measure earlier this week.

The bill would provide around $300 billion to help small- and medium-sized businesses with payroll and overhead costs via the Small Business Association’s Paycheck Protection Program, which ran out of money last week.

The measure will also provide $100 billion to hospitals and for a nationwide testing program. About $60 billion will also be provided to small banks and community development banks—as well as about $60 billion for grants and loans through the Small Business Administration’s disaster aid program.

On Thursday, the House voted 388-5 in favor of the measure after the Senate passed it earlier in the week.

“Today’s historic, bipartisan vote on our latest #FamiliesFirst package is essential to protecting families across America and ensuring more small businesses have access to the resources they need. With my signature, this legislation goes to the president’s desk,” wrote House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) in a statement.CCP VIRUS SPECIAL COVERAGE00:0001:55

The latest round of aid comes on top of the $2.2 trillion CARES Act stimulus package that doled out up to $1,200 for individuals and $500 for children. Small businesses and hospitals, respectively, were first assigned $350 billion and $100 billion in the previous stimulus bill.

Trump celebrated the bill’s passage during his daily White House update on Thursday, saying, “At a time when many Americans are enduring significant economic challenges, this bill will help small businesses to keep millions of workers on the payroll.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) speaks on the floor of the House of Representatives at the U.S. Capitol in Washington on April 23, 2020. (House Television via AP)

As of Friday morning, more than 800,000 cases of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus have been confirmed in the United States, along with 50,000 deaths from the virus, according to a running tally from Johns Hopkins University. In a bid to slow the spread of the virus, governors across the country have issued stay-at-home orders, leading to numerous business closures and layoffs.

This week, the Labor Department reported that more than 25 million people have filed for unemployment insurance over the past several weeks.

“Millions of people out of work,” Pelosi said on the House floor on Thursday. “This is really a very, very, very sad day. We come to the floor with nearly 50,000 deaths, a huge number of people impacted, and the uncertainty of it all. We hope to soon get to a recovery phase. But right now we’re still in mitigation.”

Some members of the House and Senate have said that more CCP virus relief is likely in the weeks ahead as supporters have said the Payment Protection Program is certain to exhaust the funds almost immediately. The Treasury Department said that more than 1.6 million loans were given last week.

“This bill is 16 days too late,” Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) lamented Thursday on the floor. “It got held up for all sorts of extracurricular stuff and we should have come together. It was delayed. Real people lost their jobs as a result.”

Leaked US Intel Report Accuses China Of Deliberately Lying About Coronavirus Figures


Update (1200ET): Vice President Mike Pence just said during an appearance on CNN that it “would have been better” if China was more forthcoming with the US during the early days of the outbreak, and basically blamed the Chinese for the White House’s slow response.

And there you have it, the purpose for this particular leak, is to begin laying out the administration’s defense when accosted by critics who accuse Trump of not doing enough early on to combat the virus.

*   *   *

A day after China reported more than 1,500 additional “asymptomatic” cases that authorities said had been left out of the country’s data, while promising to start reporting these cases (they’ve already reported 50 more on Wednesday, blaming most of them on travel) going forward, an intelligence report has been submitted to the White House accusing Beijing of deliberately underreporting cases.

The report, which was leaked to the US press by senior-level officials, revealed that the US believes China deliberately tried to conceal the extent of the outbreak, suggesting that Beijing’s decision to lift its lockdown is probably premature, which is why they’re pivoting toward blaming foreigners for these new “asymptomatic” cases that have supposedly been known to the government all along, they just simply ‘forgot’ to count them.

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, as it was widely speculated during the early phases of the outbreak. But this is the first concrete indication that US intelligence has been taking Beijing’s deceptions seriously, and doesn’t intend to just sit back and take it lying down. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo earlier this month blasted the Chinese for withholding data about the virus.

Here’s the Bloomberg report:

China has concealed the extent of the coronavirus outbreak in its country, under-reporting both total cases and deaths it’s suffered from the disease, the U.S. intelligence community concluded in a classified report to the White House, according to three U.S. officials.

The officials asked not to be identified because the report is secret and declined to detail its contents. But the thrust, they said, is that China’s public reporting on cases and deaths is intentionally incomplete. Two of the officials said the report concludes that China’s numbers are fake.

The report was received by the White House last week, one of the officials said.

The outbreak began in China’s Hubei province in late 2019, but the country has publicly reported only about 82,000 cases and 3,300 deaths, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. That compares to more than 189,000 cases and more than 4,000 deaths in the U.S., which has the largest publicly reported outbreak in the world.

Beijing has sought to convince the Chinese people that the virus was created and spread by the US military, a “conspiracy theory” that’s been dreamed up by the government and spread via state-controlled media outlets, a type of advanced-level information warfare designed to distract from the possibility that the virus may have leaked out of a Chinese bioweapons lab.

China’s lies have been exposed in surprising ways, like the deliveries of urns in Wuhan. Some leaked documents have suggested that China’s real numbers were 52 times higher than what Beijing allowed to be reported.

President Trump’s decision to refer to the virus as the “Chinese virus” was so aggravating for Beijing because it impeded the government’s effort to convince its people that the virus was made in America – though of course they didn’t say that, exactly, they couched their objections in accusations of racism and faux-outrage.


The World Health Organization on Wednesday declared the coronavirus outbreak as a pandemic.

“We are deeply concerned both by the alarming levels of spread and severity and by the alarming levels of inaction,” Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told reporters in Geneva on Wednesday.

“We have therefore made the assessment that COVID-19 can be characterized as a pandemic.”

The coronavirus, which emerged in China in December, has spread around the world, halting industry, bringing flights to a standstill, closing schools and forcing the postponement of sporting events and concerts. Even the Tokyo Summer Olympics are in question.

A pandemic is an epidemic on a far greater geographic scale that affects a much large number of people.

Before the WHO’s comments, Britain and Italy announced multi-billion-dollar war chests to fight the disease and the United States said it was considering new steps.

The Bank of England joined many other countries in cutting interest rates, by half a percentage point, and announced support for bank lending.

The United States, where the S&P 500 stock index was down almost 4%, said its steps could include tax relief, to combat the virus that could put hundreds of billions of dollars into the U.S. economy.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said up to 70% of the population was likely to be infected as the virus spreads around the world in the absence of a cure.

“When the virus is out there, the population has no immunity and no therapy exists, then 60 to 70% of the population will be infected,” she told a news conference in Berlin.

A rebound in stocks ran out of steam on Wednesday despite the Bank of England move. Money markets are fully pricing in a further 10 basis-point cut by the European Central Bank when it meets on Thursday.

As of Tuesday’s close, $8.1 trillion in value has been erased from global stock markets in the recent rout.

More than 119,100 people have been infected by the coronavirus across the world and 4,298 have died, the vast majority in China, according to a Reuters tally. Italy has had 10,149 cases and 631 deaths. Iran has had 9,000 cases and 354 deaths. The United States has 975 cases and 30 deaths.

© 2020 Thomson/Reuters. All rights reserved.

Why China (And Progressives) Are Smiling About Bernie Sanders

by James Watkins

The Communist Party of China is a group of about 91 million citizens who are what we might consider the “elite class,” mostly well-educated Chinese citizens who form the bulk of the political, educational, security and entertainment industry in China, a country of 1.4 billion people. It is this powerful collection of upper-crest people who set the rules of the country. It has been this way, in various forms mind you, since 1949 when they, in 1921 first became a Party with little influence, and then later becoming a dominant political party within two decades.

The CCP has ruled China with an iron fist ever since.

It started with someone just like Bernie Sander, screaming about the plight of the underclass, the downtrodden, the worker who suffers at the hands of the exploitive rich who languish in spoils they do not deserve. It’s the stuff that revolutions are made of when you listen to Bernie at his rallies. “Bring down the billionaires! Bring down the banks! Bring down Wall Street!”

Sound familiar?

This is what I think of when I consider that Bernie Sanders could very well be our next president. I think we are one step closer to being a communist country.

Our version of the CCP is what makes up the elites in the gateway progressive coastal cities, the media rich, the actors and performers who lecture us about morality, virtue, tolerance and diversity when they have no intention of ever embracing non-progressives who don’t share their secular ideology of classism.

The American CCP might also be the “protected class” of people from all subsets of society who feel disenfranchised, like minorities, immigrants, people in poverty, women, people of color, people who are LGBTQ and feel stigmatized. It’s the perennial cultural battle between the city dwellers and the farmers in the classic sense, the urban and the rural, the city folk and the country folk, and to a great degree, between the Humanist and the Religionist.

And Bernie is there to bring those urban classes together under one banner: SOCIALISM

Senator Sanders is openly endorsing Socialism. He calls democratic socialism the future of America, and it is identical to Jiang Zemins’ The Three Represents ideology from the early 2000’s.

It’s the people controlled by a massive government of spies (see-something, say something), politically-correct snowflakes who troll looking for bad behavior (like Antifa, or Black Lives Matter), the social justice warriors of social media, minions of “the collective” who seek out climate deniers, sexists, bigots and homophobes in our society to shame them publicly, costing them their livelihoods for the greater goods’ need for retribution; they are the Bernie bros who want anarchy simply because they are too bored to do anything else; the new American CCP are also comprised overly-sensitive former college professors who hate the fact that the sixties ‘Down with America’ revolution failed; media elites who think they are the moral thought police in this new American paradigm. progressive politicians who will lie about anything to stay in power because they want to keep that power in perpetuity (i.e., the CCP) by reminding people that they serve for the greater good, all the while serving themselves to privilege that comes with the great responsibility of managing “for the people.”

Bernie Sanders wants to bring in Leninism because he sincerely believes free-market capitalism leaves too many people behind. He believes the exact opposite of what most modern economic theorists believe, which is that low taxes and low government regulation spur economic development, so that more people can find more opportunity in a free and transparent society built on merit and not class.

Senator Sanders believes high-taxes and social subsidies like cancelling college debt and medicare for all will provide a safety net which will save money and decrease poverty. Essentially, it’s the Obama plan – but more extensive and much more dictatorial.

Bernie believes larger government, guaranteed employment, rent subsidies, easy access to abortion and creating hate-crime laws to protect all minorities from hate-speech is more important than individual freedom and self determination, ideologies that are secondary to group rights and social justice.

Bernie also believes that money will allow us to turn down the earth’s temperature and we all must pay for it in order to receive redemption from the climate Gods.

But what really frightens me the most about Sanders is that he has the audacity to believe he is right and history is wrong. There is no case study to show that any of Bernie’s policies would work. He has never worked in private business, and despite being a Senator for over a decade, has yet to push forward any legislation that amounted to anything substantive. In fact, my first question to Bernie would be, “show me some policy or legislation you have created that shows real enduring success.” How is it that a person who has never owned a business, nor seems to have worked for one, can tell business what is in their best interest? Worse still, how is that his supporters don’t ask themselves that question?

But the momentum is building. 18 to 35 year olds love Bernie, they love his virtue signaling, he gives voice to the voiceless, he represents the lower class (and there are plenty of disenfranchised single people in this country who would love to give the finger to the U.S. Constitution).

The city folk are riled up about Bernie, and while I don’t think if Bernie wins the CCP becomes the new political party in America, I do believe the CCP in China will celebrate a victory of seeing its rival the United States inch itself one step closer to being exactly what China is today: a large country iron-fistedly ruled by a party of secular elites who believe it is they who bestow rights and liberties to the masses and that rights come from government, not God. And they know this because some people are just more equal than others.

It took China just under twenty-years to transition from a free-market democracy to a totalitarian regime; in Germany it took just six years years. In Cuba, and Russia change was almost overnight, and in Venezuela less than five years more or less. Sometimes change comes quickly when the circumstances are aligned. Bernie Sanders may just represent the embryonic state of a future Americanized version of the CCP, the Progressive Party who rules with an iron fist for the greater good.

(in a future article I will to draw some frightening correlations showing how progressives are using Orwellian Newspeak to reduce critical thinking. It will be double-plus-good!)

Is democratic-socialism the future for America? Are the metropolitan neo-Progressives destined to push their ideology into America’s heartland by force? Does Bernie Sanders represent an incremental first step towards that dystopian not-so-distant future of creating an American version of the Chinese Communist Party?

Or perhaps it is better to ask if the current CCP is smiling as they watch us inch one step closer to thier way of life?

I feel like a frog in water starting to sweat.