America Now Has a Fascist President

James Watkins | October 21, 2021


Let me explain what fascism is. It’s when the government mandates privately-owned and publicly-held companies to require employees – by the force of law – to adhere to government mandates or face punishment.

When Biden threatened to execute an order (which he is attempting to do through a government created agency called OSHA) declaring that vaccines must be taken by all employees who work for business who employ one hundred or more workers, he became a fascist dictator. Forcing people to take an experimental vaccination when there is clear evidence of danger is fascism. It is also a war crime no different from when Hitler forced people into labor camps and allowed government officials to do human experiments on political prisoners, something by the way, China does with impunity.

According the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington DC seventy-percent of all companies in the U.S. are small businesses who employee between 100 and 500 employees. It is with a sense of irony that if an employee refuses to vaccinate and loses his or her job, they will have the option of drawing unemployment from the same federal government who issued the mandates to the employer which forced them to lose their job.

One would be smart to ask if President Joe Biden is also planning on forcing unvaccinated people who lost their jobs for non-compliance, will sooner or later be forced to vaccinate if they wish to receive aid from welfare, medicaid, medicare, SSI or unemployment insurance, all handled by State and Federal agencies who are in lock-step with vaccine mandates.

What Biden is doing is fascism, which means he is behaving like a fascist dictator who is making personal health choices for 330-million Americans. Biden is interfering with the doctor-patient relationship. Mandates such as the one President Biden wants to enact force health-care provider to limit care to one specific act, vaccination. 

People are dying because the government will not allow frontline health care workers to properly treat people with proven therapies, instead mandating specific care that is often ineffective for the patient.

At this hour the U.S. President is preparing sixty-five million doses of children’s COVID-19 vaccines when children are the least likely to get sick, and despite the fact that all of the current vaccines are still technically in an experimental phase.

President Biden is willing to risk the lives of your children so he can claim victory in making sure every single person gets a vaccine shot, whether they need it or not, and whether they want it or not.

According to the CDC’s own data, 0.18% of all children who take the vaccine have died.

Out of 65 million vaccine jabs Biden wants to roll out the second the FDA approves it (which is expected to come at any hour), if just .18% of children who get jabbed die, we could be looking at 117,000 children being fatally harmed by the experimental vaccines. This doesn’t include any unforeseen side effects such as heart attacks or physical disabilities that have been shown to occur with adults who get vaccinated.

Is that okay with you? Are you okay with over 100,000 kids dying from a vaccine so our president can check off a box?


The second fascist thing that is occurring in full-view – and without serious objection – is the removal of due process for every single American who has a bank account.

Banks are a necessary component to paying bills and receiving direct-deposit payments for a majority of American citizens. Legislators like Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders have crafted legislation which would allow the Department of Treasury (the IRS) to look into any person’s bank account if the government wanted to do an audit to verify tax liability. This is under Bidens desire to unleash the U.S. Treasury to become a defacto spying agency operating without the need for due process.

Under the new rule anyone who has a bank account has to prove their innocence upon demand, circumventing the whole idea of due process, the right to protest, the right to question and the right to reserve privacy unless a specific crime is suspected of being committed.

It would be the same if the police were allowed to come into your home without your knowledge and look for evidence of any crime. The entire U.S. constitution is predicated on the individual rights of due process, the right to be left alone.

What is most striking is the media, and presumably the millions of Americans who work in it, are endorsing these fascist measures as acceptable, and labeling anyone who objects as dissenters, the enemy.

I am convinced people like Rick Klein and Jeff Zucker, both men in positions of incredible influence being the primary drivers of content across ABC and CNN, are knowingly supporting fascist policies; they want the American public to submit to allowing personal privacy rights to end “for the greater good” and to punish political opponents.

An example of this is the fact that hundreds of protestors are still in jail for protesting in the Capitol Building on January 6th, all of which received full court press.. This week a similar protest occurred, but these protesters were there because of climate change laws they want to see passed.

No one was arrested. They received scant coverage from major media, and yet fellow Americans just like them who were angry because of election integrity questions, sit in jail and are called traitors and insurrectionists because simply because they are in the wrong political party. It’s as if America became Russia in nine months. 

Today as I watch gleeful reporters celebrate young children getting vaccine shots they do not need, I think about the 16,700 people who died that we were never told about, or the 8800 people per month who have had to go to the hospital after getting an experimental vaccine, or the 24,000 people who took a jab and are now permanently disabled, these are the victims the press never told you about because it would “scare people” into not taking a vaccine that is showing to be far-less effective than we were originally told (hence the need for boosters).

I never thought I would live in a fascist country, but today I know the truth. I know that soon I, too, will be vilified or censored because of the way I feel. But as long as there is an ounce of freedom that remains, I will continue to speak out against this horrific world leader who seems intent on turning the United States of America into a third-world country (in the name of equity), perhaps because secretly he believes we all deserve it.

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