The Strange Behavior On the Left for Joe Biden

James R. Watkins | November 10, 2021

Memory serves during the entirety of the Trump administration that if DJT so much as made one silly comment or one irreverent tweet the media and the people who hated Trump couldn’t wait to rub it in the face of every conservative on the planet.

Strangely, despite the major foibles of Biden, no one calls him out – ever!

Not for farting in front of British royalty, not for having”an elder moment” in the presence of the Holy See, probably the most powerful religious figure in the world, not for leaving hundreds of people in Afghanistan to die because they helped Americans who tried to keep peace for twenty years in that ravaged hell-hole, not for leaving 50 billion dollars worth of military hardware there for the Taliban to literally parade in front of our faces, not for screwing the French, not for flubbing a vaccine rollout, not for stumbling, mumbling and forgetting who he is and where he is almost every time he jumps in front of a camera.

Nothing, it seems, Biden does ever gets questioned, and not just by media, but by family, co-workers, offspring, commentators or local news weather forecasters. No one.

You could write a Woody Allen comedy out of this presidency, and yet crickets from a stunned and slightly embarrassed America.

And then our Vice President, champion of Climate Change policy, asks a NASA scientist if tree placement in urban cities is racist because there are not enough trees, or some rubbish like that.

Not a murmur, not even a giggle from anyone on the Left.

Don’t you find that odd?

Even when you have a packed stadium of 50,000 people yelling “F*uck Joe Biden” you have reporters who deny what the audience is really saying.

And then when the same media is called out their own lie is turned against them. The response?

Let’s go Brandon is now hate speech!

It’s almost as if I live in Iraq and everyone is afraid to criticize Saddam Hussein.

Only this is not Iraq and I am confounded by the silence from the non-right. As if they don’t want to admit this man can do wrong. Because if they did it would mean it was a bad mistake. And if that is the case then these same sycophants would have to admit the wrong guy is leading the country, which is far too much to bear.

People hate Trump so much they are willing to take, without question, a shot in the arm that can cause their own death or permanent disability simply because they have to support a man who replaced the man they despised.


It’s like Stockholm Syndrome mixed with sado-masochism; taking the pain because you avoid the shame of being wrong.

And why do they hate Trump?

Ask Jonathan Karl, the lead field reporter at ABC World News Tonight. He just wrote a book about how much he hates Trump, and he is supposed to be a neutral journalist, about as neutral as his old boss Rick Klein, the ABC Executive Producer who declared all Trump supporters should be sent to concentration “re-education” camps.

All of this is so goddamn Orwellian I am beginning to believe the DNC (or oligarchs who run tech) are actually stealing copy points from 1984, using newspeak, two-minutes Hate, and censorship of so called “misinformation,” to keep the masses (willingly) in check.

Denial of reality on a personal level may just be a temporary longing for the good ole days when life wasn’t so hard.

But denial on a massive level such as what we see today, with millions of people embracing massive vaccine mandates and shaming of fellow citizens for non-compliance in the process, reminds me too much of what we have seen before in places like Cuba and Venezuela.

Please tell me America is not that close to totalitarian socialist rule.

If true, all of this portends to a ‘quiet coup’ over American thought.

It’s a small minority, mind you, doing all of the work; but they own media, education and tech. If you have these three legs of the stool, you can control the masses, as we see now in this day, in what was once the freest country on earth.

Today we, I, can object. Tomorrow, if they win, I am dead. I will be marginalized, I will be viewed as dangerous. I will be the problem and will be cast out.

You, too. 

How do we stop this madness in America?

Is it too late?

What are your thoughts?

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