Why I Thought About the Jews Over Thanksgiving Weekend

James Watkins | November 29, 2021

Full disclosure. Out of about two-dozen family members who got together for Thanksgiving weekend, I am the only “conservative,” in my family.

What I learned this Thanksgiving weekend was being woke means never having to admit anything is wrong. It also gave me an opportunity to speculate how Nazi Germany rose to power its people allowed for the systematic removal of Jews from their cities without protest.

For example, no one mentioned the truth that five elderly women were killed participating in a Christmas parade because a black man who hates white people had had enough and decided to take out as many as he could. Not one mention. What if it was 1936 Germany and a bunch of Hitler youth decided to burn down Jewish businesses. Would there have also been silence at the dinner table of the typical German family?

Another subject that came up was Omicron. Almost every person in attendance mentioned at least they got their booster, despite the fact there is zero evidence current vaccines will work against Omicron, and further, the four people diagnosed in Botswana were actually vaccinated previously.

While most at dinner were relieved they were “protected,” I wanted to bring up why our media was speading so much fear about it when so little is known. Science didn’t matter, only compliance did. It was more important for this crowd to feel safe. I wonder if the German Jews were thought to carry diseases and maybe that is why no one objected when they were removed from the big cities?

My 21 year-old niece, who has little chance of ever getting covid and is vaccinated, expressed concerned the tourists weren’t wearing masks. It was brought up at dinner and all agreed it was wrong, except me, who reminded her that we have the lowest case and death rate in the United States. Again, it wasn’t science, it was non-compliance that bothered these folks.

I tried to bring up the recent tyranny of Australia to my brother in-law due to draconian covid laws, to which his response had something to do with how the “indigenous are suffering, so its “their turn.” Isn’t it interesting that a conversation about freedom can turn into a conversation about racism, oppression and retribution? This from a 60 year-old compliance manager from a large world bank. Amazing.

What was NOT discussed was how Biden was doing as president. Inflation, rising crime, a broken border, drug use being higher than ever, unemployment not going down, how tech is censoring free speech, even how expensive gas has become, all off limit topics only seen as right-wing talking points you get from watching Fox News.

What I did hear frequently throughout the weekend was how “blessed” everyone felt despite the fact that none of them believe in God, nor do they care about Thanksgiving which, according to them, celebrates the slaughter of innocent and peaceful indigenous people.

No family walks, no college football, no evening News, no real meaningful discussion, but everyone mostly staring at their phones and laptop screens. At least four times I had to leave and go for a long walk because the silence was killing me. I think I said more to my dog this past weekend than to my relatives, to be honest.

People today don’t talk about issues for fear of offending someone. They also seem to not pick sides on any issue because having such views might get you in trouble. It is easier, as I observed, for people to just accept, agree and comply.

I even brought up the looting going on across the country, surely a topic that would at least get a “yeah, right” about how bad it was, but not a chirp of a response. I can ssume looting is now a class-struggle issue no one wants to discuss. 

One of the people in attendance was my German sister in-law. I thought about asking her if she thought today’s tyranny is anything like it was in the early 1930’s in Germany. It’s an important question because liberty and freedom do not exist in such an atmosphere, only compliance and fear, such as we now have today, and probably what created the circumstances of the holocaust.

I suspect she might have been offended for me implying her ancestors had something to do with the holocaust, instead of finding a correlation between the behaviors then compared to today, thus opening a real door to a discussion. Such conversation never took place. It would have required critical thinking, which does not exist today. Only compliance to shared thought.

People who have accepted fear and compliance dp so because it keeps keeps them safe even at the expense of others who challenge the status quo. This is what I learned this weekend because things have changed in just a few years. As recently as 2016 such conversations would have flowed freely over bottles of wine and laughter, against the backdrop of a backyard bonfire and classic rock on a speakerphone.

That was life 5 years years ago.

Today it is silence and compliance. It is covid vaccine mandates and take a knee for BLM.

No one talks about the issues affecting our lives, like endless vaccines and covid fear, children robbed of their education, workers being robbed of their livelihoods because our leader – and others like him– believe they can lock us down to control us. These were the things not discussed and should have been because of their relevant importance, just as when neighbors in 1930’s Germany were being carted off to their deaths because a world leader – and those like him – felt they had a right to punish dissenters and those they deemed a threat.

And now we know why six million Jews lost their lives.

I concluded that every single person at that table this weekend would quickly goten out of the way if some government agency came in and arrested me for questioning vaccines, and they would have applaud my arrest because it wasn’t them being arrested. It really is that simple.

Human beings crave safety above all else. Few of us have the nerve to lay down our own lives for the safety and well being of others, especially in times of crises, fabricated or otherwise, as we now see before us today.

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