The Water Is Boiling

James Watkins | November 17, 2021

Upon the news hearing our Department of Justice actually is tracking parents who are outspoken about Critical Race Theory (CRT) tells us we are now in a stage where the Deep State (the permanent labor force of the federal government)  is getting paranoid about the American people – who could threaten the current power structure.

History shows when the ruling power sense its rulership is in question we start to see its rulers using additional muscle to make sure there is compliance. Masks for example, tell us who is complying and who isn’t. Getting a vaccine is another strong indicator. Getting citizens to snitch on one another is a clear sign government overreach is accelerating in order to manage dissidents. 

The point of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial also sends the message that: you do not have a right to defend yourself, and worse, you have no right to protest the government. You can protest an equity cause, but not the government is off limits. And this is where we are today.

China can show us what signs to look for in the increasing totalitarian order that is seeping into the the American consciousness. Calls for honoring the “common good,” “the greater good,” the “global” community are words designed to foster allegiance to the Deep State. 

Remember, the ruling class of 1.7 billion people in China consists of a deep state of its own, 10% of the population rules over 90%, and they are the CCP. It’s really the club you want to be in if you want your kids to go to a good school, be able to land a great government job and live in relative luxury as long as you defend the party.

Can you not see this starting to happen here in the U.S.?

The pecking order in China works like this: on the community level people snitch on each other in order to earn social credit points, a way of proving your loyalty to the CCP. Those who watch over their neighbors are rewarded for their behavior, and so it begins.

At work it is the same, everyone is watching everyone else but no one knows who is watching and snitching.

Local law officials try to gain more power, which gives them more luxury, slightly better living, slightly more access to travel and foods. The pecking order moves inward and upward to the Party.

In the U.S. the individual tries to move upward upon the socioeconomic ladder via the free market and with individual freedoms. But in China “upwardly mobile” means to earn favor with the Party, the ruling class, like being in an exclusive club for the middle class, the CCP. 

I believe our current Deep State rather likes this idea of a small ruling class, a single political party TO govern the country through it’s States of Democratic leadership

Who needs one party when those in the other party are hated, are labeled racists or worse, patriots to a racist oppressive hierarchy? This is why CRT is promoted by the Left. It undermines patriotism.

When a government starts making lists of its own citizens as “potential domestic terrorists,” for doing things like screaming at a school board member for teaching racists theories, the government is actually admitting they endorse such teachings.

It serves their purpose that children should be taught along ideological lines; it makes them far easier to control (and sometimes used to create disorder to quell dissent), which is what Kenosha and Portland was all about).

That government creates mandates that cause highly trained and well educated professionals to lose their jobs (for not getting a mandated vaccine shot) shows us where our current government is headed.

Mad Zedong fired and removed the experts of industry when he brought communism to China. The experts were disloyal to the party. One of the reasons we have a supply chain crises is because of over-regulation by the ruling party and putting people in charge who have no experience in that particular industry.

China also had mass starvation during the 1950’s and 1960’s because people in charge of the food industry were incompetent loyalists. Can you see the comparisons (hint hint: notice the emptying shelves at your local supermarket and the way they are disguising shelves to make it look like they have ample inventory)?

Lenin did the same thing in Russia. Cuba also removed the experts of farming and health care and replaced these people with incompetent party loyalists. 

Joe Biden is doing the same thing with his desire push to socialize every aspect of American life through his 1 trillion dollar infrastructure bill that federalizes all industry.

Meanwhile, dissenters are being warned to stand down, they are being shamed and silenced, i.e., Aaron Rodgers and Joe Rogan. 

No one seem to notice the FCC now has a diversity board to make sure all communications in our country are monitored for hate speech or any speech that is contrary to accepted speech. Big Tech censors dissenting speech, those who question the Deep State. 

The water is boiling, but we can still jump out of our complacency and push back, protest and demand accountability,from our government and from our media. Today. Now.

At some point during the early days of communism in China, around 100 years ago, the people of China could have stopped communism from becoming the iron fist of rule, but people were convinced the government had their best interests at heart, or they thought things could never get out of control, that is until they had their guns confiscated and their possessions taken from them “for the greater good.”

In Russia, it wasn’t until the economy had crashed that people realized they were under a dictatorship where the government could actually get away with incarcerating people. just as we have a group  of people who are still in jail for merely protesting in the Capitol Building on January 6th because they felt they had not been heard. But the media followed the directions of the ruling party and villainized the protestors as “insurrectionists.”

Even my local TV anchors who get their news from the network they are affiliated with, used the term. Any honest purveyor of news can see the glaringly similar messaging being put out nightly across all major News networks, as well as some supporting shows like Inside Edition and popular shows like Ellen and The View, such as vaccine mandates are good. climate change must be stopped, and anyone who supports a return to Trump policies is a racist.

That’s a sure sign of one party rule is asserting itself.

Now, I don’t care if you are a Trump supporter or hate Trump, you have to wake up and see what your government is becoming. 

When Trump was in office, his party had NO congressional hearings. It was only the Democrats who had special hearings, most having to do with the now discredited Trump-Russia elections conspiracy.

Ask yourself this question: why does the Democratic party always have special hearings? It’s to assert their authority, not only as law-makers but as our judges for the Deep State.

When one compares where America is today with where China was in the 1920’s. I see patterns emerging that indicate we are clearly headed towards a totalitarian government sooner than later, a country with one party-rule.

Surprisingly, there seem to be many players who desire this outcome. 

Perhaps they are jockeying for a seat at the table when the final hammer comes down and we are in a perpetual lockdown due to “existential threats” concocted by the ruling party “for our own good and protection.” 

Big-tech oligarchs (and their minions of employees) who support the Democratic party, or the local union leaders across all spectrums of industry who also support the protectionist policies of the DNC and who vote to keep these people in power, are the embryonic forces that China now calls the Ministry of Truth and the Ministry of Culture, or whatever designates they use, but all of whom pledge loyalty to the State for protection from the dissident.

See something, say something. There is something in it for you if you do.

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