The Obsession with Breasts and The Inconvenient Truth

Where we are failing right now is family.

Most will remember the iconic Jerry Seinfeld episode where George Costanza is caught checking out the breasts of an NBC executive’s daughter, who then kills their chance of getting a TV show.

As Jerry explains it, men are wired to notice breasts, and comically asserts, “you look once, and then you end it!”

But Jerry’s point isn’t missed on someone who understands the underlying mammalian cause of so much gawking on the part of the male half of the human species. For many, the first 12 to 16 months of our lives – the most important months of brain and emotional development – we suckle. 

Some even argue this is where love is first developed in the mind of the child; suckling is a mammalian-exclusive act. Fish do not suckle their parents, nor do alligators or birds. It’s why mammalian glands are developed, to feed the mammalian offspring during those first months of life when such offspring are unable to fend for themselves.

On the flip side, this is also where the mother develops an unbreakable emotional bond with their child. Children’s entire debut experience of forming an emotional connection to a subjective other occurs here, and to the mutual benefit of both mother and child.

One could make a very strong argument that the act of breastfeeding is what has preserved our species, or better stated, “the hand the rocks the cradle fraternizes with destiny.”

For men, the breast represents not only beauty but comfort, trust, even love.

For woman who have never had children it represents an inconvenience cast upon women by a vindictive Mother of Nature, and the same goes for periods as well!

So for women who do not understand why men are so attracted to the female physique, it is because if we weren’t homo sapiens would have ended our evolutionary trail long ago.

These things preserve our standing in life. Family is preserved by sex-desire and child-rearing.

But to

My greater point, This is why I am deeply saddened when so many activists fight so hard for abortion rights.

To push so hard to make abortion the first choice available diminishes and undermines the value of family, of home, of the sanctity of womanhood, of the greatest gift a person can have in life, the experience having and raising children.

All of life’s greatest lessons are learned in the home, and the home is the foundation of society.

Our society could do a much better job promoting good fatherly principles to our young men so they take responsibility when pregnancies occur, they need to share in the upbringing of the child. It is righteous and honorable.

America is recognized as to be leading the way in creating great family life. This is why so many people desire to come to the United States.

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