We Tried To Warn You

James Watkins | October 27, 2021

Remember when we tried to warn our liberal friends that when the Left gets into power they will come for you as well?

Remember when we told you that, while they love you for it, the day would arrive when they would come for you just as when they came for us?

That day is now. 

It’s why they want to force you to take a vaccine for a flu that you have a 1 in 1000 chance of getting, and with a vaccine that may not prevent you from getting sick.

They also want to take your job away from you and punish you for non-compliance.

It is why they want to teach your kids to hate the country and the color of their skin, to teach your kids to suffer from racial guilt because of the racism ‘in their DNA.’

It’ is why just today, the head of the CDC wants to send federal employees to “education camps” for refusing to comply with mandates issued by a government who is controlled by big pharma.

We tried to warn you when we said they will sooner or later eat their own, by at first intimidation, and then later, through legislation and propaganda, to take your rights away one by one in the name of “safety and security”; inch by inch, slowly they turned – on the very people who supported them.


We tried to warn you they would destroy your family by implying ‘family’ is somehow a patriarchal construct premised on “oppression and exclusion” because others have “no family.”

That cultural celebrations like ‘Dad’s Day’ at the high scool dance is deemed offensive, just as ‘Daughters Day’ at work’ is also offensive, because the Left says some people have moms and dads who don’t work. We must not shame them.

You must comply.

Therefore you should not celebrate nor acknowledge the good things about family supporting one another. It hurts people’s feelings.

We tried to tell you they would use media to conform your kids away from basic family principles to a more community-based “village” where everyone knows your business and you can be called out for non-compliance to the new order.

We told you they would turn your neighbors against you and make you the enemy for saying “no, I want my rights.”

We tried to warn you the gay mafia wouldn’t stop at just ending discrimination, but now they want protected rights to assert LGBTQ+ ideology at the expensive of traditional family values where faith, altruism and honor are seen as something called “white privilege.”

So now your kids are depressed about the planet, they have no hope, you will get fired if you don’t take a shot, and lastly, they want your kids to take a shot, too, a vaccine that will be in perpetuity to make all of us dependent on mother government, or be cast out as ‘anti-science.’

We tried to tell you these people couldn’t be trusted because the only thing they want is control over your life for “the greater good.”

You thought is was about fighting a virus or saving a planet. It wasn’t.

It was always about using fear in seizing power to control your life because you need to be “organized.”

We tried to warn you. And now it is almost too late to stop the minority Left from ruining every good and decent thing that makes America the greatest place on earth – for everyone.

But it is not too late to join the silent majority.

It’s time to be on the side of Righteousness, which means to not let your life be controlled by the leftist social democrats who want to ‘save you’ by involving themselves in every aspect of your life.

Will you join us?

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