Growing Pandemic Evidence Shows Current Mandate and Lockdown Strategy Making Things Worse

James Watkins | November 22, 2021

So as I understand it the reason we are seeing a rise in infections from COVID-19, or Sars-Cv-2, is because 1) the vaccines are wearing off, they usually last about 6 months, and 2) because people who are vaccinated and have no natural immunity are actually spreading the virus to other vaccinated (or unvaccinated) people who do not have a natural immunity.

According to many experts, Boosters are not the answer because doctors do not know what the long term effects are and how long they can protect a patient. People may need to keep taking the booster vaccinations not knowing the long term effects, and they may prove ineffective at preventing the vaccinated from becoming symptomatic.

Australian police arrest non-vaccinated civilian (

Dr. Paul Alexander of Brownstone University in Toronto said in a recent Epoch Times interview that boosters (and the original vaccines) were not intended for the Delta strain, and the vaccines also force Sars-Cv-2 to mutate, echoing concerns made last year by Dr. Robert Malone, potentially creating other strains which the current vaccines and boosters have no way of protecting you against.

The demographic who will remain most immune are people under the age of 50 who have either developed a natural immunity, or have a natural immunity from other vaccines which also protect against Sars-Cv-2

Other studies show, according to Dr. AlexanderDr. Peter McCullough and mRNA  co-developer Dr. Robert Malone:

– Lockdowns only slow the natural immunity process, which explains why we have spikes after lockdowns. Lockdowns do more harm than good when you factor the economic and emotional toll.

– Early treatment of elderly who contract Covid is 80%-90% effective at preventing morbidity. If we protect the elderly while allowing natural immunity to take place within the lower-risk population, according to Alexander and other epidemiologists,  Covid would eventually diminish. Any other current method only prolongs the virus infection and also promotes more variants which could prove to be even more lethal, making current vaccines strategies useless.

– mRNA vaccines are “leaky,” which means you are not any more protected from getting COVID than the unvaccinated. Though your symptoms might be lessened with a vaccine; you can also become a super-spreader without knowing it because your immunity only suppresses the virus; you actually build a larger “viral load” which then gets passed on to someone else.

– Natural immunity is better at reducing mortality for life because not only does your immune response target T-cells of Sas-Cv2, but also, other characteristics that make up the shell and membrane of Sars-CV-2 targeted by your immune-system response. Unlike those who get vaccinated, natural immunity can last the rest of your life, as has been confirm with elderly who built up natural immunity from the 1918 Spanish Flu, according the Dr Alexander.

– The CDC and The NIH cannot find one case of a person who had natural immunity and then later got reinfected and died from Covid-19; but there are millions of breakthrough cases of people who have received a vaccine and were later reinfected with COVID-19.

London Protesters demanding end to lockdowns (AP)

Meanwhile, millions of frontline health workers who have built up natural immunity are being systematically relieved of duty due to mandates, putting patients at risk by exposing them to people who, while they might be vaccinated, can also pass infection.

If our so-called experts in government and in our national health care agencies continue with this current lock-down-and-mandate strategy, it is likely we will not only have one, but several different pandemics occurring simultaneously. This portends to a realistic scenario of continuing mass economic disaster via a breakdown in governments across the globe, severe civilian uprisings, totalitarian lockdowns and mass starvation due to economic disaster.

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