Vaccinations Drop By 92%, According to CDC

James Watkins | October 25, 2021


According to the CDC Vaccines Adverse Effect Report System (VAERS) between October 8 to October 15, 2021 we know the following:

Lower than the government probably wanted but 139,000 U.S. citizens got vaccinated during that week ending October 8, bringing the total number of partially or fully vaccinated people to 218,320,000, an increase of just .81%

You can bet Big Pharma number-crunchers are quite upset, which could explain why Biden and his administration are putting heat on companies to mandate vaccinations.

What is equally troubling are the numbers of people who reported adverse effects after getting a vaccine. From week to week the number of people who got a jab dropped from 1.9 million between October 1 to October 8, to just 139,000 people getting a vaccination between October 8 to October 15th. That represents a 92..68% decrease from week to week.

Americans are not rushing to get vaccinated.

Perhaps one reason why is because of the number of adverse effects people are reporting after getting a vaccination. Surely with over 431,345 people reporting adverse effects, the talk is out that the vaccines are NOT as safe as the government says.

Here is a brief rundown of what happened over a seven-day period from October 8th to October 15, 2021:

636 people reported died this week after getting one of several vaccines.

3,473 people were admitted to the hospital after getting a shot.

2,093 people went to urgent care.

4,243 saw their doctor over concerns after getting a vaccination shot.

196 reports of Anaphylaxis shock.

381 reports of Bell’s Palsy, a nerve disorder that makes one or both sides of one’s face droop.

123 reports of miscarriages.

268 heart attacks.

781 cases of Myocarditis.

1,394 people became disabled.

140 had blood clot problems.

686 reported life threatening issues.

557 people reported severe allergic reactions.

262 reported getting shingles, a nerve disorder.

And while there were .69% percent less reports of adverse reactions from week to week, there were still 431,345 adverse effects reported week endeing October 15th.

We should also watch to see how boosters effect the numbers of adverse effects.

ABC News reported Sunday October 24 that the number of people who received a booster shot (people who had already received a full vaccination) was higher than the amount of people who had an initial shot. This makes sense because people who have had previous vaccinations are more likely to trust the vaccines than those who have not or refuse to take a shot for personal reasons.

As a side, on the global picture new cases of coronavirus are down slightly as are deaths. about 2 percent for both, which has been the patterm for the past six weeks.

In the U.S. new cases are down 24% for the weekend ending October 24th, and deaths from covid related illness are down 14%. This explains why COVID cases are not being reported as the major headlines while reports of vaccines and rollouts are now the leading stories. The narrative has shifted to getting children vaccinated.

You will notice governments are also shifting to climate change issues as a precursor for more regulations coming on price controls and mandates, capturing the momentum of the post-covid fear people are still unraveling.

All of this information is posted on our home website (which you are reading now) on the menu bar under COVID 19. Information comes from Our World in Data, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) .


After crunching the numbers a bit more, we calculated risk between being vaccinated and chosing to be unvaccinated from coronavirus.

From January 1 to October 15th 2021 in a population of 330-million people approximately 370,000 people have died from Covid 19-related illness, which means every U.S.  citizens has a .11% chance of dying from COVID.

From January 1 to October 15th, there were 612,000 adverse effects (including death) reported, which .19% of those who received a vaccine (218-million).

This means you have a greater chance of having a serious adverse effect from the vaccine than dying from COVID. 

Another startling statistic. Death from vaccines (7800 out of 218-million) now represents a .004% of all people who have been vaccinated. Lower than the COVID death rate to be sure, but one wonders if a CRF of .004% of the general population is considered an “acceptable risk.”


James Watkins is host of the highly rated Coronavirus Update Podcast on iTunes and Spotify and is a veteran broadcast reporter and consultant.

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