Latest VAERS Report

Every time the OpenVaers project updates its latest tally of adverse effects from those getting a vaccine jab we will update the numbers for you, so please follow us or bookmark this site.

What is most unusual is these numbers are provided by the CDC. These are legitimate numbers, and yet the media is generally silent about them because they don’t want to scare people into not getting a vaccine. So here are the numbers (chart is downloadable):

First how many people were vaccinated from week to week is important because we can determine percentages and risk factor by tracking number of people vaccinated from week to week versus the number of people reporting adverse effects.

Week ending October 29th shows, strangely, the number of people vaccinated were adjusted and reduced by 80,000. This means the CDC overreported the number of vaccines week ending 10-22 by 80,000.

Let’s see if the crackpot White House Press Corp will bother asking the Biden Administration why they reduced the reported number of people getting vaccinated by 80,000.

Going down the list, these are for U.S. cases only. The global numbers are much higher, but owing to differing standards of reporting, for our purposes we will stick with just the United States and what the CDC is reporting.

8,284 people have died after getting a vaccination thus far, jumping 2.68% from week to week to a total of 216 deaths between October 22 and October 29th.

832 people went to the hospital during that same week, 1,219 sought urgent care, up 1.55% from the week previous; 29 people suffered an anaphylaxis seizure; 25 people suffered Bell’s Palsy (face droop); there were 22 reports of miscarriages week ending 10/29; 102 people had a heart attack in that same week, 75 cases of myocarditis, 227 people are now permanently disabled from the vaccine; 384 people suffered a severe allergic reaction, and 61 people reported getting shingles (a nerve disorder) after getting their shot.

In total there were 5,902 incident reports. Bear in mind health officials believe less than 10% of those who have a reaction fail to report it, so even these latest numbers may be far below what is actually happening.

To date (January 1 to October 29th, 2021) 81,300 people in the U.S. have died after getting at least one vaccine shot; 114,438 people have been permanently disabled after taking a vaccine jab.

Out of the approximately 222,060,000 people who have had at least one vaccine shot (not including boosters), 1,493,768 people have reported serious adverse reactions after taking a covid vaccine shot, which represents .67%

Here is the spreadsheet:

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