I Knew Truth Was Dead When This Happened

James Watkins | November 8, 2021

Days ago when Joe Biden was delivering his climate speech he spoke about Methane being a main contributor to planet earth warming.

I decided to research Methane and found that, oddly, what Biden said on stage matched word for word what Wikipedia said, and the same verbiage also appeared in the next five or six articles listed in that same search. Methane causes climate change. Even Britannica was following suit.

They all reverberated the mantra that Methane is a “deadly, toxic gas and must be capped.”

This wasn’t objective Science I was reading, this was a subjective and coordinated attempt to replace science with Minitru (Ministry of Truth) truthspeak, that’s when the Ministry of Truth steps in and changes definitions because, as they say, “he who controls the past controls the present, and he who controls the present controls the future.” (Orwell)

A concerted attempt to make sure the right phrases are used when describing a natural organic compound is necessary to make sure we all think the same way about something in order to further the agenda of “fighting climate change.”

Wikipedia is, for the most part, the modern version of the Encyclopedia Britannica; it is supposed to be the touchstone for facts, not a place where you can change the facts to suit the purpose, which is what it is today.

By the way, methane (CH4) is created when bacteria consumes waste material, such as the rich pasta you just ate, or what happens when permafrost melts at the polar caps and bacteria is eating the moss, releasing methane into the atmosphere. When it does trap heat, an interesting thing happens. It rains, and when it rains another strange thing occurs, the area where it rains cools off. 

God created a wonderful feedback loop mechanism in Mother Nature, a loop so that if anything (or anyone deviates) changes in the environment, there are ecological brakes which prevent things from getting out of whack.

For example when polar ice melts because of heat, that heat condenses, turns into rain (or snow) and viola, the earth cools. Inversely, when the earth cools in the northern hemisphere, it warms in the southern hemisphere and the weather is in a constant state of seeking to find equilibrium.

It is a beautiful thing to observe.

Methane is a hydrogen molecule with 4 carbon atoms. It is an odorless gas that floats into the air, but because some scientists think it “traps heat” in the atmosphere where the temperature is often -50 Fahrenheit or colder, we are supposed to believe cow farts and methane fields are “warming the planet.”

You see people with a little knowledge know most people won’t fact check what you say. And if they do fact check and use Wikipedia to verify something, well guess what? if Wiki says it, it must be true.

So much for science.

The world is full of experts, and the ones who say the right things get rewarded handsomely, even if it is a lie. After all, lf lying will ‘save the planet,’ then so be it.

But as far as fact-checking and getting to the truth, good luck with that. Truth very much depends on who controls the narrative. If you can control the present, then the future is double-plus-good.

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