The Communion of Joe Biden

I thought it interesting this week that the Catholic Church is withholding Communion from Joe Biden, a Catholic. Communion, for you non-Catholics, is when the Church, on behalf of God, allows you to participate in a ceremony that re-affirms your commitment to both God and The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Communion is the re-enactment … Continue reading The Communion of Joe Biden

Prayer Is Now Considered Hate Speech

COMMENTARY by James R. Watkins, editor If you tell someone, "I'll pray for you," or "I will send a prayer your way," this is now considered by many, not just some, but many, to be a form of hate-speech, a micro aggression, an infliction meant to cause someone emotional harm. CNN reported recently that Linda Thunström, … Continue reading Prayer Is Now Considered Hate Speech

Dead Christians and a Silent Media

It should alarm you that over 245 million Christians were targeted for persecution last year around the world. 80 percent of all religious persecutions were against Christians, according to a recent study commissioned by the British Government and conducted by the Catholic Church. The Foreign Commonwealth Affairs (FCO) report was established by the Rt Hon Jeremy … Continue reading Dead Christians and a Silent Media

Breaking News: The Media is Destroying America

Is the mainstream media complicit in undermining America? As a 30-year veteran of News and media, I know the tricks they use to instill reaction. Most news these days is sensationalist for one specific reason - they need to hold on to the audience they have because they are losing revenue. That being said, it's … Continue reading Breaking News: The Media is Destroying America

Montreal Says Religion ‘No Longer Relevant’

There is a growing trend among Secularist leaders seeking to remove religious symbols from public view. Last year Saint Anselmo Catholic school in San Diego decided to remove the Virgin Mary statue citing it might offend some students, but now the city of Montreal in Quebec will be removing a cross from a historic landmark … Continue reading Montreal Says Religion ‘No Longer Relevant’