2+ 2 Does Not Equal 5

Climate Change is 2 + 2 = 5

Many years ago I was a big supporter of environmental causes having to do with clean air, clean water and less pollution. I believed then human beings have a real consumption problem, and we still do today.

But the experts must have realized at some point that cleaning up lakes and streams and improving the catalytic converter and making cars more fuel efficient wasn’t enough. There was no real money in it, and fuel was just going to get cheaper and cheaper.

Then someone pulled Al Gore aside and convinced him the real issue was global warming. It is said, and I don’t think there is science to back it up, that three gases “trap” heat from escaping the earth’s surface. Those three gases are also the same three gases the earth produces naturally and in abundance. Carbon, Methane and Nitrous Oxide.

It is said that because human beings pollute so much carbon and excess methane that the earth temperature is rising steadily, as much as a few degrees over just the last few decades, and that models predict a “runaway” excess in heat, which then melts the polar ice caps. thus seas will rise and you know the rest.

The discussion went from cleaning the planet of our trash to singling out fossil fuels as the cause of global warming (which later changed to climate change, and then to climate crisis because the earth stopped warming fast enough between 2001 and 2015). The more the models were wrong, the more they hyped disaster.

So you can see the shift in environmentalism occurred around the turn of the century. Emphasis went from cleaner air and water, to keeping the planet from dying.

Al Gore, who was then the Vice President, channeled his authority over to the National Education Association, and prompted schools to introduce this science of climate change into our schools.

We went from cleaning up the planet, which was correct, to “saving the planet,” which was never really in danger in the first place. In fact, most scientists will tell you a slightky warmer planet is better for plant life, food production and lastly, death from cold winters.

Even the summer of 2021 was temperate.

But no one seemed to notice.

This is why today you see people between the ages of 13 and 25 accepting – without question – the climate is dying and human beings are the cause of it. 

You’ll also notice that as Covid worries are waning, our attention is now shifted (by design) to a “climate crisis.” The same draconian rules they put into place to protect us from dying of Covid are now going to be used to “fight the climate.” You hear it all of the time. We are going to “combat” climate change, we are fighting to “save the planet.”

It is the new religion.

How do we fight climate change? Easy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the heat will go down and the ice caps will come back to the polar regions and all will be well again.

Sounds simple because that is how they frame the narrative. It’s as simple as 2 + 2 = 5.

Through propaganda and a big help from government agencies who can use the climate crisis issue as a way of controlling energy, creates massive funding headed towards fighting climate change. Billions of dollars will be thrown at this incredibly false idea that humans can somehow change the temperature of the planet just enough to save the planet from killing all life.

Academia is in, Science is in, Government is in and the Media is in.

2+2 = 5.

For those unfamiliar with the term 2+2=5 it comes from the book 1984 in which the main protagonist, who insists 2+2 = 4, is tortured until he is unable to distinguish the truth. In the end, we see the archetype hero scribble on a piece of paper 2+ 2 = , and then he leaves the answer blank because he knows the truth will mean his death. He has been defeated.

2 + 2 =5 is what people now believe is true.

Through conditioning that started in kindergarten and continuing through college, an entire generation of people now believe that, unless we switch to renewables (which only provides 10% of the necessary energy to keep the planet humming), the planet will die.

Unlike many, I have actually read the IPOCC report, and not until you get to page 92 do you realize that pretty much everything they say is theory. The models are based on data that is input into the models that spit out scenario after scenario showing what could happen if the temperature continues to rise.

But what the IPOCC doesn’t ever factor in is cloud cover, volcanic activity, ocean respiration and even cosmic radiation that bombards our planet endlessly. These are all mitigating factors when you seek to understand the global ecosystem.

Our weather is not controlled like a Nest you have in your home where you can set a desired temperature, but this is exactly how most people think. If we simply lower our fuel consumption the earth’s weather will change. This is overly simplistic thinking that, for one thing, has never actually been proven outside of a lab.

And yet people believe it without question.

But it doesn’t matter now because the lie is already too well established and to question it now simply means you are against saving the planet. You are a denier.

Today people pay more for fuel and they are feeling as if it’s the price of salvation; it’s our fault. We ruined our planet. We must pay.

But what does it say when the Vice President, an “expert on climate change policy” (just like Al Gore was), is asking a NASA scientist “if certain trees are more harmed by climate change because of racial discrimination?”

Climate Justice is now a term which means those who are disproportionately hurt by climate change must be compensated. So if you are indigenous to say, Bangladesh and your country floods every year, it’s mostly likely the fault of the industrialized countries and they should pay Bangladesh for pain and suffering.

And most people today would agree this is fair policy because it is climate justice.

You and I will not be able to convince anyone who buys into Climate Change because the amount of conditioning would require a complete rewiring of a person’s thoughts. It is like rescuing someone from the Jim Jones Cult. It is just so deeply ingrained it is almost impossible to get people to unthink what they have been conditioned to think and have accepted as fact.

How do I know I am right and that Climate Change crisis is bogus?

Follow the money.

Everyone in on climate change wins big the more people believe it. The oil companies will charge more, the local utility companies are going to charge more and you, the taxpayer, will be fined and be charged more if you do anything that amounts to consumption because YOU are producing carbon, YOU are continuing to add to climate warming and YOU must follow the plan or YOU will be seen as a deviant, a climate denier.

Questioning the “science” is tantamount to believing the earth is flat.

2+ 2 = 4

My son bought a Tesla which is charged by plugging it into a wall. He is helping to save the environment.

What he doesn’t realize is the batteries in his car had to be dug up in China, shipped via cargo across the ocean to a factory and installed into a car, and the energy needed to power that car, which is far less efficient per mile than cheap gas, comes from an electrical plant 300 miles away that is powered by – – coal and fossil fuels.

And my electric bill went up 30%.

2+ 2 = 4.

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