Did The Weather Channel Just Expose The Climate Change Scam?

James Watkins | November 12, 2021

I just happened to tune in to The Weather Channel recently, and if you don’t know this by now, TWC has become NBC’s propaganda arm for Climate Change. It wasn’t always like this, but over the past few years TWC has been following the BBC’s playbook in producing story after story supporting the need to “fight climate change.” It has given NBC/Universal/Comcast a way to peddle the crisis.

There was a time when The Weather Channel provided decent and straightforward coverage of climate news without the need to insert personal interest stories about truckers on iced highways, extreme weather stories, and even a nightly show about weird weather called Weather Underground.

The personal approach of the Weather Channel is endearing, however, which is why I grew to like the rather unsophisticated – yet unbiased – TWC, even up to the time when NBCUniversal bought the Weather Channel and morphed it into an offshoot of MSNBC. 

It became faux fancy and slick; the musical scores got an upgrade (they used to play elevator music behind the “News on the Eights,” until someone realized the music was corny).

Jim Cantore, Jen Carfagno and Stephanie Abrams were groomed as the morning team of AMHQ, and the have performed exceptionally well for the Network.

For someone like me who lives in the Sunbelt, it’s a go-to for the Tropical Update, so I was a huge fan. 

Until I wasn’t.

Since I do not hold that climate change is anything but natural (pollution is a different concern, however), I detest turning the science of weather into the politics of weather; and when NBC got its grubby little woke hands on it, they tainted it with their poisonous, globalist, agenda-driven dribble about climate justice and the so-called “climate crisis” that requires all of us to succomb to radical new rules for living – or be charged with the crime of climate injury.

Woke NBC uses every opportunity to push their anti-capitalist agenda. This is how woke progressive ideology infects, and then destroys the credibilty of information.

Over the past year The Weather Channel has upped its game even further on the propaganda, apparently forgetting that TWC’s own founder, John Coleman, in 2017 denounced climate change science as “a hoax.”

But recently, amidst the incessant updates from COP26 in Glasgow, morning AMHQ co-host Jen Carfagno said the unsayable, uttered the unthinkable and stated what everyone knows is true, despite the global elites who are convinced the world will end by 2030 unless we “fight climate change.”

It slipped because it was true, and that Jen, a trained and seasoned meteorologist (and someone with whom I have great respect watching her career blossom at the network) said it so casually, reveals the greater truth that when it comes to climate change, the prince has no clothes, it is a fake, a fraud, a scheme and perhaps the greatest scam ever foisted upon the human race.

What did she say?

She said the weather “has been perfect for the last year.

And not only did she say this about today, and this year, she said it about the past few years, all in the space of about 15 seconds. 

I believe when it was leaving her mouth she probably realized it was a boo-boo and expected to be hauled into the Network Star Chamber any moment to face her accusers.

Play the clip from Wednesday at about 11:10am on November 11, 2021:

Jen Fargno on The Weather Channel admitting the weather is just perfect


You see, if the whole argument about climate change is that it is causing terrible destruction, that it’s because the earth has been getting warmer every year, and that the last 30 years has been “the hottest on record,” and that the North Pole has no ice, and the seas are rising, then how is it a famed and credible network anchor on the Weather Channel can claim “the last few years have been perfect, really, and really mild, especially in the South?”

Didn’t Obama warn us 8 years ago fish were going to start swimming in downtown Miami?

Tradewinds shift. The earth is tilted and thus, seasons occur. Climate is in constant change because we are spinning around a solar orb, and our earth rotates at a speed of a thousand miles an hour, all of this creates constant movement of air pressure, jet streams. winds, oceans, clouds, heat, cold, etc.

Thousandsof years ago the Saudi Arabian Peninsula used to be the breadbasket of the Middle East, much like North America is today, much like Norway was in the 10th Century; a hundred centuries ago half of Europe was still under ice, and then it warmed.

The climate has an ebb and flow; glaciers advance, and then they retreat, and this process takes a hundred thousand years. We happen to be in a warm period, so for us in the 21st Century to assume for even a second that man is “destroying the climate,” when the climate is actually optimal for growth, is to show our own ignorance of climate science.

When we start talking about climate “justice,” and “climate racism,” we are personalizing mother nature in terms inconsistent with true science.

Jen Carfagno let it slip. It was a close call except for people like me who caught it, and are now using it to prove that climate change is a big, fat lie. They just admitted it. If the climate was in crisis the last thing you would say is the weather in the South “has been perfect the last year – and even mild.”

Think about the past year. If the world was indeed warming as the scientists tell us, where was the usual European heat wave we always hear about?


Where are the picture of Chicago and New York with kids running through fire hydrant fountains?


Oh, wait, Seattle had a heatwave for two weeks. Call in the National Guard.

Science is on trial in the present day, and if it continues to support unscientific positions that are politically driven, scientists will some day take a back seat to shamanism and sorcery. 

And that day is fast approaching.

2030 is only eight years away, and if the world isn’t destroyed by then, or science can’t explain why it isn’t, then any future warning about climate trauma will make you the laughing stock the Weather Channel, sadly, has become.

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