Jen Psaki’s WH Press Briefings Are A Joke

James Watkins | November 18, 2021

There is a joke that goes, “if you want to know when someone is lying just watch Jen Psaki.”

I made that up because it is true. The American people are subjected to lies, half-truths and misdirections every single day from Jen and the White House she speaks for. It’s all about perception and outcome, but never about honesty. 

What does it say when the most free, and presumably the most open society on the planet, has as its spokesperson of the highest elected office, a liar who lies constantly to the people (or to the free press)?  

It says we don’t have integrity at the highest level.

I watch Jen Psaki closely as most of you as well. She is defensive, rude and un-apologetically condescending when speaking to the Press. She rarely speaks the truth and you know she is only telling you what she wants you to hear because the deception from the Oval Office is more than endemic, its perpetual.

It doesn’t speak well for our country to see constant lies being spewed just to protect political power. It makes us look weak. It makes us like like any other Iron Curtain country.

The Press briefings, in my opinion, serve two functions. They allow the free Press to ask question on behalf of the citizenry, and it allows the President to fill us in on his progress as our elected leader of the executive branch.

It’s an open-door policy and was intended to provide access so our president isn’t off doing a bunch of secret shit harming the country and not being held to account.

A free and open Republic such as ours should be proud to display such candor and openness. But then we have Jen Psaki, who apparently feels the people don’t really deserve to know what’s going on because, frankly, most of us wouldn’t understand anyway.

Should we be concerned migrants are flooding our borders and flooding our streets with highly addictive and powerful drugs? Nope. It’s not as bad as they make it out to be, and we have it under control.

Should we be upset about gas prices? Nope. The president believes we can seek out the gougers and it has nothing to do with his policies. Period.

Should we be concerned food and energy costs rising faster than they have in thirty years? Nah, the president is well-aware of the supply crises and we believe it reflects the economy bouncing back, so stop asking such stupid questions. Next.

Does the president want to comment on his sinking favorability polls? What polls? according to our numbers Biden is doing extremely well, except for Trumpers who want to blame everything on Biden.

The obfuscation would be comical if it weren’t for the fact that our country has fallen into such disrepair so quickly. After all, we are still two months away from Biden’s first year in office. We have three more years of this to come!

I have often found myself asking if Jen Psaki sleeps well at night knowing she is lying so much to so many people. Only a person who lacks conscience and ethical awareness could be untethered this much from truth.

If the exercise of these briefings are meant to calm people like little children by coming up with make-believe stories about how well everything is going, then proceed knowing we don’t buy a lick of it and you look like a fool, Jen. Your boss is using you and you should feel bad about that. Maybe that is why you announced you were moving on a few months ago.

But the fact is you and your boss owe the American people honesty, not bullshit, which is what is served every time I watch your useless and deceptive press briefings.

Better that you just send the press an email since we know you aren’t going to answer any questions honestly, anyway.

Just another grim reminder that we are under the control of a very weak and frightened president, so frightened that he hides us from the truth every single day he is in office.

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