Letter to Fauci – Why We Don’t Trust You

Dear Dr. Fauci,

How do you expect us to trust you when you lied to us about being involved with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, you hid the relationship.

To add insult to injury, you act as if this “untruth” has no significance, just like your relationships with Peter Dascek of Eco Health, and with NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins, both of whom for years bragged about developing a new virus so we can “develop a new vaccine.”

You don’t think this optic looks strange? Have you no self-awareness of how this appears? Wanting to create a virus to come up with a vaccine?

That you have consorted and have raised millions in funding with these individuals who, as far back as 2015, admittedwere toying with virus mutations?

Or how about the fact that that Ivermectin, a cheap and available drug that has saved the lives of hundreds of millions of people, is ignored by you, while you promote vaccines from companies with whom you are vested in financially. Nothing strange about that, Dr. Fauci?

Or how about when you lied about the efficacy of masks several times just make us “feel better.” No issue with lying?

Or how about when you said kids can be superspreaders –

Or how even if you are not sick with covid you can still spread it, even when the former head of the CDC has stated this as an untruth.

Or criticizing people for suggesting other therapies like HDQ, or Remdesivir when they are shown to be effective in preventing deaths.

Or that you attended a Democratic fundraising event in Aspen Colorado while the pandemic was raging in late 2020 and hid this fact from the national media.

Or that you advocated for massive business shutdowns that caused and are still causing irreparable damage when the fact remains only 2% of society actually gets ill from COVID.

Or that you deny herd immunity to this day even though there are thousands of doctors worldwide who adhere to HI as an effective and controlled way of reducing covid deaths.

Or that you insist on focusing on cases and not actual morbidities when evaluating spread, and it is this nod that allowed major media to do the same, exploiting covid fear to drive vaccinations, even to the shaming the unvaccinated and creating a caste system here and elsewhere that has social repercussions which far outweigh the dangerous virus you may have inadvertently helped to produce.

How can anyone trust you when you unwittingly collaborated with the CCP believing they, the Chinese Communist Party, had our best interests at heart when they most likely used your gain-of-function program in Wuhan to create a virus that has killed 7 million people to date.

Dr. Fauci, every man sooner or later is allowed to come face-to-face with their sins.

Whether or not you see them now is irrelevant, but history will record your policies and your motives have created much more harm than the coronavirus itself.

Americans want you to resign from your post. We are tired of your sky-is-falling advice and anyone would be hard-pressed to point to one single life you have saved during all of this.

You are a disgrace to the medical profession and you are exactly why people no longer trust it. You are the typical doctor who is so narrow in vision because you are bought and sold by the desire of the prestige and the accolades you receive from your esteemed colleagues who line the halls of the CDC and Big Pharma everywhere.

Tell us doctor, how many lives have we lost because of the vaccine and the mandates, and the masks, the broken homes, the addictions, the crime, the political division that has come from your first recommendation of “flattening the curve,” by shutting down the world?

And now you know why don’t like you.

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