My Personal Account of COVID-19 and Why Every Husband and Wife Should Read this

James Watkins | November 18, 2021

I believe I was one of the first people in the U.S. to notice when COVID first hit Wuhan. At that point I had already been doing a lot of video watching and reading on what was going on in China. After meeting a few reporters from The Epoch Times in New York in June 2019, I became even more interested in goings on because China has more than half of the world’s population, which means they will have a major influence on global affairs whether we like it or not, so hearing how they treated Falun Gong, how they still treat Christians, and especially how they are able to get away with having a thousand prison camps where they keep dissidents, Uyhgurs and others, essentially in concentration camps, I kept asking myself how is they can get away with this?

At first, when the virus hit the U.S., it was in the Seattle area at a resting home where a bunch of elderly people got sick and died very quickly. Having already seen the extremes the Chinese were taking to lock down its cities in and around Wuhan, I wasn’t sure if it was propaganda to scare the world, or if it was really a grave concern to the CCP that this virus was extremely deadly. And then it hit Italy very hard (large Chinese employee population there, plus high elderly population and people smoke like crazy). Coverage came from a reporter stationed there who just happened to have children in China. One wonders what the message was being sent.

And then through the stupidity of Andrew Cuomo, who forced health care workers to stick sick Covid patients back into nursing homes and keep them away from hospitals, New York saw the worst of COVID. Outside of the Tri-State area there has never been an outbreak like that, but it sent a message to the rest of the country (and to the political leaders) that this shit is bad and you better be prepared to lockdown.

In retrospect I applaud Trump. He activated the process to get a vaccine to market, and he never yielded to the temptation to locking down the country. It would have been both unnecessary and regrettable if he had done so, as we now know. Many governors still behave this way, and it has been crippling to local business owners, children and especially to the elderly. 

By summer on 2020 we have pretty much figured out who the vulnerable were, and if anyone had listened to the previous CDC director Robert Redfeld, who back in January of 2020 said, and I quote “protect the elderly and those with underlying conditions,” and follow simple guidelines like washing your hands, and staying apart by several feet and “most will not get sick.”

Protect the elderly.

It was as true then as it is today. But there are too many people who want to be superman.

Fauci and his ilk, who may well be brilliant virologists, have the worst bedside manner of any doctor I have seen in my 59 years of life. He is the doctor who will run up the biggest tab possible to address every potentiality of concern. He could care less if you go bankrupt because to him and people of his ilk, he is God and until every last bacteria is destroyed, be damned. He is arrogant and he is full of hubris. He is the kind of doctor all nurses despise, the power-hungry physician guy who can ruin a career or stop a grant with a simple pen stroke – and he knows it.

It is clear the government at this stage, as well as the media and the entire health industry, is now under the control of Big Pharma. There are billions of dollars at stake. Governments have given them the money and they give it to the media and to politicians who support them.

Have you noticed how many ads there are on TV for medication? Why do you think ABC News starts off every broadcast with fear about new covid deaths and cases? Are you blind?

Proof of this is the fact that no one ever, and I mean ever, reports on any side effects from the numerous vaccines now circulating around the world. You might hear occasionally of some vaccine being halted, but for reasons that are vague and unclear, like a study was made that was inconclusive, or something. But what you don’t hear are the daily deaths, the number of people who get really sick after taking a jab, like my wife for example, who has endured 5 days of excruciating pain after taking her “booster,” and who has complete trust in the system.

My wife, with the exception of mild COPD (58 year old former smoker), is probably one of the healthiest people I know. She is active, works out and has a great diet. 

And then you hear about older teens around the world who have been vaccinated who are having heart attacks, soccer players who have been mandated to take a vaccine and who are fainting, or collapsing on the field, and having heart palpitations.

No one wants to make the connecting, least of all government and media, who will tell you there is nothing to worry about. Get your shot. It’s the only way you will be safe and allow you to keep your freedoms.

COVID was caused by human beings. It has spread and now we are about to enter our third year of the pandemic. They have vaccines, pills, therapies, a whole bunch of ways to combat this thing if you get it and get sick, and the fact remains mostly older people above 65 and already frail, are heavily protected. 

We won.

And yet lockdowns and mandates continue, passports and protests continue, and the media keeps driving fear about rising cases making sure everyone is still on edge for the specific purpose of making sure people get a vaccine shot, or a booster, that, as I have said, causes more harm than the virus itself to many people, including my wife, and about six other people who I know who have taken a jab and either died or got horribly sick afterwards.

I am not anti-vax, I am pro-science. And the best way to make something better is to look for downsides, imperfections, side effects. But if people are not even being told there are side effects – and a lot of them, then many more people because of Fauci and the AMA will be unnecessarily exposed to sickness – not from the virus – but from the cure.

1.7 million people have been seriously impacted by the vaccine. If this were a study group and the FDA or the CDC were wanting to be concerned, what is their threshold for concern? 2 million adverse effects, 10, 20 million? When do the red flags start popping up?

Atr this point the CDC director won’t even admit how many of the 35,000 CDC employees have taken a vaccine. Why would Dr. Walensky refrain from telling a Senator this information?

Who the hell are these people to determine at which point the risk is worth it in lives just to get everyone on the planet inoculated from something hardly any of us have the chance of dying from?

To make matters worse there is no open discussion allowed. Big Tech squashes discussion, major media won’t mention any negatives on the vaccines, and our government does a poor, if not dishonest job, of communicating the real risks of these vaccines other than to to say they are mandatory and it is the best approach.

If this is truly about power and money, and we find later most of what we did was useless because herd immunity would have been the best course, then all of those people who died, or got hurt from an experimental vaccine, will have been unnecessary. And somebody needs to pay a price.

I feel helpless right now because my wife believes in the system that is causing her unbearable pain. She just told me it is worse than childbirth, all for the sake of trusting the government when they told her, “you might want to get a booster, just to be safe.”

A diagnosis only an unconcerned doctor would make just to collect a paycheck handed to him by Big Pharma and the U.S government.

Shame on you.

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