The Moral Decay Of Society

James Watkins | October 22, 2021

Moral decay is the symptom and not the cause of the problem of a society falling apart.

It happens when morality is no longer considered. We see it around us. 

Just this week several train passengers were more interested in snapchatting a daylight rape in progress than alerting authorities, which any of these Philadelphia train travelers could have done since they had smartphones.

We see moral decay in the fashion district of New York City where, just last week, the city council agreed to allow drug addicts to shoot up without fear of getting arrested. It was done out of “compassion,” says one council member, who believed drug addicts shouldn’t be targets for incarceration. They deserve treatment, not arrest, it was said. But they get neither.

One wonders if the New York city council feel the same way when these very same addicts steal things from other people to support their habit. Will there also be compassion for the victims of robbery or assault?

In California 25 year old males are legally allowed to have sex with 15 year old males as long as there is mutual consent. The same is also true for 15 year old girls who have sex with older men or women. Mutual consent from a 15 year old is now considered a legal defense.

In elementary school drag queens (men who dress up in sometimes provocative women’s clothing and appear female) are allowed to encourage children as young as 4 to sit on their laps and frolic while they learn to read. If someone objects they are labeled transphobic an insensitive.

I don’t have to tell you about the immorality that prevails in today’s modern culture. It’s so in-your-face that it’s hard even to be offended at this point.

But most of these examples are a symptom of a greater problem, which is the moral ambiguity that permeates our society.

Absolutes are not longer considered. Instead, personal “truth” is considered virtuous. And if you are in a special group of victims, all the more reason for you to be allowed to set your own rules, except that having so much freedom to choose makes it impossible to have norms, even moral norms become subjective to the whims and desires of the moment.

If gravity was a non-absolute, the planets would fly off in every direction, choosing their own path; order would be non-existent. The same is true in human society. Without norms, absolute moral clarity and absolutes in general, order becomes non-existent.

For example, if children are presumed to be wise beyond their years, and that even without life experience they can offer insight and wisdom and help set social policy, then the whole paradigm of social order is inverted. The parents become children and children become the rule setters, which is what we have today.

This is why many schools are eliminating grades, because they don’t want children to feel bad.

This is also why there is a new law (in California, no less) which allows children to choose sex-reassignment therapeutics without consent from the parent. The rules are inverted and children are allowed to make adult decisions, something that has never occurred in any society.

Most of woke is childlike projections of idyllic, pain-free existence. Cancel culture thus stems from being offended, presumed discomfort which cannot be allowed in the new order. Sacrificed along the way is absolute moralism, tried and true guidelines which provide a cohesive and progressive road map to an improved social order.

After a generation of adopting a new and untested orthodoxy these same children have grown up with “safe spaces” and revised gender pronouns, and are just as emotionally mature as they were in childhood, complete with false expectations and unrealistic demands (like free college and universal income) which have become their guiding principles.

Morality is the glue that holds a progressive society together. When moral ambiguity sets in progressive society falls apart.

This is why people in San Fransisco and Portland can steal less than a thousand dollars a day and not get arrested, this is why media encourages young people to ditch who they are and become who they want to be, to find and “speak your truth,” and to do as Vice President Kamala Harris advised recently to youngsters, “embrace your individuality.”

In simple terms Morality is about shared mutual respect, but it is also about preserving those social codes that have preserved society. Monogamy is one code. A hard days work is another. Honesty, not taking things from other people, is a precept. For people to co-exist peacefully they must collectively agree to play by the rules, so when rules become fluid, chaos ensues.

Funny, but the entire moral code that has built Western civilization is summed up in the Ten Commandments, words uttered close to 3,600 hundred years ago by man who led thousands of Jews out of Egyptian slavery.

Moses knew the only way to hold people together was through morality. And he found those moral codes in his mothers religion (she was of Kenite ancestry whos lineage goes back to Sumerian times, 400 years previous to Moses appearance).

Such moral codes are seen as exclusive to those who choose not to follow them, even offensive, because even religion has been reduced to “patriarchal oppression,”

Sadly, what so many people forget is that morality is to religion what facts are to science; they uphold and preserve order that improves the quality of life for the most amount of people.

Today we are as free as a 14 year old who has just been given keys to drive a car. We are drowning in our freedoms, so much so that over 200,000 unwanted pregnancies occur in the United States every year, which by the way, is down 15% from a decade ago and is considered bad news by many liberal educators.

The birthrate is actually negative according to using figures from the CDC, down 4% in 2020.

Younger adults arewaiting longer to have children. Many cite environmental concerns because they were told climate change is not only going to destroy life by 2100, but that having kids also contributes to climate change.

Experts agree strong family is where life’s greatest lessons are learned. It’s where parents learn as much as kids about what’s truly important in life. When family is disrupted this disruption spreads to community and eventually, society at large.

During the liberation of the 1960’s and 1970’s, divorce rates skyrocketed so that by 1985 the divorce rate was at its peak.

The good news is the divorce rate is lowering, but only slightly. 19.8 out of every 1,000 marriages ends in divorce.

The Institute of Family Studies says people are staying married longer.

If we can agree the fiber of any society can find its origins in the strong family unit, and further agree we can remedy many of societies current ills by promoting marriage and child rearing, and use our schools to teach young people why monogamy is the preferred, tried-and true method for a strong community as well as country, then we have to at last find consensus on this issue.

Unfortunately, too many people advocate away from a family-centered society. In fact, there is controversy even in stating such a premise, as people will argue those who don’t have a strong family unit are somehow discriminated against.

Until we solve this core issue of the crucial importance of a stable family environment you can expect moral decay and the regression of society to continue.

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