Will There Be Mercy For Legacy Media When the Truth is Known?

James Watkins | December 9, 2021

Shame On You Media

Since the rollout of the various vaccines used to curb the fatality rate of COVID-19 (notice I refer only to preventing fatalities and not case reduction, since no vaccine has shown to be effective at preventing transmission to date), the CDC’s own reporting policy, known as VAERS, or Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System, has regularly published the number of reported incidents which are known to occur to people recently vaccinated.

The CDC and NIH cautions those who follow this data to be aware that these cases are not direct evidence the vaccines are at fault, since they themselves do not follow up once a complaint or report is filed. It is commonly known the reason for this is because they, our leading health officials, do not want to scare people from getting vaccinated, so by not investigating no official report has to be filed.

Because of the spread of COVID-19 and the initial high death counts, enormous fear rippled through societies far and near as people saw the hospital footage out of Wuhan, then Milan, the UK and New York. Major news media made sure we saw the videos every night to remind us of just how dangerous COVID-19 was. Soon to follow was the daily reminder that the vaccines would save the day, except that they only “prevented” some people from getting sick and dying, but not preventing people from getting sick, or spreading the virus.

A critical mind would surmise that, since most people do not die from COVID, how would one know who exactly was supposed to die but didn’t because they took a vaccine shot? How do we know the person would have died if they had refused the jab? 

The answer is we don’t know. 

We never will know because those statistics are not available to us, neither are statistics that tell us why, for example, young people generally do not get sick nor spread Covid. Still, we closed schools and business in some place for over a year to “prevent the spread,” even though spread continued (but not from children).

Today the same playbook is rolled out. This time we have omicron, a variant of the COVID-19 virus that is more contagious but has yet to kill one single individual. And yet, this new variant is being used by Big Pharma to promote the need for more vaccinations – even if you have had COVID, even if you have natural antibodies that keep you safe, or even if you have no chance of getting sick from a less lethal knock off of an original virus that still, to this day, has never exceeded a 2% morbidity rate.

While we can almost expect profit-driven pharmaceutical companies to do whatever necessary to push their products in the name of “safety,” what is criminal, and I use the word because it is the worst example of fraud ever foisted upon the American public, is for all of the major news media and social media platforms to knowingly deny the vaccines are killing people by refusing to report even one single event out of the over 10,000 people who have died within 72 hours after getting a vaccination. 

How can ABC, CNN or NBC refuse to report this fact to the American people? The data is published weekly, some people who get vaccinated die or become seriously ill, or even permanently disabled within a few days of getting a vaccination. This is data being withheld from the American people daily. If you share the data on social media you will be blocked or charged with spreading misinformation.

The CDC says the VAERS data is not confirmed by science, and the only reason it is reported is because of a “silly law” that tries to hold our medical community accountable when it releases a product on the market that has ill effects people are supposed to be warned about. The system was created to avoid what we are seeing today, a denial of adverse effects caused by vaccines to treat a virus that has minimal effect on the general population in the first place.

Thousand of doctors know this is true, but they remain silent because the NIH and the CDC can shut these doctors down if they spread any information contrary to the vaccine therapy being the only way to stop COVID-19 from killing people, when this, too, is a falsehood.

Who is spreading misinformation, then?

The clear answer is the media.

For every parent who lost a child after getting a vaccination, or who is now permanently scarred, shame on you ABC and Disney; for every single expectant mother of the over 1400 miscarriages that have occurred that has not been reported shame on you Gayle King and Norah O Donnell over at CBS. You should be in jail for lying to the American people (and getting paid handsomely to do so). For every one of the over 1.8 million adverse effects reported that have not been mentioned by the team over at NBC/Universal, you should be put before a jury of your peers and put on trial for betraying your countrymen with false information that props up a billion dollar medical industry that would stop at nothing to make one more dollar off the U.S. taxpayer to fight a flu that, strangely, loses potency over time, as Omicron clear shows.

I understand why Dr. Anthony Fauci wants us to take three shots now to fight Omicron, and when the next variant shows it will be four shots, perhaps even a regular shot to fight unforeseeable variants, which Fauci has already gone on record stating is likely. He does it for the prestige and because he has been empowered by a frightened U.S. president who knows who his donors are.

But it is unforgivable for our own media, staffed by people who are our neighbors, to refuse to report the truth that the vaccines are not completely safe, at least safe enough to warrant an en mass campaign to inject a serum into every arm on the planet, whether they need it or not, putting millions at risk of death or permanent disability simply because it might “scare people.”

I hold the media accountable because like VAERS, the media is supposed to hold the powerful to account, not protect them because they can be bought off by billion dollar drug makiners who won’t allow for honest discourse about their experimental vaccines.

Even local anchors, who get their news from the network, commit the sin of pushing false information – or at least incomplete information – to the general public who believes the vaccines are absolutely safe when they are not.

If Elon Musk puts out a car that can self-drive, does the media tell us when people die in his cars? Yes, as they should. But if Elon was able to pump millions into advertising into the networks in exchange for looking the other way and touting only the cars’ selling points, this would be tantamount to contributing to the death of consumers who should have rightfully been warned. If a major beverage company puts out a toxic product that causes cancer over time and the media knowingly ignores it because the company is a major network sponsor, who is committing the greater sin?

For those who know me, they know I follow science and not compliance. To my credit I have followed this virus longer than most. I have posted over two hundred credible and fact-based reports on the spread and mitigation of COVID-19 since even before the story broke on West Coast shores, back when China made sure we saw the videos of citizens being welded into their apartments to mitigate spread (nice propaganda, Xi!).

And yes, in addition to the successes, I also report the failures of our mitigation efforts during this pandemic, because people deserve to know the truth.

Those who know the truth but provide dishonest coverage, they are guilty of the highest crime, the crime of being disloyal to your fellow man

What is the price to be paid? Prison? loss of employment? perhaps even being publicly shamed and made to wear a marker that tells the world you cannot be trusted? 

How much value do we put on the human loyalty?

Shame on you legacy media. Pray to God for mercy because you will not find it here. Too many lives have been shattered because you failed to tell the truth about the vaccines, about COVID and about the real threat of tyrannical government that now controls you in the name of profits.

Enjoy your thirty-pieces of silver.

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