I watched Deepak Chopra on Ellen. 

As a person who has always believed in God, I find it sad that people have a hard time saying the word, especially when they talk about spirituality. Why is it people are uncomfortable using the word or term God?

For example, famed spiritual guru Deepak Chopra appeared as a guest on The Ellen Degeneres Show recently. On the show the two naturally discussed the subject of spirituality and developing one’s own inner spiritual nature. After ten minutes of this wonderfully good sounding conversation about how to get in touch with one’s soul, and how to love that inner you and how believing in your personal power can accomplish great things, I noticed two things that were never mentioned. God was never mentioned, and service to others was never mentioned.

People seem to view spirituality as a self-help strategy for happiness. And while there is certainly happiness that comes from a strong spiritual nature, being happy is not the goal of the spiritual life. Maybe yoga, meditation, and things like that might be good for emotional balance and relieving stress, but being happy does not, in and of itself, promote or equate spiritual growth. 

So Deepak and Ellen were really having a self-help strategy session disguised as a spiritual conversation. The spiritual aspect of developing a relationship with the source of spirituality was never discussed; the need to serve others as a pre-requisite for spiritual living was totally absent from the conversation. Serving others is one of the keys to spiritual growth; true tolerance and moral  steadfastness is also key to spiritual growth. Being spiritual is not always about feelings, it is mostly about doing.  but this public discourse, intended to sound spiritual, seemed only concerned with self-growth, self-healing and self-comfort.

Nothing wrong with a person trying to find peace in their life, but finding peace and being on a spiritual journey are two completely different things, though a benefit of spiritual growth at times is satisfying. But a spiritual journey is also about testing, about humility and character-testing.

Better that Deepak should simply have told Ellen, look, do yoga a few times a week and take an aspirin, rather than talking about everything but God, the elephant in the room, at least once, showing that faux, or fake spirituality is the rule of the day.

Sell anther book, right Deepak?

God has to be the center of spiritual growth; having a personal and growing relationship with “yourself” is not the same as having a deep and spiritual relationship with the source and center of spirituality as well as personality, God.

God is real, he is your destiny on the spiritual journey. Otherwise you are simply swimming in an ocean of bliss with your eyes closed.

Serving God is best illustrated by “doing unto others” and making a contribution everyday towards the betterment of your fellow man, however you decide to participate. 

“Unto oneself” is not spiritual, it is self-absorbing. The spirit of God is within your mind, this spirit seeks to share your life with you, and lead you to service and love for all people, especially those who love Christ and don’t have LGBTQ pronouns. God is not about soothing childish and immature feelings. Though he loves all of his children, he also expects them to mature and show strength in character.

It would have been nice to hear Cheepak say these things because I know he believes them. 

Unfortunately because of the nature of our superficial society, too many people, even those seeking alleged spiritual fulfillment, are offended by the mere suggestion of there being a personal, loving God, an actual spirit parent of an evolving mortal soul, and of there being a specific plan of spiritual growth, instead we watched a platitude-filled therapy session on the philosophical meanings of what meditation does to make us happy.

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