Four Things That Created The Supply Chain Crisis

James Watkins | November 9, 2021

Since our president and our transportation secretary do not seem to know what is causing the supply chain crisis (because they never seem to actually explain it when asked), let me tell you what happened so you can know who to be angry at and who to hold accountable if it doesn’t get fixed.

1. COVID lockdowns hit the docking industry. For months people at the major ports in LA and San Francisco/Oakland were on skeleton crews and only those ships containing cargo deemed ‘essential,’ were unloaded. During mid-2020 this wasn’t a problem since the production chain in Asia was also slowed because of the pandemic. But towards the end of 2020 and into Spring of 2021 while the US was going strong with lockdowns (especially in Newsom’s California), goods were coming in, and not getting unloaded.

2. Lack of attention from the U.S. government. No one was paying attention. It is just that simple. It wasn’t until large distribution centers started notice things weren’t arriving on time did the people take notice. As the economy was picking up steam, the cargos were piling up off the coast of San Pedro and Long Beach. Newsom and local government agencies in Long Beach were slow to open the harbors and let workers get back to their jobs. Ineffectual and restrictive local government created the log jam.

3. Going from bad to worse, new laws kicked in in California this year requiring older trucks to be refitted for better fuel consumption or be replaced, but since the cost of doing so was prohibitive, there were less truckers coming into the State, plus raising the age of truck drivers also put a crunch on available truckers. New fees to address “climate change” also made it more expensive to own a truck in California. Climate change caused a trucking shortage, not the actual climate mind you, but climate change laws that have zero effect on the climate, were enacted by green-friendly State leaders who like to put their green thumbprint on business by making it almost impossible to do business.

4. Biden’s energy policy. Nothing says expensive to a trucker more than fuel. And when fuel prices go up 15-20% in the space of a year, and there is less business because of the slowdown, truckers don’t truck as much or as far. Biden has literally killed energy production and has made it so expensive and riddled with so many regulations, fuel now comes from the Middle East again. Two years ago the U.S. produced much of its own energy, we were literally energy-independent. This meant that the U.S would always have the energy to keep ourselves going.

Now we are begging OPEC to lower the price of a barrel and to increase production AND Biden is going to crack down on “gouging” he thinks is happening in America. The only gouging going on is Biden hacking the energy sector in the U.S. to make his greeny supporters in DC happy at the expense of the rest of the country.

In essence it is part Newsom, part local government, part Biden and part Covid that is responsible for our current supply chain crisis.

So in mathematical terms, 75% of our problem is with bad leadership by people who, because they lack actual work experience, and have surrounded themselves with equally ignorant cabinet members, the rest of America will sucking wind when we order stuff this year for Christmas.

And the folks are in charge are telling us to ‘lower our expectations.’ 

To which my response is yes, we already have.

One comment

  1. Since California will never grow a brain and is likely to keep responding to crises with more regulations, it seems to me that we need a new West Coast port that is not controlled by Left Coast idiots. The entire coast of Mexico is available. I’m sure that if the U.S./U.S. financiers (or even China!) funded an up-to-date, modern port on Mexico’s west coast, loads could be easily trucked or even delivered by rail to Texas. Texas already possesses the roads and rail links to deliver goods throughout the U.S. east of the Rockies. It would be a winning investment on all sides, and California would be free of all that traffic, congestion, and pollution that it so abhors.


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