The Lie Has Been Exposed – The Vaccines Are Worse Than The Disease

James Watkins | November 19, 2021

Headlines Read: CDC Admits No research data gathered on Natural Immunity To Covid.

Another headline reads  Vaxx’d in UK Have Higher Infection Rates Of Unvaxx’d in October

Last week CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Wallensky couldn’t – or wouldn’t – tell us how many actually CDC employees have been vaccinated in front of a congressional hearing.

Do you see something strange going on? 

On the one hand all of the news is about the importance of getting a vaccine, yet news about adverse effects, about vaccines wearing off or having low efficacy rate are scantly recorded. 

Last week my wife got a booster. Healthy person, had been vaccinated twice before and upon the urging of Dr. Fauci and the entire media community that pushes the need for boosters, she did what millions of others are doing to show their allegiance to fighting the pandemic (why are we always “fighting”?).

Then she got sick, really sick. By the third day after getting the booster my wife went to the urgent care and the doctor told her she had seen three cases this week alone from people getting adverse effect from their booster shots. I can also confirm in the CDC’s Open Vaers program that during the week between October 30th and November 5th, 2021 6,065 people in the U.S. reported getting severe shingles.

What are Shingles, you might ask? It’s when your body’s immune system attacks normal cells because it deems them as intruders, a threat to the body. Officially it is an auto-immune disorder. 

Common sense would allow an observer to make the connection that the vaccine, the booster my wife had injected into her arm, caused the body to react in such a way where the autoimmune disorder kicked in, and the body started attacking the area where the injection was inserted. Shingles will attack lymph-nodes and the skin. It’s extremely painful and feels like little pins are sticking you from the inside of your skin. On the outside it looks your skin is being burned as it spreads. In some cases it can cause blindness.

Shingles are related to the chickenpox virus. In fact, according to health experts even though Shingles isn’t itself contagious, people who have not had chickenpox, or smallpox, or a vaccine for either, can get chicken pox as a result of the shingles from someone else.

According to “the experts” one in three adults may get shingles in their life. Could the vaccines induce shingles? Do we know for sure it doesn’t? Should we know this since shingles is a common side effect, among the most common, in fact?

So how do we connect the Covid vaccine to shingles? Is there a connection?

The key is immune deficiency. When the body has a low immunity threshold (as in the case of AIDS for example), it is far easier for a virus to attack it. The response of autoimmune is like an army who have been called to attack a foreign invader. 

I suspect, though I am not a physician, that the shingles in my wife’s case occurred because after taking a vaccine shot and a flu shot on the same day, her body was so weakened by the double frontal attack of two fake virus being injected into her body, her body naturally went on the defensive and starting going to work, seeking out and hunting down the foreign invaders (i.e., where ever the covid vaccine was absorbed into her arm and neck).

I pose all of this because I believe it is these kinds of reactions, or side effects, that must be weighed over the long term when new vaccines are introduced to the market.

There is simply no way, in a short duration, any physician can know for example:

-how the covid vaccines interact with each other when mixed

– how the covid boosters effect a body that has already been introduced to a previous regiment

– what effect having a flu shot and a covid vaccine on the same day can have on the immune system

Common sense would dictate these are legitimate – and still undetermined – questions that we need answer for. And yet we are not even allowed to ask.

The narrative today is not to question the vaccines. They are safe, even though I can now attest they are not, and so can over a million other people who have also experienced side effects from the various vaccine.

Google won’t tell you. The CDC won’t tell you. The News media will not tell you.

And when reports begin to emerge how vaccinated people are more likely to get infected from COVID than those who have been exposed and who now have natural immunity, that too, is removed from the mainstream narrative. Meanwhile the vaccination roll-outs roll on.

But the real clincher isn’t that the medical industry is hiding the truth, the real clincher is that when I told several people about how sick my wife was from the booster, every single one of them said, and I am not making this up, “I’m going to get my booster next week,” as if it was a good idea.

Even when someone gets a severe life-threatening reaction, people who believe in the vaccine will not admit, or simply refuse to admit something might be wrong with the system. They deny the problem exists because if they admitted it, it would mean they were wrong and they are not safe.

Even when a loved one is ill they still do not question the system. To bring it up means I am questioning the system, which is not acceptable. It is a pathology I never expected to see on such a grand scale. 

One would think the desire to protect loved ones would grade higher than remaining loyal to the system. To my shock, I have learned this is not true, and people are blindly following whatever the media and the so-called “experts” tell them to do.

This is how brainwashed our society has become. And at this stage in my life, I had really hoped mankind was more intelligent than we appear to be, so afraid, in fact, that we are willing to accept a lie even when the lie is exposed.

Studies are now showing herd immunity, which is to say natural immunity, is the only way to defeat COVID. A good immune system is the best defense. A weakened immune system creates more problems.

The vaccines might provide temporary immunity from getting “infected” but as it wanes over time (which appears to be about six months), the body also loses the ability  to protect itself, becoming instead, dependent on the vaccination for assistance. But then when you get repeated shots over time and build up a resistance, your body’s own defense systems becomes useless to protect you from other viruses in addition to COVID 19

This is exactly what Dr. Robert Malone, co-inventor of the mRNA technology, tried to tell us a year ago. In addition to compromised immunity disorder to those who get vaccinated, there is also the variant effect in which COVID is forced to adapt to the vaccinations, which is how we got to Delta, for which the current vaccines are somewhat useless against, hence, we hear about “breakthrough cases.”

Keep watching. And keep your eyes open. This is not going away and it’s only going to get worse.

Austria is locking down the unvax’d, Germany may follow suit. Australia and New Zealand are pretty much a police state, and the News, lockstep with the whole of the medical community, will not tell you the truth. There is simply too much money, and now reputation, at stake.

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