Memo To Joe Biden: Resign Now Before You Do Anymore Harm To Our Country

COMMENTARY | Jeffrey Richards

I will say it because no one else will.

When Biden first won the election I decided at that moment to give him a chance. Surely a politician who has been in Washington DC for fifty-years couldn’t do that much harm. Joe always struck me as the kind of guy who, if he became president, would probably enjoy their laurels and mostly skate through for four years so he can retire with an extra trophy on his mantle. In other words, I expected Joe Biden to be a status quo president, get along to go along, make a few changes here and there, ride through the pandemic and eventually things would get back to normal.

Boy, was I wrong. 

The first thing Joe did was kill 10,000 good paying jobs when he , through executive order. killed the Keystone Pipeline project, which does nothing to reduce carbon in our atmosphere, except in one way. 10,000 families will be driving less because they don’t have jobs to drive to.

Thanks Joe.

In real life terms you screwed 10,000 families, many of whom might have actually voted for you, just so you could appease a small group of extremists who believe we will have scorched earth by 2030 if we don’t stop using oil. It was a vindictive move and it punished a lot of good, decent Americans.  

Then the national supply chain broke down. Okay, maybe not completely your fault. But were you even paying attention? No. Was Pete? No. Was Kamala? No.

No one in your administration seemed to be bothered by the fact that supply chains were stalling, in large part due to overzealous pandemic mandates in California, who were simply following your agencies lead from the CDC and the NIH to keep these docks closed. Your ignorance, in part created, the supply chain debacle, but you refused to take responsibility for it. Another example of weak leadership.

Speaking of mandates, and other policies in the military, not only have you weakened our military, but you have shamed it by instituting gender-based mandates that do nothing to help us fight or defend this country, but do go a long way to making sure the wrong kind of people join the ranks, people who care more about their own sexuality than serving the greatest country on earth.

To add insult to injury you forced out many fine officers over mandates such as gender-based preference policies; you also sought to “root out” patriotic servicemen and women who may have disagreed with your policies (essentially your political opponents) and then later, instituted vaccination mandates for servicemen and women who are in the prime of their lives and who are at the lowest risk of sickness from Covid than any other group on the planet. And yet, you did it without question, without thinking about how your policies divide and weaken our military members of our armed services.

And then you refuse to investigate China’s role in the Covid-19 pandemic. How dare you. The lives of tens of millions of people have been horrifically altered by China’s negligence, and you, the leader of our free country, refuse even to condemn the CCP, not to mention you have all but halted any meaningful investigation that would expose China’s responsibility for spreading this virus (by allowing it to stay under wraps long enough to ensure it seeded across the globe).

Under what pretense, I ask, do you choose to ignore this issue? Is it because you don’t want to “embarrass the Chinese people”?

Is it because you know something we don’t, Joe? Or perhaps it is they who know something about you that we don’t? Do they have information on you Joe? Perhaps on Hunter? Have you been compromised? You owe us an answer.

It’s just too bad our free press won’t look into this as they most likely would have had Donald Trump been in the same position. But of course Trump wouldn’t be in your position because unlike you, Trump stood up to China. You are seen by our #1 political “competitor” as weak, feeble, and tepid. All characteristics of which are sadly true.

And then what about the thousands of Americans and American supporters you betrayed in Afghanistan? You clearly did not have a plan. It will go down, under your watch, as one of America’s worst military blunders in modern history.

Let’s not forget the insane and incessant push for vaccines. Again, because of your short-sightedness and probably because of the money tied to Big Pharma, you allowed academics to run the health industry, people who benefit from the dollars that flow from Big Pharma. The entire health-industry has now been compromised by your policies. 

And let us not forget the lockdowns you initiated and supported that, again, destroyed small business and continue to have a profoundly negative affect on our children. 

Unemployment is high because you keep throwing money at people incentivizing them to stay home instead of going to work. You print money to solve problems. Can you point to any period in history when this has proven to be an effective strategy? 

Inflation has risen faster than it has since 1982, and you brag about Build Back Better? Are you really that blind, or is it because you believe in your own lies?

It gets worse.

You are now weaponizing the Justice Department to investigate political opponents, and you have the IRS clamping down on anyone who dares to make a few extra buck ks by poking into everyone’s bank account, as if it it is the government’s moral right to do this.

With such largess of government, you are simply squeezing the American people to pay for this extravagance that is our United States Federal government, a government that is on a mission to control every aspect of our lives in order to “manage us.”

I actually went from not minding your ineptitude, to hating you as a callous, hateful, spiteful person.

I am actually convinced this presidency is a presidency of revenge. revenge for people not liking you, revenge for losing your son Beau, and your secret desire to make everyone else feel the same loss; revenge for being laughed at during our 40 years in the Senate, revenge for being embarrassed that your dad was a middle class blue-collar nothing, revenge for every woman who ever turned you down for a date. Whatever demons you have in your soul, we certainly see the wrath coming out, Joe.

Since you have taken office Joe Biden, not one single thing has improved for the American people because of any thing you have accomplished. If anything, America is a weaker nation, and less prosperous, while also divided because of the rhetoric you and your minions have spewed about how much America is nothing more than a racist, capitalist waste of space. 

So on behalf of the 70% of American who disapprove, resign Joe Biden, go now before you end up embarrassing yourself further. Admit this is too much to handle, and stop trying to show how tough you are, because everyone sees through the veneer of a cold, weak, and shrill skin of an old, bitter man. Go back to Delaware before you cause any more damage. If you love your country as much as you say you do. You will resign now, today. 


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