Your Smartphone or Your Climate Change – Because You Can’t Have Both

James Watkins  |  October 26, 2021

Without getting to much into the weeds on this, the whole argument for “fighting climate change” is a bust, unless of course you really do want to destroy the entire world economy and create more death than the climate could ever achieve.

Let’s take those airplanes. No more flying? Boats?

How about cars, they have to have power to drive, whether it comes from electric grids powered by fossil fuels, or gas stations giving it to you, and renewables can’t provide it – ever.

Back to horses? Then you have a manure problem and you will probably never travel more than five miles away from home. Not practical.

Or how about that smartphone or laptop that powers your life. Kiss it goodbye. 

Think of the network of computers that make it possible for you to send and receive a text, or the 20,000+ employees who work at Facebook who need computers to regulate hate speech. They have to power those computers, and to do that you have to put up energy lines and transmitter sites which need electricity to power them so you don’t lose your signal.

You also need large machines that can’t run without fossil fuels in order to dig up the materials needed to make the chips that make the computers that make your phone work; you need silica and all kinds of other hard-to-access elements to make the materials that goes into your phone, including circuit chips shipped in on huge fossil fuel-powered cargo ships from Taiwan, just to make sure you can use your phone to text or tweet your next protest.

To make sure you can replace your smartphone you need to make sure the company that makes it can employ millions of people who need to get to the plants to ship you your phone.

In short, the materials needed to support the infrastructure that even makes your cell phone possible requires lots and lots of energy, so much energy that if we did cut carbon emissions and we were somehow able to “save the planet from overheating,” you would have to give up yourcar, your big screen TV’s, your electric hybrid and ultimately you would have to grow your own food, provided we don’t have a long winter because we will have starved the atmosphere of carbon, something earth naturally produces along with the other two which makes up those greenhouse gases you are afraid of.

Try this at home. Use two barbecue grills. With one slice of bacon on each grill, one is powered by charcoal, the other by the sun.

On a hot day it would take a week for that bacon to be cooked by the sun, enough to eat from the renewables grill; whereas it would take about 3 minutes to cook the same piece of bacon on the fossil fuel-powered grill.

Get the point?

Same kinetic (heat) energy but just different rates of transmission. They didn’t teach you this in school because you were too busy being brainwashed into “saving the planet.”

Do you now see the energy differential between renewables and compacted carbon held captive in a piece of charcoal?

Both come from the same place.

The power to make that iPhone wouldn’t exist if you truly get your way.

So answer the question.: Your smartphone, which embodies the technology of our evolved society with access to cheap energy, or your climate crisis, which eradicates the progress of civilization?

You choose.

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