Liberty Still Reigns

Jim Watkins | January 14, 2022

I’ll make this simple. What was decided today by the U.S. Supreme Court sends a clear and loud signal to all free Democracies around the world that Liberty still reigns.

America is the touchstone for freedom and liberty around the world. And while many in our own country take this for granted, millions upon millions of citizens around the world have hope in their hearts as long as the flame of liberty still burns in the United States, and what the Supreme Court said today is that government overreach is wrong, and even when done with good intentions, it is still government overreach.

Daniel Webster once said, with regard to tyrants and kings, ‘There are men in all ages who mean to govern wellbut they mean to governThey promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters’

Many leaders of supposedly free countries like Canada, Australia, Austria and others should have known better than to use CCP-like tactics to try to mitigate the current pandemic with such draconian measures, many of which are still in force. The leaders of these so-called democracies have turned their backs on the people, telling them they must comply or else.

Shame comes upon them for being so easily compromised by the lure of power during times of emergency.

But the time is now to become sober and listen to what the Supreme Court of the United States said today.

They said enough is enough!

The wisdom of the highest court in our country reaffirmed it is good for the people to remain free, and not subject them to the whims of a paternalistic government which seeks to enrich itself with power, while taking advantage of the human desire for safety.

We would expect such behavior from countries China, Cuba, Iran and other totalitarian regimes, but not so from world leaders freely elected to govern at the pleasure of the people who elected them,

The Supreme Court decision cries out to leaders who have mistakenly fallen to the temptation they shoukd use force from their positions of authority to control people’s lives, an echo of that dark time so recent in our history we pledged to never forget.

To those citizens in France, the UK, Germany, Austria and elsewhere who are also pushing back against authoritarian rule, we support you.

Liberty still reigns.

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