This site exposes fake news and holds the media accountable. By curating news stories and occasionally offering commentary on the important news stories of the day, we want to provide some balance to an otherwise biased world of neo-journalism.

Neo-journalism is a world of activist reporters who promote a certain globalist, anti-America, anti-capitalist and anti-religious worldview. This is our small but hopefully potent attempt to support those journalists who bravely report what is actually happening, and since the coronavirus pandemic is driving much of what is happening today, we dedicate a large slice of coverage to those stories that are a result of the way society has chosen to deal with the pandemic.

This site is not supported by any agency or group. It is the sole work of Jim Watkins, who has over three decades of media and broadcast journalism experience. Jim is a 30-year radio consultant who resides in Florida. Jim writes and produces two weekly podcasts, one on the Coronavirus and another which focuses on spirituality and improving mental health.

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