Candidly Speaking is dedicated to exposing the media lies, cultural indoctrination and political corruption that is rampant in America.

We are not a partisan political website; we fully support the free exchange of ideas without fear of persecution or censorship.

Candidly Speaking is premised on the notion that every single human being is endowed by their creator with the spirit of freedom, that the desire for freedom comes from God and is NOT granted to us by any government.

It is our divine heritage to be free because we have free-will.

The chief author, Jim Watkins, has been in media and in broadcasting for almost four decades. In addition to hosting a nationally syndicated Talk program, Jim is also a published author, and served as a national news anchor for USA Radio Network.

Jim has produced content for some of the most successful political talk radio programs in the country, including The Savage Nation, The Laura Ingraham Show, The Mike Gallagher Show, and a dozen other successful political radio programs, and has served as a national press consultant for acclaimed journalist Richard Miniter’s America Media Institute in Washington DC.

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