The Real Answer To Solving Climate Change

James R Watkins | November 10, 2021

There are two ways we can fight climate change, if you believe in that nonsense. Trouble is, many do and these two choices are being debated right now by those in power who ought to have their collective heads examined.

The claim is we have to roll back the emissions clock to produce what we produced in the 1850’s. Why? because science says the only way to turn down the heat index caused by emissions in our upper atmosphere is by reducing emissions to pre-1850 levels.

Now, we can do it by using less fossil fuels and switching to renewables but renewables can only generate 7% of what fossil fuels generate In order to power our global infrastructure as it is today would require us to reduce our energy consumption by 93% OR produce ten times the number of solar panels and wind farms, which would require ten times more raw material to produce the components needed to make renewable energy powerful enough to run our planet.

As you can see, this is not a workable plan.

A second method would be to simply reduce the population by 83.3%, which means if there are ten people in a room eight of them need to simply not exist.

Who among us is willing to sacrifice themselves in order to save the planet?

The global population in 1850 was 1.26 billion. Now it is 7.2 billion.

To get from 7.2 to 1.2 billion means 6 billion people need to stop existing by 2030.

To recap: to reach 1850 level emissions by 2030 we have three choices:

Plan A: We all start using 93% less energy until we can improve renewable energy performance to replace fossil fuels and thus, maintain our standard of living

There is a plan C.

Do nothing and let the climate, as George Carlin once said, “flick us off like a bad case of fleas.”

Plan C solves our problem for us and it requires nothing accept indiscriminate suffering. It will solve our problem for us, unless we truly are willing to fight climate change going with either Plan A or B.

And since India and China produce about 80% of the emissions, they should go first.

I don’t think China would have a problem with Plan B, and getting rid of the Uyghurs would cut about 10 million right off the bat.

Round up a few million Christians, another few million political dissidents and any other citizen who is deemed non-essential and China could probably cut their population in half without even blinking an eye.

That’s one-third of our problem solved.

In India, the second biggest polluter with its one billion citizens, knock off ten or twenty million undesirables in India and a few dozen million deplorables in the U.S., a few million Jews in Israel, a few more million Christians in Africa along with the entire non-indigenous population in Australia and Canada and we are almost there.

I’m thinking all male conservative heterosexual males over the cliff could get us to four billion shaved off the planet, those people are deniers anyway, so they are actually part of the problem.

I can, even now, smell the fresh air already, and oh my, getting a little nippy, isn’t it?

I am sure if you went into each country and asked each government leader to make a sacrifice for the greater good, they would have no problem finding the quota of people necessary to fulfill the mission of population reduction to 1850 levels.

Hell, I think we will solve the climate crisis with a few years to spare, right in time for AOC to be elected president for making all the bad people go away and for being the global leader in fighting climate change at the same time.

Greta Thunberg could probably be the new global Secretary of State.

The Oligarchs are way ahead of us on all of this because they know overpopulation is the real culprit behind the Climate Change crises. This is why abortion is so popular among them.

One less person in the world gets us one person closer to our objective of saving the planet, and it is far more achievable than expecting every human being to cut their energy and consumption usage by 93%.

So either pray we get real good at making better solar panels and windmills, or expect to face plan B.

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