UK Citizens Are Now Prisoners

Look to England and you will see a future America you may not like. Citizens of the UK are now prisoners of the State. It’s called being in Tier 4 and because our leaders across the pond have no idea how to deal with a self-created pandemic, millions of people are virtual prisoners of their … Continue reading UK Citizens Are Now Prisoners

Because They Will Feel Protected

You could make the argument that America’s wealth should be shared by the entire world. After all, Americans came from all parts of the world. Each immigrant brought the experience, culture and courage of their homeland to this country, where freedom allowed these newly-arriving immigrants to exploit their talents to the fullest. You can make … Continue reading Because They Will Feel Protected

The Fork in The Road: Freedom or Tyranny

Have you ever heard of that bridge in China where people go to commit suicide? I think it goes over the Yangtze river, not sure what Province or city, but what struck me about the show that I saw was the despair of the Chinese people.  They have a term in China that means, "it … Continue reading The Fork in The Road: Freedom or Tyranny