The Climate Isn’t the Only Crisis We Face

James Watkins | October 22, 2021

No one thinks about it, but the supply chain crunch we are experiencing is solely because of leadership who thought making trucks more fuel efficient, making drivers take a vaccine, and making employees who unload cargo ships stay home to curb the spread of covid are causing a 120 billion dollar pileup of goods and supplies made by the hands of millions of people overseas who make cheap stuff for us so they can feed their families.

The chief culprits of this self-mitigated disaster are, chief among them, people like Governor Gavin Newsom, a man so preoccupied with climate change and saving his gubernatorial ass, that he forgot that if you don’t have trucks you can’t deliver stuff to the nation, hence the large tankers sitting off our coast twiddling their collection thumbs.

Port of Long Beach/Source AP

To combat climate change, new rules were implemented on truck drivers to either have to buy a new vehicle, or pay huge sums to bring their older vehicles up to code. All of this combating of climate change led to an oil spill off the coast and have wasted energy in order to keep those cargo ships a humming. Add to this 80,000 trucks are about to descend upon Long Beach, no doubt increasing traffic congestion for the foreseeable future. The air in LA is about get much worse, thanks to Newsom who is busy “fighting the climate change.” 

Save the planet, create a logjam, cause an oil spill, and tell everyone Christmas is going to suck this year. And oh, by the way, with gas hitting 5.00 dollars a gallon, it is getting more expensive by the day to move those goods across the U.S.A.

This is what bad leadership does.

Antarctica just had its coldest winter on record. Not that such news means anything because I’m sure those records only go back a few decades, unless of course there is a hidden society of people living on Antarctica I wasn’t aware of who would have been keeping such weather data before say, 1950. I’ll take it on face value it was very cold this year at the South Pole. 

Winter New New England 2020/Source Gladys Simkin

But was goes on down under also happens on the other side of the globe where we all live. The word Vortex is about to get real familiar. A brutal winter is fast approaching, even La Nina is casting her cool spell over North America this year, and did you notice it was an exceptionally mild summer this past year? Anyone complain about heat waves?

I can’t recall.

Two days ago I spoke to a friend in southern Wyoming who sat in his car for six hours waiting for a storm to blow through, leaving two feet of snow behind – in the 3rd week of fall, mind you.

But thanks to the wisdom of Joe Biden and his energy secretary Jennifer Granholm (not that I noticed, but she was Michigan Governor during the time when Flint was getting potty water pumped into their public water system). Granholm, who has the keys to our nation’s energy infrastructure is about as gifted with her job skills as Mayor Pete is with his ideas of transforming transportation.

Secretary Granholm, as far as I can tell, was raised by parents from socialist countries like Canada and Sweden. Let’s just say my expectations are low, so this year you can expect high fuel prices, high food prices and with the climate about ready to go subfreezing, people in texas – and elsewhere – may want to lay down a few hundred bucks and buy one of those gas-powered generators right now on backorder and sitting in one of those barges in San Pedro.

Build Back Better?

Oh, the irony.

Los Angeles Freeway Traffic/Courtesy Sam Allred

In the fight for climate change our compassionate leaders today are going to destroy modern society through central planning, the folly of every past civilization where its leaders began to take on godlike qualities because they were so full of power, merely wishing for something made it so, just like Rachel Devine believes he is the first female HHS Director in history.

Consider yourself lucky. You now have a front row seat to witness the great fall of Western Civilization, in technicolor and with 5.1 Dolby sound so you won’t miss a beat. Better than Netflix and you get to be in the movie.

Bundle up. 

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