It’s Not Just About the Elections

James Watkins | January 4, 2022

The last two years have been especially hard for the American people. In my life time, and I was born in 1962, watching the system fall apart seemed almost surreal. There were days I woke up wondering if things were really going to get better. It was never the virus, though I did worry from time to time if I, or someone I loved was going to get sick, but it was really our response to it that was most disheartening. People were losing their jobs, children not going to school, watching drug addiction go up, our border out of control, other countries slipping into totalitarianism, which is still occurring, all of this because China let go of a virus that created widespread panic and fear, not to mention killing several million people.

But mostly what made me angry was our own government for lying to us throughout the pandemic, for keeping sick people home when they should have been treated, for keeping healthy people from living their lives because they, our elected leaders, wanted to make sure fear was ever-present in our lives, because in reality, these leaders simply did not know what they were doing. And this is still true even at this very hour. All of it made me sick, and I am sure I am not alone.

I don’t just blame the Democratic party, though a lot of Democratic leaders seem to like to screw up their own states, I also blame those who are corrupted by power. Right now, the Republicans are grateful the 2022 elections will work in their favor, as if all of the suffering will have been worth it if a few Democrats falter and the Republicans get control of both Houses, to which I say big deal. I have seen very little of the Republicans in the last two years, except to stay out of the way of poor Democrats who have been exposed by the pandemic as being horrible decision-makers when it comes to crisis management.

But it’s not enough to “win” the election when you still have poor decision-makers holding office. With the exception of a few governors in key red states, little has changed. The key representatives in the House are still ignorant and will continue to influence policy because they kowtow to big money donors who pay for their re-elections; the deep-state of government bureaucracy is still very much in play and the largess of big government continues to fatten like a well-fed pig, and don’t forget, we have still three years of something akin to a president in the White House with Joe – who can’t seem to get anything done, and of course the esteemd Kamala, who should be rising to the occasion but is looking more incompetent by the day. God help us in the next three years. Look at what Biden has accomplished in just one year!

For example…

How do we get our cheap and abundant energy back?

How do we cancel cancel culture?

How do we get our schools and media back so that they serve all of America instead of a small percentage of woke Marxists activists who prefer everyone to be genderless?

How do we restore trust in our national health system when doctors and “experts” have been lying to us about Covid treatment with but a singular desire to shoot everyone up with an experimental drug that makes Big Pharma extremely rich?

In short, how do we maintain those things that have made America united and strong, not divided by tribes who lust for power and will destroy America to maintain it?

It isn’t about the election in 10 months, it is about what kind of country we want to hand down to the next several generations. the one we built together with our bare hands, not a “transformed” country where equity and social justice-communism determine our policies, policies that immerse themsleves into our daily lives, like useless mandates and restrictive survellience.

I still believe a majority of Americans are decent, law abiding and family-centered people who love this country because they know they are blessed to have been born here. America may not be a perfect country, but we are definitely better than most other countries, which is why everyone seems to want to come here. All of our suffering as a nation gets cheapened when we accept massive suffering and chalk it up good, if only for one stupid and predictable election. It would be hard for Republicans not to win the midterms, it is not even a fair fight when considering the absolute disaster the Democrats have wrought under the tepidly-weak Biden presidency.

The real challenge is how we fix those things Biden has broken? we need to ‘build back’ what he has destroyed. We need courageous leaders from both sides of the aisle who love this country as much as we do to fight for the people back home who just want a good job, decent schools, decent access to opportunity and a place to raise their families. Is that too much to ask?

I’m going to direct this at Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi, to whom whom I believe have abused their privilege as elected officials, and for whom I have amassed great disdain, but this could really be directed at any one or more of a dozen Senators or Congresspersons who occupy the house at the people’s pleasure. To you I say this: on behalf of all American people: do your damn job!

To be continued.

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